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Carmarthenshire MonthlyI Meeting.

Alleged L roeiiy at Carmarthen.

The Great Need of the Age…


The Great Need of the Age 6 Is some scientific-ally arranged preparation which will cope effectually with the prevalent diseases of this country, which will be certain to do good when fairly tried, which will bo equally adapted to the needs of the merchant and workman, the professional man, and he who wins his pread by the sweat of his brow, the student, the cleik, the factory hand, the miner, and the roadside labourer. It should be, too, such a pre- paration as contains no injurious ingredients, and which may be taken with impunity by the weakly child or the delicate lady, as well as by the stronger constituted man. Such a discovery would deserve to be called the Perfectiou of Medicinal Preparations, and would be, indeed, an Invaluable Boon to Suffering Humanity. This much-needed Boon has been found, tried, and proved to be satisfactory. It is Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, the vegetable tonic. This world- .p renowned n.ediciae is strongly recommended for affections of the chest, Debility in any form, Depression of Spirits, etc. It is sold in bottles, 2s Ud and 4s 6d each. See the name GWILHI EvANs" on Stamp, Label, and Bottle, as there are numerous imitations. PROPRIRTOITS QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING Co., Limited, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES.


Ar Ben y Pentaii.


Caniiartlicnskirc Ccuiity…

Carmarthen Couuty Court.

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