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Llandilo Board of Guardians.


Llandilo Board of Guardians. The fortnightly meeting was held on Saturday last, when there were present Mr Henry Herbert (chair- man) Mr W. Grrtfiths (vice-chairman), Miss May (iwwntie-Hushes, Messrs D. Davies, Joseph Harries, John Jones, T.Rees, John Harries, James Rees, J. L. Williams, W. Williams, W. Jones (Ammanford), W. Joaes (Glancennen), Roderick James, D. Watkins, T Davies, D. Morris D. Jones (Briskin), W. Lewis, Caleb Thomas, and Henry Evans. j;;Y TH E M VSTER'S REPORT. The Master's report stated that there were 31 inmateS-in the house, against 29 in the corresponding period of last yeal'- tIie fortn'Rht 51 vagrants had visited the workhouse, against 72 in the corresponding fortntirht of last year. Services had been held by the Rev D James (B.), and Rav Thomas Lamb(C.M.) PROPOSED ALTERATION AT THE WORK. HOUSE. The Wc: kbouse Committee recommended that the use of the present laundry and wa^h-house be dis- continued, and that a new one be erected.—Mr D. Davies luoved Iar-d Mr T. Rees seconded, that the recommendation of the committee be carried out.—Mr W. Lewis said the committee were not unanimous.— Mr W. Griffiths said there were four present, aud only one was against the committee's recommendation. -1fr W. Griffithi said they would meet again, abd bring in a report and estimate, <> THE TREASURY. The Treasurer's report gave a balance of calls un- paid asi54! 183 5d, and balaneP in hand Lilo.-The Clerk said he had received a call for a county rate at lid in the £ payable on the loth June. The total amounted to £ 30o 12s 2d. THE PROPOSED RE-ARRANGEMENT OF .UHF SEATS. .1 I 1. In -Re-Cordanot with notice of motion, Mr Thomas "Rees moved that the resolution passed on the 15th of June last, with reference to the re-arrangement of the seats of the guardians be rescinded. Hia reason for doing so was on account of the letter they had r,-cl--v.i.d from the County Council. He did not think thp.Ti V. ntho motion was carried one-third of the guardians knew anything about it. They had no agenda on that occasion. If the board were for it after having the matter placed on the agenda, he would have nothing to say, but he thought it unfair to go entirely according to the number of ratepayers.— Mr W. Griffiths seconded. He thought the repre- sentation very well at present, and if anything was wrong it was wrong with them as guardians. If the representatives of the different parishes only attended, they could do very well without increasing the members.—Mr John Harris urged that some of the parishes should be,better represented than they are at present. He was going on to deal with the pariah of Llandilo-fawr, when the Chairman pointed out that he would not be in order.—Mr J. L. Williams knew of nothing fairer than the original motion. It was very foolish to be rescinding a resolution soon atter it was passed. They could surely draw up a suitable scheme for the re-distribution of setMr J. Harris then moved that the original motion should stand.— Mr W. Jones (Ammanford) seconded, and did not see why T. Rees should wish the resolution to be rescinded, seeing his own parish would not be inter- fered with.-Ali J. Rees thought every union should be put on the same footing. Quarterbach had 326 voters, and only one guardian. Bettws had 473, and three guardians. It was very unfair. He hoped the motion would not be rescinded.—Mr Thomas Rees said it was only disturbing the peace of the union (laughter). M J. Harris again wished to lay before the board certain facts, but the Chairman objected.— Mr 1. Rees said it was a pity that Mr Harris should not get on, as be had evidently been at great pains to UE> 0au £ hter).—Mr John Harris now altered the whole aspect of things by stating that he was not for a general re-arrangement at all, but only in favour of an additional member for (4,uarterbach. -7 This, as was contended, meant that he withdrew his motion, and that of Mr T. Rees was carried unani- mously. Mr John Harris then gave notice that he would move. that the County Council be asked to grant an iii increase of guardians to the parishes of Quarterbach and Llandebie. THE LEVEL CROSSING AT LLANDILO BRIDGE. The Chairman asked the consent of the board to move that the attention of the Board of Trade and of the uo. be drawn to delay caused to vebioulartratiic at Llandilo Bridge by the shunting of trains, ile nad been delayed some 10 minutes that morning, and had been delayed many times before.— Mr W. Griffiths secondod, and the motion was carried. THE APPOINTMENT OF COLLECTOR FOR BETTWS. For the post of collector of rates for Lower Bettws, there were three applicants, viz., Mr Job Phillips, Mr Albert bmith, and Mr Rees Davies, the present coilewX for Upper Bettws.—The Chairman said he coilewX for Upper Bettws.—The Chairman said he wohld like to hear what the guardians of Bettws had g^y 6n the subject.—Mr W. Williams sail he did not think they could get a tnore suitable man than Mr He?3 Davies, arid moved his appointment.—Mr J* j^s Mr J. L. Williams supported- He thought Air R. -Davies a most competeut man, and one who had_ experience.—The Chairman said the guardians of the parish were unauimou' but it was open to any of the guardians to move that either of the other applicants be appomteJ.—Mr R. Davies was unanimously elected, PAUPERISM. Mr W. Lewis gave notice to move at the next board that with a view to discontinuing tho present method of giving c'othing, &c., in addition to the one shilling and sixpenoe per child to outdoor paupers, that the amount raised to 2s per week without any extras. SANITARY AUTHORITY. THE TIMBER MERCHANTS AND THE COUNCIL. The Chairman said that several of the Council members had met at Llanegwad with a view to discussing the claim against Mr Sutcliffe and Mr Jones, timber merchants, for damage to the roads. Thrv were unanimously of opinion that the Surveyor was correct, but, with a view to settle matters, they i,„ j without prejudice made offers which had been fused, and there was nothing left but for them to we the matter in the hands of the Clerk and Surveyor.the request of Mr Henry Evan?, the subject was deferred for a fortnight, as Mr Sutuiffe had met with a severe wcident. THE NOTIFICATION OF DISEASES ACT. 4 letter was read from the Local Government T> R(J in which it was pointed out that the Llandilo S^ral'Distriet Council was the only one m C jjrniar- Sn«hire that had not adopted the Notification of ivt" es Act.—After a brief discussion, the Council Jire more declined to adopt the Act. once m THE ROADS. The Council was occupied for some tune in discuss- the repairs of roads, etc., but no motion of any importance was under disGUssion.

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