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Ferry side and District Gossip.


Ferry side and District Gossip. The Whitsuntide holidays passed off splendidly. The weather was magnificent, and the illage was gay. happy, and lively with the thousands of visitors who had come for the day to feast upon its beautiful sceneries' and; to inhale its healthy breezes. Rirely has there been seen 8u::h"a large numbc(ot people in^Ferrvfiele on the same day. A word of praise i" abo due ti all the holiday-seekers, who gracni the village with their pieeence on Monday A more orderly and respectable class of people couiel hardly be met with. There were a lew exceptions peihaps. but comparing, the crowds wl i, h thronged the place they were a very insignificant number. -0- Many penple resident i.t the place have been under the impression for some months past thit it was intended to erect a ridge over the^railway crossing. If it is to be built I suppose the G.W.R. Company intend to get it ready by the Millenium. It W8B:a shame tojsee hundreds of people having to wait for at least one half-hour for the trains ti pass away before opening the gates to olio v the visitors to cross the railway and go on to the beach. Besides that, a large number of men, women, ar.d children were exposed to unnecessary danger in running across the railway when the trains were shunting. Surely the G.W.R. Company could have the bridge ready by Whit-Monday—a day when more holiday seekers come to the Ferry than any other day in' the year. A petition his been going the round of the inhabitants of the village lately soliciting signatures for the purpose of prohibiting the holding of stalls in the publil; places of resort. We hear a gieit deal about Protection and Fair Trade nowadays, I wcneler whether this is an attempt to localise the principle, so as to give an idea how it will work imperially. We have a McKinley in Ferryside who has bet his heart upon placing a disastrous tariff upon poor stall-holders, as much so as his great Yankee prototype desires to extinguish the British tinplate trade. Bit we have no doubt that the Old Firm "is still young enough to brave the tempests of another 100years. Let the petition of Free Trade of Ferryside be universally and in- tiuential y signed by the working class people, whose motto is "Live and let live." -0-- And I. too, went with the" madding crowd to Llanstephan on Monday, but not to the race-course. I cannot imagine whatever could have possessed the Committee to drive folk out of the village to such rn outlandish spot as the field where the races were held. Why, the road there is as rough and craggy as the 41 Rocky Road to Dublin/' If Llanstephanites do not wish people to come and see them by all means take the annual races still further afield. I know many people who were so disgusted with the walk that in future they are goiug to act on the principle once bitten twice shy." --0- Indeed! and are the business people of Llan- stephan tis foolish as business people outside of Llanstephan 1 I never could believe it. They are as jealous of oach other there, so I was told on Monday, as they are in every other mortal-struck village. It is not an Arcadian grove after all in spite of its many and varied atttractions. Remem- ber when you next have your races that Union is strength and" that whatever broils disturb the street, there should be peace at home." -0- A lady who takes a deep intercut in the Friendly Society is quite incensed at the note which appeared a few weeks ago, stating that that Society was a Church of England Society. It is, she says, I. untrue and unjust." In proof of tha". she has just handed me the member's guide, in which the following t\i pears :—" Associates to be of the Church of England (nJ such restriction being made as to members) and the orgmisation of the society to follow as much as possible that of the Church, being diocesan, ruridecanal, and parochial." DIUYMUS Dous.

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