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Llandilo Board of Guard The fortnightly meeting was li,,Id on Sah when those present were Mr W. Giiffiths (in Miss May Gwynne-Hughes, Col. Gwynr My ior Tltomas, and Messrs D. Davies. J J. GnHitha, Jo-eph Harries, D. W. LE Harries, James Rees, W. WiiliaiiiS, J. L. T. Davies, D. Watkins, W. Evans, D. Jone ii. jjcivis, itrca, L), Morris. John Thoi Thomas, NV. (CrJiuicenneii), Joh (Myddfai), and D. Jones (Talley). THE HOUSE. The Master reported that the number of the workhouse was 32, against 30 in the co period of last year. The number of vagra: visited the house in the f<ut:;ight was HO, > 114 in the corresponding period of last yea the past five weeks 248 vagrants had visitel I-The Master having reported defect.s in .tu the laundry ana sick ward, the ..111 of the workhouse was re-appointed and in report on the matter at the next meetim*. TITIO, ol,, The Clerk reported that on tho motion o Lewis, it was decided to ask the County f take in to consideration the advisability o I ing the seats on the District Council aUt Guardians. At the time, Mr T. Rees 3 negative, the voting being nine for the orij and 7 for the negative.—The Clerk said he the necessary npp'ication to the County C they had written to know what re-arranj proposed.—Mr D. W. Lewis said the popi crowding from the rimd districts to th< Mr John Harries represented 300 voters, whilst some 1 other member-! represented only 7, 30, and 10 respectively. It was not fair to the voters He f wished to have the seat3 so re-arranged th=it thoi x-tpresentation might be more equal.—Major Thomas t slid it was irregular to diseu.s the matter then. 0 S'jmc scheme should be brought forward.—The Clerk said the committee of the County Council that would deal with the master would meet on the !>th of May.— y Mr Thomas Rees said the motion was cartied without e notice to the councillors, and there were very few j present when it was discussed.—Mr D. W. Lewis I gave notice.—Mr Thomas Rees I give notice that the n resolution be resciudeu this day fortnight.—Chairman: t- What reply to the County (louneil ?-Cieik I shall s simply say the matter has been deferred.—Mr J. L. a Williams said he strongly supported Mr D. W. Lewis. DECREASING A SALARY. n The Clerk said that with reference to a resolution h they had passed to lower the salary of Mr Hopkins. u collector of poor rates, Quarterbach, from £ 11 to £ 10 r a year, the Local Government Board wished to be informed, before further considering the subject, on what grounds the reduction is recommended, and whether Mr Hopkins consents to it."—Mr John u Harris produced a statement to show that at Llandilo- 3- fawr the collector was paid at the rate of 4d in the n pound Llandyfeisant, 7M Llaniihangel-Aber- l- bythyeh, 4^d Llangathen, 8Ad Talley, 7d; h (.(uarterbach, Hid and even if they struck off the £-1, the payment would then be 91d, or higher than in e any parish. -NIr Thomas Rees A very good reason. ij —Colonel Gwynne-Hughes deprecated the way in ;j which matters of the kind were brought forward.— •_ ] Major Thomas maintained that they were t iking a 11 right course.Tho Clerk said he understood his reply y to the Local Government Board was to be that in tho o opinion of the board, Mr Hopkin received more in !3 proportion than any of the other collectors,—Mr p Harris further said that Mr llopkin was willing that .t his salary should be reduced, but not by more than il, and that he (Mr Hopkin) had written to inform1 the Local Government Board of it. j




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