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11 an egwad Parish Council ZD The annual meeting of the above Council wa-s lIdd at Velingwm School-room oll Tuesday, the 21st, of April. Tbc following newly elected members wef^J present :—Mr Thomas Davies,. Ll\vyngw}'Jh| the retiring Vice-chairman (who presided)!! Uev Evan Thomas Dolegwad Mr Henry Davies, Typu-ea; ML- William Evan^I Monachty Mr Benjamin Evans, Tynevydd Mr William Williams, Tyrdail Mr Job'1 Evans, Cwmcothy Mr Thomas ThoU)»s> Glandwr Mr Thomas Rogers, Penrhiwan > Mr Richard (Jritliths, Gianyrynv.s Mr Esse* Morris, Hendre, Mr John Rees, Llwynfortune; and Mr Charles Davies Glancapel. DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF OFFICE.. ) The declaration was signed hy all present and it was unanimously agreed that Mr Joh11 Harris Blaennantymab, and Mr David Jones i Harries, Pen 11 wynne, owing to their absence ¡ he permitted to sign the declaration at a subsequent meeting. t APPOINTMENT OF CHAIRMAN AN# VICE-CHAIRMAN. j It was unanimously agreed that Messt's 1 John 8impson, Cwm, and Thomas Davie»i Llwyngwyn, be re-ected chairman and vice- i chairman respectively for the ensuing ye^ The minutes of last meeting were read an^ confirmed. THE LLANEGWAD AND LLAINWEN HOADS. It was proposed by Mr Henry Davies Typicca, seconded by Mr Benjamin Evans; Tynewydd, and agreed to, that the District Council be asked to take over the ro»d leading through Llanegwad Village. It was also proposed by Mr John Evans Cwmcothy, seconded by Mr Charles Davie1' GLtncapd, and carried unanimously, that the attention of the District Council be called to the unsatisfactory State of Llain wen-road, and that it is absolutely necessary to make I some repairs to the same, as it is considered almost impassable at present. It wns also resolved that the Clerk be instructed to write to the three Rural District Councillors, to ask them to be present at the next meeting of the Council, when the fore- going resolutions, would come on for consideration and to ask them to support the same. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. It was unanimously agreed that Irs Elizabeth Davies, Cencoed Mr David Evans, i nyswen and Mr Thomas James, Byrgwm be appointed Overseers of the poor for the ensuing year.


The Great Need of the Age…