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ICarmarthen County Police…

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Carmarthen Borough Police Court. n MONDAY.—Before the Mayor (Mr H. Brunei White, The Grange) Mr Thomas Thomas, Wellfield Mr C. \V. Jones, Picton-terrace Mr John Lewis, Johnstown and Mr David Williams, Priory-street. DRUNK ON SUNDAY. P.C. AVilliam Davies charged Thomas Phillips, mason, Cambrian-place, with being drunk and disorderly in Guildhall-square on Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Defendant was a returned militiaman. Supt. Smith said the defendant had been up eleven times before. Defendant was fined 10s including costs. AN UNLICENSED DOG. Mr Charles Whiteoak, Inland Revenue Officer, charged Edward Jeremy, cattle dealer, Chapel-street, with keeping a dog without a licence. Fined 10s inclusive. OBSTRUCTING THE POLICE. Thomas Mears, horse dealer, The Quay, was charged with inciting a prisoner to assault the police. P.S. Harries said On Tuesday last I was in company with P.C. Phillips, and was taking the prisoner James Davies to the police station on a charge of larceny. Defen- dant shouted, Kick the police, Davies kill the s'" He incited the crowd to resist us. The police and the prisoner were on the ground, and the defendant came between us. This was in front of the Bird-in-Hand. There was a large crowd round about us, and they were obstructing us. el P.C. Phillips said that the defendant said, Give it to them, Davies kick the -s." The Mayor said that the offence was one of the most serious with which the court could be called upon to deal. The fine would be ,e I and costs, with the alternative of a month s imprisonment if such an offence came before the Bench again no fine would be inflicted. TROUBLE IN BLUE-STREET. Owen Evans, fruiterer, Blue-street, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. 0 P.O. Phillips said On Tuesday, the 26th of last month, about 3.15 p.m., I saw the defendant in Blue-street. He was very drunk and verv disorderly. He was causing a crowd to collect on tho streetlie was very abusive; and was shouting bad language at the top of his voice. 1 wen up to him and requested him to go to the house. He refused to go. His wife and daughter tried to get him into the house; but 116 still refused and went down Blue- street. I had some complaints from the neighbours about him towards the end of last week. Defendant said he did not remember any- thing of the occurrences in question. lie had been a teetotaller for years; but did not know what had come over him lately. The Bench inflicted a penalty of 5s and costs. Defendant called attention to what he considered was favouritism on the part of the police. He had had five panes knocked out of his window and the boys persisted in knocking about the place so much that he could not hear a word which tho customers in the shop said. Ho had put some boxes in front of his shop to put a stop to the nuisance, but the police insisted on his removing tlieni-altlioitgli other tradespeople in the street were allowed to do exactly the same thing. zn The Mayor said that if the defendant had any complaint to mako as to breaches of the bye-laws he ought to report the case in the Town Clerk's office, where it would be dealt with in the usual way. The defendant thanked tho Mayor for the information, and then withdrew.



!Carmarthen Board of Guardians.


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