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\ Carmarthen Board of Guardians.\

Carmarthen County Police Court.

Carmarthen Borough Police…



The Imputed Bight-of-Way over…

ISt. Clears Agricultural Society.




T A T 1 A No one who has traced ilio history of the St. Clears' Agricultural Society fjr the last three years can fail to be impressed with the phenomenal improvement which has taken place in its financial position. In 1893, the Society was in such a low state that the advisability of discontinuing the show was y 0 seriously discussed. Since the appointment, however, of Mr William Harries, the present secretary, the society has gradually improved until, instead of having a balance on the wrong side, it has a very substantial amount on the credit side of the ledger. The result has been that much larger prizes have now been offered and such a thorough-going organisation has taken place in all the arrangements, that there is every prospect of the St. Clears Show of September, 1896, being one of the most successful held in the county. This is an example which many other societies might take to heart. It shows that hard work can overcome any amount of bad prospects.

I ---------.-----The Contract…

Representation of Pembrokeshire.

Llanboidy Potty Sessions.