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P E N C A D E R F IQUEST ON AN INIANI. —Mr Thomas Waiters, coroner for West Carmarthenshire, held an inquest of the Farmers' Anus, (Jl Tuesday, on Rutliol Mary Jones, a child aged 11 weeks and two days. Mrs Eleanor Jones, 7, Davies'-aticet, Pencador, said that the child had benn vartinatfd about a few days before its death by Dr Evans, LUmdygM: The wound had been a little sore on the Thursdav previous but it got better on Friday. The child was fed en the bottle, and was in the habit of crying at night from its birth. She put the child in* the cradle on Sunday mort,ing about 3 It. Tp and rocked it to sleep. She woke up at 7.30 a m. rlid found the child dead. There had appeired a littlo protuberance at the navel on the previous Thursday. -Dr Evam said ho had vaecinftN-il the child wiili some calf lympth obtained from L n loo. lIe did not think the vaccination had anything to do with the death. Tnkiisg into account the fact that the child was constantly crying, and also ths umbilical protuberance, he waa of opinion t at the cause of death was shock, following on strstigulatioifof the Sowel-.—The jury returned a verdict Ilccor¿inbly.


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