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TIIF, di-.our-i.siou on the new Rating Bill Friday's meeting of the Wiiitland lW District Council resulted in the putti11 forward very fairly of the arguments, wh^ can be adduced both in favour of and agaif' the measure. Whether a landlord be good (I -bad, it is a self-evident fact that the fe' the other burdens on the land, the higher rent which he will be able to get for it in t''j open market. Of course, it does not by means follow that the landlord will push principle to the furthest extreme, and tm he will get the whole benefit of the measU'l and the tenant get nothing. After all, yet few landlords—in Carmarthenshire at ø,J1. rate—are so unscrupulous. It is a mistt1 ¡ to speak of landlords as if they were all f many enemies of the human species. As matter of fact, the manner in which tbel treat their tenants compares very f;n-oUl.a,bl:. with the manner in which the middle-clff shopkeeper or manufact urer treats his wor people. All company promoters are 11 Jabez Balfours; all solicitors are not Dodso^j and Foggs neither are all landloi<1 Clanricardes. The fact of the matter is t h the letting of land is a business like anythifl else and the sooner this is is recognised t better for all parties. One man invests bj capital in the tin-plate trade another bu a large estate. Bad times come for the til plate business and the manufacturer has | put up vitli a very small return on his capit4 Agriculture gets into low water, and til landlord must-like everybody else I {irepored to put up with a simdl return on h1) outlay. A Bill is now before Parliameijj which relieves landed property of one-h*1' of the rates, which are at present such 1 heavy burden upon the agricultural ooJJJ munity. Immediately this burden 'ii removed, up springs the letting value of tl| land This is an unavoidable sequence °l the Bill in the, same way if the duty we d taken off tea, the price of that eoiiiiii- it, would fall to the extent of the amount. duty formerly imposed. Of course, it d<A not follow that every landlord would demaw his pound of flesh very few in this part x the world would. The Bill will not in al case do the tenant farmers any harm—ev^ if it beneiits them little. To the small freo:I holders, on the other hand, it will be a dir4 boon. The friends of the tenant farmer m'1' be lukewarm in its support but they have J, reason to oppose it. DKAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD, cured ] the patient's home. This Illustrated Edition ø},. treats on the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asth1"/ Extreme Stoutness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, llhenl% tism by Medico-Electricity.—4d O. D. BBIO^ Pub iisber, S, Tavisrocke Place London, W.C. CAKMARTHEN Printed r*nd Public red by the prietress, M. LAWRENCE, ab her Offices, 3, street, FRIDAY, May loth, 18%. 4