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\ Carmarthen Board of Guardians.\

Carmarthen County Police Court.

Carmarthen Borough Police…



The Imputed Bight-of-Way over…

ISt. Clears Agricultural Society.



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Representation of Pembrokeshire.

Llanboidy Potty Sessions.


Llanboidy Potty Sessions. WEDNESDAY 11). Mr E. Shaw Protheroe (in th." chai'), Mr J. lhgnaH iiv'ans, aud Mr J. B. B. Protheroo. EMPLOYING A BOY. Mr Henry T2var»s, c'er to the Llanginoing School B iard, chared David Hn.'he.s. of Craigyrvorin, Llan- giuniuf1:, farmer, with employing a boy under 13 yeara of r-pe without a proper certal jate of etth.-iency. Fined IO3 and !tj oints. THE CHAMPION LIGHT-WEIGHT BOXER IN TROUBLE. Inspedor D: ton c,iat-ge Morgan C^n'-ther, tho "champion light-weight boxer, of Cardiff, with travelling on the Great 'Vp. C'n Railway, on the 18th March last, without having pievicw&Iy paid his fare. Mr George Burgess, the statioumaster at Whitland, proved the case. Defendant was fined the full penalty of 40" together with lGs co.-ti. CRUELTY TO CALVES. Inspector Benforl. R.S.F.C.A., charged John Lloyd Jones, of Wernlygroes, LI tn fall teg, with cruelty to ,.iiJ¡IIJ:3. The evidence went to show that th8 caivts had been ftnind at Sr. Clears' Railway Station; they were cause 1 unnecessary suffering by having thfir four legs tied together in a sack. Evidence was given for the prosecution by P.C. Reea, Whitland, and Inspector Banford and for the defence by John Wldiams, a farm servant in the employment (;f deferdarr. Fined 6.1 tiicl 14s costs. LOVE TROUBLES. William Morse, farmer, of Abertegan, Eghvysfair-a- cherrig, charged Benjamin Thomas, labourer, of the Barrows, Llan^Iydsven, with wilfully brpaking 14 ) panes of glass and a sash bar. The tmakage was distributed! over four wiudowe, and had occurred on the occasion of a courting expedition ou the Kith ult. Fiaed 40s and Ha uosta, together with Cs damges. DRUNKENNESS. P.C. Rees, Whitland, oharge.l Abraham Williams, of Tavornspite, with ;=;iog drunk and disorderly at Whitland on the 17t.L April, 189G. Fined 10s and (Js costs. STEALING A DUCK. J Thomas labourer, of Melhie, Lamnetcr- Velfey, was charged with stealicg a duck, the property of David Waiters, of Trevaughan. in the parish of Ciffig, on the 7lh May. 1 James Evans, a servant at Trevaughan, spoke to concealing himself in tho store-loft, when he saw defendant coming in that di ection. He saw defendant tak^ something out of th". ducks' eot, and make towards the Mid with the dtick under his arm. P.C. Davies. Whitiand, spoke to arresting defendant at Crunwear, Pem. ;.>3fenda?jfc denied that he had been near Trev;uigh.\i. farm at all. The Bench committed defendant for 21 days hard labour.