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Carmarthenshire County Council.

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The Post of Crier of Quarter Sessions for Carmarthen. To the Editor of the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter. SIR,—In your account of the proceedings of the Town Council, in your last week's issue, I noticed that one of the candidates was a paid servant of the borough that is to say, he was paid weekly out of the ratepayers' money for performing his present duties. What I want to know ie, had this servant a legal right to offer his services for another job? Had he the sanction of the Board under which he is at present engaged ? When this person does ether work (sometimes for the county), who performs the work he is paid weekly for, and that by the heavily-taxed ratepayers of Carmar- then ? An answer will oblige in your next issue. Yours, &c., RATEPAYER (And a Member of the League). May 12th, 1S96. [Our correspondent evidently refers to the School Attendance Officer. It is perfectly legal for this official to undertake any work which does not interfere with the discharge of his duty to the School Board. We cannot answer as to consent, etc., having been given. It would not be required unless the officer Is required to give his whole time to the duties—which we do not believe is the caee in this instance.—ED., C. IV.JR.] [The above letter was held over last week.—ED.]


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