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~Mh. Abel Thomas will suon be unrecognisable. He has now taken to cycling and in the p-ist few weeks has become almost lank and lean. jlau. Tir- WELSH TWBISTY.-Thc local competition for a nlace in tho Vv^lsh Twenty took place at Danyrallt Range oa Tuesday. The ecoica will be published when the competition for tho whole district is concluded. •><> GREAT CYCLING FEAT Toil LINTON CO\EK& OO MIL ED IN AN Houu.-On Tuesday evening «t the Velodrome d3 la Seine, Pan., loni Linto^ broke .h prcTious cycling records from the fifth mile, covering 30 miles within an hour. SPOON COMPETITION -Thie event took place on the Danyrallt Range cn Ibureday (llih insL„ with the following result :-Sergt- A LI Davits, 77 points Corpl. E J Andrews, 8* and » Evans, 80. Pie Thomas Davies had the ISovicee spoon with 67 points. THE followiug were the delegates aoin shire to the General Assembly of Methodists, held at Liverpool this v'et'k Thomas L'andovery Thomas Parry, Llaniynydd D G Owen. Kidwelly Messrs. Thomas Morgan, Kidwelly Thomas Herberts Llanelly J. R. Jones, LXIS'STRE,T CHAPIiL. CARMARTHEN- 111# ns;in! anniversary meetings were held at Lammas- street on Sunday and Monday, when the Rev 0 Lloyd-Owell. Navv Quay, aud the RJV EWet Lewis, Llanelly. prcachcd to large congregations. The meeting were an icry well nttended and the anniversary was ignite as suC'JL'Siful as iu [,)rm.- i: years. i "WATKTN" (AIydriiD).-We are sorry that we hav I had to hold over your letter again this week. ILLNESS OF ALDERMAN GWILYM EVANS.- Alderman Gwilym Evans, J.P., chairman of th: Carmarthenshire Standing Joint Committee, is 1 inL seriously ill at his residence, Wellfield, Llalnlly. y c IMPORTANT TO FARMEHS.—The London and North I Western Railway Co. announce that they are prepared to arrange specially low rates, where not already in I existence between stations upon the company's system for meat, dead poultry, eggs, butttr, cheese, vegetables, and other farm and dairy produce, in separate or mixed consignments. Full particulars can be obtained at the various stations. DEATH OF MR. EDWARD WIGLKY.—A large circle of acquaintances will deeply miss the familiar figure of Mr Edward Wiglcy, ihe son of MRS Wigley, of Q'uty-sutet, whose death occurred on Saturday morning, after a lony illness, in his 27th year. Ned I Wigley "—as he was familiarly ealled-was' a most genial character, and had made a host of friends, who I will hear of his death with much regret. PRESENTATION OF MISS MORI:IS, OF Cooili, Among the presentations at the Drawing Room on Monday were those of the Honourable Rosamond Guest, by her mother, Lady Witnborne Miss Morris, of Coomb, by Lady Hills-Johnes; Mrs Edward Powell, by her mother, Lady Pryce-Jones and Lady Randel, by Lady Hawkesbury. WE regret to learn that Mr R. M. Thomas, the Town Clerk of Carmarthen, was taken seriously ill on Thursday, the 14th inst., whilat cycling between Bettws-y-Coed and Barmouth. He was so over- powered by the intense heat that he had immediately to proceed home. At one time his condition was very serious; but we are glad to learn that an improvement has set in. TRINITY COLLEGE, LONDON, EXAMINATION IX PIANOFORTE PLAYING.—This examination was held at the Llanelly Centre on Tuesday 12th inst., Dr Gordon Saunders, of London, being examiner. The following candidates from Carmarthen gained certificates:—Senior Pass E. L'lian Carter, High School for Girls. Junior Honours, David John D Lloyd, St. John's Avenue. Junior Pass, Gwladys Mary Davies, Girl's County School. Pupils of Aliss Buckley. Lilian Carter was the youngest Senior Candidate examined at this Centre, being only 13 CARMARTHEN CRICKET CLIIS FIXTURES. — The years old. I following is the list of the cricket club fixtures for the coming season :—May 21sfc, Training College, home May 26th, Llanelly Tuesday, away May 30th St. I Clears, home; June 4 th, Training College, away; June 11th, Pontybereni, away June 13th, Newcastle- Emlyn, home June 2"<th, St. Clears, away I Maesgwynue, away July 9th, Training College, home; July 1t;th, Ne'.vcastle-Emlyo, away; July 21st, Llanelly Tuesday, home; July 30th, Tenby, away August 1st, Pontybereni, home August 6th, Laugharne, home August 13th, Tenby, home; August Oth, Laugharne, away. DEATH OK MIss BESSIE JONES.—We sincerely regret to announce the death of Miss Bessie Jones, the second daughter of Mr Tom Jones, Mansel-street, which occurred on Wednesday morning (20th inst.), after a short illness. Miss Jones wasa prime favourite with her numerous friends, and her death, at the early age of 25 years, will come as a shock to those of her age of 25 years, will come as a shock to those of her acquaintances who had not heard of the serious character of her illness. She took an active put in Church work, and was one of the teachers at St. Peter's Sunday School, her scholars being greatly attached to her. We deeply sympathiso with the family in their affliction. The funeral, which will be for men only, takes places at 11 o'clock on Monday morning. 1ST V B. WELSH REGIMENT.—Orders for the week ending 30th May, 1896. Officer for the week, Lieut Norton. Company orderlies, Sergt Carpenter and Corpl Crowley. Orderly buelcr, M ltces. Company drill on Tuesday, at 7 30 p.m, plain clothe* Recruits' drill on Wednesday and Thursday, at 7.30 p.m. Signalling practice on Wednesday, at 7.30 p.m. Class firing on W fdues- day, at 2 30 p.m, on Friday evening from 4 to 8 P-TID, atjd on Saturday from 2 30 p.m. Membais having signalling flag. in their possession will please return them to the armoury at once. It is notilied for information that the camp will be held either at Pembroke Dock or Scoveston the last week in July. Spoon competition on Thursday, at 2.30 p m 8harp. By order, W BUCKLEY RODERICK, Captain Commanding II Company, THE GIRLS' INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, CARMAR- THEN AND THE GUARANTORS.—A meeting of the guarantors of the Girls Intermediate School ws held at the Guildhall on Friday. Principal Evans presided. There were also present:- Me W It Edwards, Mr D Collins Davies, Mr J T Lewis, Rev A F Mills. Mr T Conwil E^ans, Mr John Morgan, Mr D"vid Williams. Mr 1) Jones, Mr J Jones, Mr E Colby Esans, Mr Jamcg John, Mr E James, Mr John Miller, Mr William Thomas, ironmonger Mr George Morgan, Professor Jones, Mr D Phillips, Bradford House Mr James Davie?, Towy Works Mr Walter Llvyd. and the, Rev D J Thomas. It was resolved that a FtUlcy L air be held for the benefit of the Boys and GirU' School, on the under- standing that out of the proceeds the claims of the Girls' School be tirot satisfied. It was also agreed that-assuming the co operation of the Headmaster of the Grammar StÙool-the guarantors pledge themselves to do their utmost for the success of the Fancy Fair with a view to satisfying tho claims of both schools -Ali aoionrnci meeting was held on Wednesday evening at which it was agreed to appoint the following as a committee to approach the Mavor with reference to the best time to hold a public meeting Principal Evans, Mr James John and Mr Thomas Jenkins. It was agreed that after the claims of the Girb' and Boys' School had b:en satisfied that ary surplus should be devottd to a fuud for the Dtill Ilall. A vote of sympathy was passed with Mr and Ilrs R M. Thomas oil account of the illness ol the former MU. IIENRY STUDT'S GENEROSITY ACKNOWLEDGED AT LEOMINSTER.—Fro'n the Ijeominstcr Atews of last week we learn that a meeting of the Leominster Cottage Hispital Fund committee was hsld on Thursday, tho 4th in-st. From the financial state- ments presented it appeared that the fete given by Mr IT-eiiry Sttidt has realised £ 167 1;)3 lOd net. In moving a vote of thanks the Mayor said that tht ir heartiest thanks wpre due to Mr Studt for the handsome way in which he had helped the hospital movement. Other speakers spoke in the same strain, and the vote was received with the utmost cordiality.—The same journal records tho fact that Messrs Studt visited Kington on the previous Wednesday, and devoted a day's takings of the gondolas—amounting to £ 25 —to tho Victoria Cottage Hospital. Carmarthen people cannot but feel proud that the visits of their townsman are looked forward to in other districts with umningled pleasure and Hospital. Carmarthen people cannot but feel proud that the visits of their townsman are looked forward to in other districts with umningled pleasure and that Mr Studt is always ready to come forward and give a helping baud to every good cause which requires it. CRICKET.—TRAINING COLLEGE 2ND XI. v. ASYLLM. -A ii-iztteti was pi-tyud between the above teams on Thursday, the 11th inst., on the ground of the latter, when the Asylum were robbed of a well-earned win by the call of time. Appended is the score COLLTGE. >) T. Harry b Gibbon X Juhnsun b Gibbon — „ G. Davies c Evans b Gibbon B.i"erley not out "J Adnitt c Cadwalh'dr b Hodges .f. Davies b Gibbon f* Daniels b Gibbon Trodden b Gibbon Ball b Gibbon () White not out y Trubshaw run out Extras U Total ASYLUM. air Adamson b Harry Cadwalladr c Harry b lroddcn r J. Gibbon c and b Harry G J Hodges c White b J rodden o David Evans c ,1 ohnson b Harry William Lewis b Harry In Lieut. Robins b Johnson Willie Lewis not out Wharton b Davies 1 John Evans b Adnitt a, Jack Roberts run out Extras Total 106 "NIGHT AND DAY for M IY emphasise* strongly I the needs of T). Barnardo's wonderful Homs for Waif Children," in the intercut of which the magazine is issued. Five thousand other people s children "—all orphans, or of tho w^if and stray class-are now under the Editor's care, and the tidal How of new admissions is at the rate of or nine fresh c;iseu of destitute boys mvi girls every dav that passes. As tbe work has stood the test of thirty years the public may well feel that their con- is.iustilied in this great social agency for the 1 reclamation of the ftiendlees fmd forlorn, which has alrcaù: re?cued, trained, and placed out in life thirty thousand oucast children. Tho contents of this iseuc of Night, nml Dag include the usual interesting quota of Pcrsinil Notes," with numerous illustrations from photographs, Dr Barnardo pleads strongly for the observance of the principle of Proportionate Giving, to which he lends the sanction of his individual experience. We observe that the Thirtieth Annual Meeting of" Dr Batllnrdn's Humps" is fixed for the 21th June next, in the Royal Albert Hall, when the Duke of Sutherland will pre>ide, any the Prince an(I Princess of Wales will be among the titters. We under- stand that the di-phy of child-life aid the progresses of child-training to bo seen on that occasion will be of an altogether unique and nprcerd, nted character.



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