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Carmarthenshire MonthlyI Meeting.

Alleged L roeiiy at Carmarthen.

The Great Need of the Age…


Ar Ben y Pentaii.


Caniiartlicnskirc Ccuiity…


Caniiartlicnskirc Ccuiity Couacil. MEETING OF THE LOCAL GOVERN- MENT COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Gov-rnmenc fAct (1894) Committee of tho Carma«taen.<hir» County tJouncil waa lie Id a*, the Shiro Il-d', Carma'theu, on Saturday. Mr Joseph Joseph, Llangennech, presided. A petifioa was Teceised froui the parochial eLectora oi the parish of Llanboidy, a-king to have the parish divided imo wllrd", for tho election of parish counuiiiors. This was adjourned until the next meting, in order that a deputation might attend from the parish with a map and a scheme to explain what was wanted- An wus made fom the gnardians of the L'.audilo Union, asking ior a re-arrangement of scuts on the D;st.riof Conucil and Board of Guardians. This application was, however, sub- sequently withdrawn LiLU v.) were: read from Mr Ro vlar.d Browne, the Carmarthen Registrar, and also from the Registrar- General, in regard t;) the boundaries of the parishes o' St Pf tors titid Newehuruli. As the mutter was one '• bristling with dtlneulties," it was decided to make un application to the Local Government Board befora taking any definite steps in the matter. A resolution was read, which had been passed by the Bttw" Pan-di Council, aakin;j for a re-arrange- ment oi the l'Vermfv.vr and Aninau Valley distiiets. This matter was refe red to the Parish Council to i,co a map. and c'd a deputation, etc. A pe.itiou was read from the Parish Council of Llansawel, asking the County Council to make an order authorising the Pari^ix Council to com- pulsorily obtain ior a loti.nents certain lands in the parish. This waa referred to the same c^mmitiee ai has charge of similtit btisimss in -!ayo. A letter of a Kimilar kind was reetiveJ from the Llanfihangel-ar-Arth Parish Oe-uiiril. This was referred to the for -nut committee, with the addition of air T R Jode- Pamelas. A rescdutioa was read from the Llanstephan Parish Council, strongly disapproving of the parish being divided into waids. It was intimated, however, that this question could not be re-opened without six months' notice.

Carmarthen Couuty Court.

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