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- 'Indigestion.


Indigestion. Many persons' have contracted the habit of eating their meals rapidly, then rush away to work or business. This habit is a common cause of Indigestion or Dyspepsia, manifested by feelings of distress and weight in the stomach. The eater leaves the table feeling an unsatisfied craving for food, yet unable to eat more. To remedy this, eat slowly, masticate the food thoroughly, rest a little after each meal, and use UWII.Y.M EVANS' QUIKINK BITTERS, to strengthen the stomach and aid digestion, and a permanent cure will soon be effected. Are yuu one of those who suffer from this disorder, and are troubled with heartburn, fulness or distension of tbo stomach, with heavy or oppressed breathing, and a burring pain at the pit of the stomach ? These symptoms vary ininteity and frequency, butusually occur soon after meals pr after any violent exercise. GWILYM JLVANS QUININE BITTEKS, if taken about an hour before each meal, so regulates and acts upon the digestive organs that these unpleasant symptoms connot exist. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTEKS is purely vege- table, and is equally suitable to young and old, at all seasons of the year. It is specially adapted to the needs of, and forms an agreeable Tonic for delicate people. It is sold in bottles at 2s 9d and 4s Gd each, or in cases containing three 4s 6j bottles at 12s 6d per case. SOI-E PROPRIETORS QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES.

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