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FERRY SIDE. CRICKET MATCH—BURKY PORT Y. FERRYSIDE —Tbi3 league match was played on the ground of the latter team, in delightfully fine weather, on Whit-Monday. The scoring was as follows FERRYSIDE. 1ST IXXIXGS. W H Mitchell, b T Evans 0 R Dyke, c C T Williams, b T Evans 0 D Williams, c S Lewis, b T Evans 4 W John, b,T J Lewis II Rev R J James, b T J Lewis D Evans, b T J Lie wis 0 H Lawrence, c C T Williams, b T R Griffiths 8 J Reeves, c C T Williams, b T J Lewis 2 II Joins, b T J Lewis 0 W II Saer b T J Lewis 7 B Davies, not out 3 Total 27 BUUKY Pour. G P Lswis b D Williams 18 C T Williams R Jones, b R Dyke 20 T R Griffiths c R Dyke, b R Dyke 2 T Evans, b D Williams 12 T J Lewis b D Williams 13 R A Bowser I b w, b H Jones 15 W J Thomas run out, b W John 1 J Prossor b II Jones o E Leyshon b It J James I D C Phillips, not out 7 b Lewis t, It J James (j Extras. 8 Total 108 FEUKYfelDE. 2XD JXNLNGO. W II Saer b G R Griffiths 2 B Davies b G R Griffiths 2 D Williams run out lo K J James b G 11 Griffiths a W II Mitchell b T Evan? 0 R Dyke b and c T E?ans 2 B John not not o W Jones itot o-,it 1 Extrns 9 Total for six wickot.s 33


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