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I LOCAL INTELLIGENCE, &c. MINISTERIAL.—Mr John Grifhihs, the senior student" at the Presbyterian College, he.s just received a pressing invitation to become the pastor of Wern, Aberavon. Mr Griffiths is a native of Cilperran, Pembrokeshire, and is well known in the circuit of Itulcpendia as au eloquent preacher. ARRIVALS.—The "Dorothell." from Carnarvon with slates, and the Nautilus," from Bridgwater, with bnth bricks, &c for Mr T. Davies, slate merchant. The s.e. Merthyr," with a cargo of maize from Bristol, arrived on Sunday afternoon, April 26th. for Mr J B Arthur, merchant. CVKMABTHEX SCHOOL BOAIID.-Tlie monthly meeting of this Board was held at the Guildhall on Tuesday evening. There wore present: — Principal Evans (in the chair) Mr T. E. Brigstocke, Mr T w. Barker, and Mr Thomas Ihomas, Myrtle Villa.- It vras agreed on the motion of the chairman, seconded by Mr Thomas Thomas, that a vote of thanks be accorded Mr E. Colby Evans for a "present of a number of baoks towards the formation of a library at Pentrepoth Girls' School. The other business was of a purely formal CHUKCH PARADE.—The II. ana I Companies of the 1st V.B. Welsh Regiment, assembled at the Armoury, on Sunday morning for the usual Church Parade. The companies under the command of Captain Holmes and Lieutenants A. O. Norton and James John, marched to St. Peter's Church, headed by the band (under the leadership of Mr John Jones hairdresser, Nott-square) and the cycling Cr,rps After the soi vice Captain Holmes compli- mented the bandmaster on tho great improvement which had taken place in the band. HALF-YEARLY MEETINGS AT TVI E TABERNACLE, CARMARTHEN.—The usual half-yearly meetings were held at the Tabernacle Baptist Chapel, Car- marthen, on Sunday and Monday. The preacher for the occcsion WtlS the Rev Aaron Morgan, Blaenlfos, and hl sermons were listened to by lar¡e congregations oa Sunday morning and evening. The fact of a similar meeting being held at Union-street at the same time somewhat interfered with the success of the meeting on Monday evening but, taken altogether, the eemi- anriiveisary passed off very succesesully. TUB CAUUIBF BAZAAR.—The following ladies preside at the Carmarthenshire t-tall at the Welsh National H&zxar, in aid of the N S.P.C.C., opened at Cardiff on Tuesday :—President The Hon Gladys Rice. Comniittee Mrs George Bowen, Mrs Fraser Bate, Mrs Dudley Drummond, Mrs Jonrs (Llanmiloe). Mrs Parkinson, Mrs I'ryse Rice. Assistants: D:e lion Nt st Rice, the H«n Gwenilian Rice Miss Manacl, E J Manstl, Mrs Bishop, -nd Miss Blaus (Llangennech I'ark), Mrs Lloyd Harries, Miss Jones, Mrs Richardson, M r Einald Richardson, and Miss Howell. UNION-STREET CHAl'EL, CAUMARTKEN. The ufual anniversary services were held at Union- street. Carmarthen, on Sunday and Mod y. The Rev Rces Ref, of Alltywen, preached at the morning, afternoon, and evening services on Sunday, aod at the evening meeting on Monday. On Sunday t;t.CL Monday evenings sermons were also presched by Mr John G riffibs, emdent at the Presbyterian Coilpge. There were good attendances at r.H the mcetirgs, ar.d altogether the anniversary was quite as successful as any ever held at Union- street- The collections were very satisfactory considering that there is no particilariy pressing demand upon the finance cf the Church. 1.0 G 1,— The Myrdlin Lodge of Good rsmplars held their opc-n Lodge on Friday last at Lammas-s'reet schoolroom (kindly lent for the occasion), under tha presidency of Mr Kmrys Lloyd, Presbyterbn College. After ginginjja hymn, a short prayer was cifjred bv Mr J Gnffilhe, Presbyterian College. The President then c- ',Icd upon the Rev Ttrelus Phillips to deliver an tddicss, which he did in a most eloauent manner, r.nd judging from the ii £ ,ar;nK whicr; wa giv^r h'.m, it iiiu&t have undoutedly been effectual, vote oi tl a- ks was proposed to the lecturer bv Mr Davies, Emporium, tccondcd hy Rev D S Davies, and tho meeting was brought to a close bv a short prayer. IS £ ideas in advertising abound. Here, for iC5tsnce> is an absolutely new one—at least, we haV3 uot met with anything Jiko it before. Mess** • cseph Ciosfield & Sons, of Warrington, the well-known soap manufacturers, offer a free life IIBsuranco rolicy to any person under 6,- who coliects 112 wrappers of their Perfection so.;p. Most insurance Lif.r., aro surrounded by conditions more or le_ss irksome. But this of Messrs Crcssfield & SODS la tree from any drawback. It is, a3 nuy j>g gal it red from tho advertisement, made chiefly in the interests of woscen and if they happen to ? i ?",e of thcir children may secure its adv-sut'IRCS. 'The ecet of tliis generous offer is u°- met k t 6 MesRrs Crosfield, the claims being met by the British Workman's and General durance Company. WHrV\u',r 1M KXT■ —Orders for we<k endi g May 9.h. Officer for the wreok, 2nd Lieut. £ « ^ompany orderlies, Colour-Sergeant W Lewis and Corporal Andrews. Orderly bugler, C L ,.r??'p?ny dri11 OH Monday at 7.30 p m n m • Ba>'onet exercise on Friday at m clothes). Recruits drill on £ 1' « fi '• edncsday, and Friday at 7 30 p.m « tnrdfiv11/ °nnMouday. Thursday, Friday, and w r°^ 0 p,La- Signalling practice on VVedi.ced^y at < 30 p.m. It is notified for informa- Company stood second best in tho Butta. on aa regards class tiring for the year 189.5. 1 he oineer oommanding trusts that the Company The leT VTT\\M £ 0M a higher P°8ition THJ! yc.or; ? cnti i. olsh cams out Six iu the district, and 60th out of the wliolo volunteer force. —By order, \Y BUCKLEY RODERICK, Captain command- ing II Company. DEATH OF MilS MOEGAN, THE WHITE IIOR.SE, PRIORY-STREET, CARAIARTHL.N.-AVe regret to have to announce the death of Mrs Morgan, of the White Horse, widow of the late Mr David Morgan, Priory-street. Mrs Morgan had been in ill-health for some thiee months and her condition became daily weaker until she expired on Monday morning -it 5 o'clock. The deceased, who was in her GGth year» was a faithful member of Lammas-street (jhopeL^ SJie was a sister of Mrs David Davies, Arms, Carmarthen Mrs David Lewis, grocer, Priory-street; and Mrs D Smith, grocer ar.d co»fectiouer, Mountain Ash. She was one of the family of the Lewis's, of Penfarch, Llallfynydd- vrbo a: e able to ttace their residence on the same foria for over six centuries.—The funeral took place cn Thursday at the Cemetery. The service was performed by tho Rev David Evans, the pastor of Lammos-stroet Chapel. FREEHOLD PROPERTY SALE.—Mr D Howell Thomas (of the firm of Messrs Lloyd and Thomas, auotioneeie) offered for sale by 11<J!blJ, at the Half Moou Hotel, Carmarthen, D Thursday, the 23rd of April, the following freehold property, which v.-us sold as follows :— jjot 1 —Private dwelling-house and premises, No 6, I' gpilman-street, Carmarthen. £420, Mr Charles H. Williams. Spilman-street. Lot 2—Freehold house and premises, No. 5, Spilman-street, £ 320, Mr Williams, watchmaker, Lammas street. Lot 3- Freehold house and extensive garden, known as Un,Ierelif fCottogt, near the Parade. Carmar- then, £ 195, Mrs Parsons, under the Parade. Lot 4 was withdrawn. Lot 5—Freehold house and shop, No. 58, Lammas-street, Carmaithcn, e 160, Mr John Thomas, the tenant. Lot 6—Freehold house and premises, No 59, Lammas street, E,200, Mr David Davies, 12, Magazine Row. Lot 7—Freehold dwelling-houco and shop, No 60, Lammas-street, IL-200, lr2 Edwnrds, Miiford Arms, Lammas-street. Lot S—That freehold, Nvolil-ki owr!, and much frequented public-house cal'.od tLe" Wbcat-Sheaf," situate in Abergwilly, £ o90, Mr D. Phillips, Three Salsion", Carmarthen Lot U A freehold dwelling i houS3, £ 16), Mrs Sarah Evans. Fontaine's Court, two building sites, stable, and five rooms in the back, £20, Mr William DavicE, builder, Umou-bt. ) CvFARFon URDIHAD,— Bydd haiies cyfarfod urddisd Mr Seiriol Williams, o Goleg Henadurol Caerfyrddin, yn Horeb, Casilwchwr, yn ymddangcs yr wylhr.os nesaf. THE SEEEN CYMEU NEWSPAPK!: COMPANY, LIMITED.—At the annual meeting of this company held at Carmarthen on Tuesday last, a dividend of 25 per cent. was declared. ON Monday last, the Rev T R Walters, M.A., ficar of St David's, left Carmarthen for London to attuul the Church C, nccltiop.. We in dentand that the lev gentleman will preach at St Bennett's Church (Welsh); London, on Sunday. A SPOON COMPETITION was held at Danyrallt Range, Llangunnor, on Thursday (the 23rd nIt). The winners wtre Corpl. E J Andrews, 97 points; Co pi. j Cro.v'ev, Sergt. A LI Davies, and Private John Evaus. The latter won tho" non-winner's fpoon. THE HEALTH OF LOCAL M P"s.—Mr Rees Da if8, the member for Pembrokeshire, resumed his Parliamentary duties on Monday evening. The member has, it appears, been more seriously it than his friends imagined. An attack of rheumatic fever developed to such a dangerous extent that alarming results were feared. Fortunately, Mr Davies was pulled round, and his friends trust that he has now quite recovered from his illness. lie did not look very fit on Monday evening, although ho professed to the contrary. Mr John Lloyd Morgan is another member who has been very seedy lately. Mr Morgan has been unable to shake off tho effects of a severe cold, and has been ordered to the seaside fcr a change, says the London correspondent of the Western Mail. ordered to the seaside fcr a change, Fays the London correspondent of the Western Mail. RATEPAYERS' LEAGUI:.—We understand that a league of the above nature will shortly be formed amongst the working-men ratepayers of Carmarthen. It will be based on neutral gT)Ujd- DO politics or creed to form part of its programme. The object of the league is to encourage local talent and to protect against "double offices" to officials and servants of the borough, whilst they can live ) respectable and corufortable with one office. One of the proposed rules will bo, that no member is to vote for any cendidate, eithfr Lr the Town Council, Board of Guardians, School Board, &c., unless the j candidate pledges himself to support local talent and to do away with the double offices" that are now so common in the town. It is believed th leagus will be in full swing by the first of November next. THE BOUNDVTIY BETWEEN* THE SEINE NETS AND THE CORACLES.—Trie committee, which was appointed by the C?rlDnnhfll B,y Fishery Boaid to enquire into tl,ig matter, met on Monday at Carmarthen Station. There were present :—Mr St. Vincent Peel, Danyrallt Mr E A Rogers Mr David Lewis, Brigstocke Gaidens and the Clerk (Mr Moigan Griffiths). The committee proceeded by the 1.20 train to Ferryside and then came up the river by beat. The committee decided that the posts had been placed in a proper position according to the bye-laws. Mr David Lewis and Mr E A Rogers pointed out thut the bye-law had not hern made in accordance with Mr Herrington's report on the subject. Mr Berrington. as a rerult of the enquiry he'd in 1895, recommended the division of the disputfd water equally by drawing a line equi-distant between Halfway Rock and Pilglas." rhe boundary ought, therefore, to be about three miles from Halfway rock—instead of which it is only 695 yards from it. The probability, therefore, is that the matter will be re-opened at the next meeting of the Fishery Board. Miss ADELA BONA AT THE COVENT GARDEN ROYAL OpErA.-In the Daily Tchjtraplb for Mon- day is a lengthy article dealing with the arrange- ments made by Sir Augustus Harries for the lloyal Opera Covent Gardens. The cri'ic says, The contraltos are six in number, Meedames Mantelli, Brazzt, Olitzka, Bra-rsi, Bona, and MeissHnger Looking at the names one sees how much English speaking artistes have improved upon the position hitherto held by them. We have a manager now who recognizee the claim3 of native talent and is not afraid to make the fact evident." Tho Madame Bona referred is Miss Adela Bona, the famous Carmarthen contralto, who has had the honour of singing before Royalty, and has achieved such unique success everywhere she has sung— whether at home or abroad It is extremely grati- fying-not only to the relatives of Miss Bona, but I to every native of Carmarthen—to find a local vocalist thus held up as one of those who are gradually asserting the right of tho English speak- ing race to a front rank amongst the musicians of the world. TEMPERANCE.—The weekly meeting of tho Total Abstinence Society was held on Sunday evening (April 19lh) at Union-street Chapel, and was, ros is ueually the case at this place of worship very crowded. The chair was taken by Miss Sourl(,ck, president of the local branch of the liiitisii Womens. Tempcrancc Association, nowIy f rrned in the town, and one ia which Lady Henry Somerset tskes such an action part. Slits Smirlock was supported in the chair by Mrs Nathaniel Thomas and Miss Gibbon, Llan- gunnor-road, all of whom wors the white ribbon," a symbol of membership of the associ- ation. The meeting was opened by Mr G. T Jones, Cwmoernant, offering prayer, and two temperance hymns tung and conducted by the pastor (Rev D S Davies). Miss Scurlock, in her opening address, referred to the British Women's Temperance Association, which was 20 years old, and gave eome interesting information of its doings. Afterwards, Miss Margaretta Williams, Chanel House, Union-street, gave a capital recita- tion, entitled, Bywyd y Meddwyn," and was followed ,,v a well-written pjvper by flIrs i>fttnaniel Thomas. *Mr Rees, Pontarda!si-?, then sang in his usual homely style, "Calfaria," the audience taking up the chorus with spirit. The next speaker was Mr Griffiths, of i'revecca College (^vho officiated at Water-»t:eet Chapel throughout Sunday). Mr Griffiths' name is a household word amongst the temperance advocates of the town, and is very popular, as a preacher. Mr Griffiths spoke for 25 minutes, and was attentively listoned to. After a fi.w remarks by the Rey I) S Davies, tha meeting was brought to a close by prayer.—The next meeting will bo htld at Lammas-etr. et Chnpcl schoolroom, when it is hoped the temperance friends there will follow the fo jtsteps of thoir co- icligioui-ts at Union-st reef, Chapel by providing a bood programme.—The weekly meeting was held on Sunday evening last at Lammas street Chapel Schoolroom, aDd was but thinly attended, and no musical programme was provided by the temperance friends of the chapel. The chair was taken by Mr Roberts, Golden Anchor, who also had to conduct the devotional exercises. After a few remarks by the Chairman, the Rev E Ungood Thomas, Tabernacle Chapel, delivered an excellent address, and was followed by tl:c Rev Mr Evans. l,la!, wrlyd I who remarked th it no minister of the Gospel ought to bo otherwise than a total abstainer. Owing to the lateness of the hour. Mr Jones, Ll.jnfyt.ydd, fi,iled to D S Davies then clos d the meeting by praver.-I he next meeting will he held at the Salvation Army Barracks, when a very init.c,i iiut committee meetiug will be held.

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