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Whitlaiul Farmers' Club.j

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!Carmarthen Board of Guardians.


Carmarthen Board of Guardians. FORTNIGHTLY MEETING AT THE WORKHOUSE. The usual fortnightly meeting of the Car- marthen Board of Guardians was held at the Board-room on iSatuiday. Mr D. L. Jones, J.P., Derlwyn, presided. There were also present jlr David Davies, AWergwili; Mr David Thomas, Conwil Mr V< illiam Thomas, Laugharne Mr William Thomas, Llan- arthney -All, Thomas Recs, Llandefeilog j Mr David Thomas, Liannhangel; Mr J. Ll. Thomas, Llangain Mr David Evans, Llan- pumpsaint Mr David Evans, JIerthyr; Mr Howell Davies, Mydrim Miss E. M. Gwyn, St. Ishniael and Miss E. M. Hancocke, Mr Jonathan Phillips, Rev W. Thomas, and Mr J. Patagonia Lewis, St. Peter's. RELIEVING OFFICERS' REPORTS. The reports of the Relieving Officers' showed that the state of outdoor pauperism in tho Union during tlia fe.rtnight ending on the previous Board day to have beeu as follows :-I st week Paupers, 1,120, being an increase of 9; expenditure, £ 1-10 13s 3d, an increase of X2 17s 6d. 2nd week: Paupers, 1,197, an increase of 19 expendi- ture, X136 Gs 3d, an increase of £3 9s. The Treasurer's account showed a balance in hand on the same day of X. 1, 1 16 lis 9d. THE MASTER'S REPORT showed the inmates in the house to be 95. 73 tramps had been accomodated during the fortnight. Mrs Dudley Hill very kindly sent parcel of periodicals to the inmates. Five of our girls were invited yesterday to tea. by the St. David's Girl's Friendly Society, and the other children were presented with a cake by the associates. Rev W. Thomas presented tho children with some sweets fortnightly." Votes of thanks were awarded to these parties, on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr John Patagonia Lewis. n THE WORKHOUSE AND THE GAOL. A communication wes received from the Wakefield Union drawing attention to the great hardship now inflicted on these Unions in which county gaols were situate. It appeared that when a prisoner was discharged from gaol in a destitute condition, he was taken to the workhouse of the Union in which the gaol was situited-if his settlement could not be ascertained. It was proposed that an alteration should lIe made in the law, rendering the prisoners in such a case charge- able to the union in which tlie offence for which they were incarcerated had been committed. The matter would be discussed at a conference to be held at the Strand on the 10th inst. The Clerk (Mr Rowland Browne) pointed out that Carmarthen was in a very unfair position in this respect, because the gaol belonged to the three counties and they had sometimes to take in prisoners who had been convicted at Pembroke and Aberystwith. It was agreed to instruct the Clerk to write to the Wakefield Union telling him that the Guardians were strongly in favour of his proposal.


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