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ISt. Clears Agricultural Society.


St. Clears Agricultural Society. ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE SEPTEMBER SHOW. The annual meeting of the St. Clear's Agricultural Society was held at the Railway Hotel, St. Clears, on Thursday, the loth inst. Mr Evan Stephens, Lan, LIanstepltan, presided. There were also present S. W. Thomas, 1 lush moor Mr J. R. John, Brixton Mr Harries, Llandilo-Abercowin Mr Thomas, Hafod Mr Thomas, Cleifon Mill Mr Williams, Eithinduon Mr Harries, Penuwch Dr 11. L. Thomas, The Croft Mr Thomas, junr., Bwlchgwynt Mr Evans, Pantdwfn Mr D. Howell, Garllegan-fawr Mr D. Lewis, Pantglas Mr T. Walters, Plas- newydd Mr Phillips, Black Lion Mr Evans, The Swan and the Secretary (Mr Harries, the Railway Hotel). FINANCE. The Secretary presented the accounts which showed that the year had begun with a balance of C23 Os 5d it had concluded, however, with a balance of .£48 52s lid on the right side. THE OFFICIALS. THE OFFICIALS. It was agreed, after some discussion, that Mr Llewelyn Williams, the Coolgardie Gold King," and Mr T. J. Har ries, of Oxford-street, London, should be asked to become president and vice-president respectively. There appeared to be a general impression that these gentlemen would accept the offices. The following retiring members were re- elected on the committee :—Mr Evans, Zabulon Mr S. W. Thomas, Ritihi-iioor Dr R. L. Thomas, The Croft; Mr Percy Thomas, Derllys Mr J. H. Thomas, Derry and Mr D. Howell, Garllegan-fawr. Mr Harries, Llandilo-Abercowin, said he had much pleasure in proposing that Mr Davies, of the London and Provincial Bank, should be appointed treasurer, and Mr Har ries, of the Railway Hotel, the secretary. As a member of the committee, he felt very thankful to Mr Harries—and Mrs Harries, too (applause)—for the very faithful manner in which the secretarial duties had been carried out. The work which they had done would be seen in the improvement wiiich had taken place in the financial position of the society. When Mr Harries became secretary, the society was in low water but now the flood had come (applause). He thought as one of the committee that something ought to be done by the Society to show their appreciation of the services of the secretary. Mr J. R. John seconded, and the Chairman supported the motion, which was carried unanimously. THE ENTRIES. It was agreed that the show should be held 011 the 4th September. Mr S. W. Thomas moved an alteration of the rule which gives subscribers of 10s 6d the right to enter any number of animals. He proposed that only four entries be allowed for that sum, and that every additional entry should be charged 2s ()d. Tenant farmers paying less than £ 10 a year rent were to have the same priveleges for ">s as the others had for 10s 6d. Mr Harries, Penweh, seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. INCREASING THE PRIZES. It was agreed to increase the jumping prizes as follows :—Open Class 1st prize, IP3 2nd, £1. Tenant Farmers' Class, for horses 15 hands and under 1st, Ct 10s 2nd. J £ 1. In all the other classes for horses and cattle the first prize was increased to £ l 10s, and the second to £ 1. THE JUDGES. It was agreed to endeavour to secure the services of the following gentlemen as judges —Black Cattle and Piifx Mr It G. Roberts, Llyswery, Pem. Mr Jones, DytFrynconin, Clynderwen and Mr Owen Davies, Typicea. Coloured Cattle and Sh<e/>: Mr W. S. Marsh, Penybedd The Earl of Lishurne's bailiff; and Mr Morgan Richardson's farm bailiff. Cart Horses: Mr Richards, Gelliwernen, Llan- elly and Mr Barling, M.R.C.V.S., Monmouth. Lii/kt J/orses Mr Bowen, M.F.H., Stradmore Mr Robert Jones, Swansea and Mr Robert Harries, Trefgarne Hall, Haverfordwest. It was agreed on the motion of Mr S. W. Thomas, seconded by Mr Lewis, Pantglas, In I that a small committee be appointed to make arrangements in regard to the show field.



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