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The Contract for Painting the Markets. To the. Editor et' the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter. DEAR SNT, We should like to .;k you or any ot* your readers it' thr-y cur ir.form us ti;n whut principle the T uvn Coun il now gurs in accepting contracts by trn ier. We a e movfd 10 ask this question by r;>a3on of the raar ner in which tluy let the contract for painting the markets. lltit* are th; teiuleis %i hi --h Geot in :— a s d T. H.cgers :tnd SJa, !.?' 0 0 n;i 0 0 Davi(i 1<;7 10 0 Now of course in this kin i, when i\im\lnt tlniers arc, p:;r f;)r the aaoie work, exce;)t tile .-f would accept the lowest iei-d-r. Bnt what hare they done r Ii oredibli as it ihev sctuilly accepted the h:glr.-st te;,d.r. Car. Miybt'dy, e«n r.IE Council itself, explain th<> u ciam^ of this conduct ? Th-> h'ghest w.v. -rtualiy £ 17 10a —t! at ia n^aiiv twelve f Ci: c .it tha lowest and y< t thos< 'a l o are >,upp&s?.i to attend to the interests of tUe ratepaye rs act ejiteu ti e former. We hear a gooo iu.,ny c0mri\in\, of high rates, and at election tiuoos some of the tMiJidstes make a great, fusa r.bout the ecoiioirry witch they lie going to introduce irao vhe vo-k la 4 of the Town Council. If ti.ey ii;verid for soaie reason of their own to giye tenders to whoercr they like, independent of all c;.r.t-iden:t 01,s íw ccor.oasv, it will be rr.thcr a seric' ra:.ttGr f.)r t'vi!e \tho "have tj pay the lutes. T>velv 1'r cpnt all round will be a very gubsUr.tia) increase on the rates. If those who manage our tffairs hive d.^ided for reasons of :h2ir own to uive ih? i-ontracts to certain people, why not do the j >b openlv, instead of going through tht> -arte of iiivhit g t'-wk-ra. Why aic tradesmen tj he put to the iru^be and of making esli nates, &e.. for the work when no matter irw lo^v their ten let i:j they have not the tfbon of a ch^nee of getting it aeccfied. If this kind of thing is lo becoite the fashio" we shall soon see as a result that no one wiil fekt the trouble to tendf-r when ihty know the favou*ite is already picke(I ot. It, however, cur rulei-3 arc going to •' hack their xavcurite1." they t > be '-oncpeilel to do it »t 'heir own expanse. ar;(l not at the expense of the r'f.: ayprs. It i- very easy to be .us wit! ether people's money. Thosa who g av e. out ti,i.,t 'ourraot to be co(¡)pelle,: to makeup the additional £ !7 IO.3 c'lt of their own pockets. It is quire possible, if the Lets ot the case were put b: JVe the L c 1 'J-v-ir-i'iisnt Board, tlm t:JC'Y wo,Ú'J ,:rch:ir: :!n ;\IDOU¡G If they did we should have no mw.e 01 this kind of gfn&roiiiy. What i:> the t ie ot ts.lkiy.g about rsfcrm, when tuch abuses are pe potratcJ i- ».h? lij.'ht of day ? abuses are pe potratcJ i" 1; lij.'ht of day ? We rtre, Y" un, & J T. KOOKR-' & Soxs, Spila»an-3tre:t. lit asa?, 1;, C-« >pel 'atre»:t.

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