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BRYNAMMAN. THEATRK 's FIRE —Qn Monday evening. Allen's Theatre of Varieties, hich has been staying at Jirynsmman, near the New Farmers' Arms, for some li.nic, was cotcpleleiy burnt down. The theaiie on this occasion waa mars .crowdt:d than usaal, 0.1 account d fras passes being distiibuved for all cnteraij the ptrforman* on Mond >y, for admission on l'up.sday evenii sr. >lu-1 at the tune for rIsIng the cuithin, about 7.45, (or the play" A Female Detective," a istrp was- fcccidents.lly knrcked down behind the sconce, whi >h exploded, and ignited the place. When the alarm wa* given, & Iu-h was made to the doers, but no panic occurr d, at d all in ranged to get out wilvut any The bring A wooden ft ruttute -ard tue w. ataer having be-on so dry —was highly i' fl:ma!le, and the entiro building wa in a veiy short time one of flarcts. Plenty of assistance was imitedia'sly at hand, but as the- iianHS- had got sveh a hold on the building, it wis uso'fss trying to subdue them and effoits ,ere cl iec'fori towards a ,vin g the a((i:.iiiii)g pre nise?, wh:ch ibey succeeded in do'ng without much danorg-J, The ai d a part of the scmery and coetU Q(s only were saved from the (heatre.

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