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carmarijien Borough Police…


carmarijien Borough Police Court. MOXDA Y.- Before the Mayor (Mr H Brunet White, the Grang-e) Mr vV. Morgan Griffiths, Lime Grove and Mr T. E. Drigstocke, King- ttrcefc. CIVIL WAR IN CAM BRIAN-PLACE. Solina Divivr., 15, Cumbrian-place, preferred a charge of «?,$.•, nit against two of her neighbours — Mary Evans hnd Rachcl Phillips (" Rachel — Mary Evans also took oat a cr<;3»-smn:uoos against the complainant. The Complainant said thr.t the defendant E tiji, lived two or three doors below her. Ou Tuesday aboul -1 p.c: Lilt3 was out washing, and was called to attend to the child. Defendant then ran out after putting her finger to her nose, acted in a peculiarly indecent manner. Defendant then eaid she won'd fetch "Rachel Twin" to tl-, the complainant. Rachel Twai turned up. aud uuld have done damage but that other people interfered and prevented her. Both the defendant and Rachel Twm were drunk Defendunt was always threa'einug to put a stone in complainant's head, end was always calling her bad names—Com- plai uant then wtnt on to tell a long rigmarole as to a dispute which had taken place because the defendant had done some washing for her on the occasion of the last domestic event in her family thec had been some ill feeling about the amount paid for Me soap and blue. Jaue Woods, a spinster, of Bridge-street, gave corroborative evidence. Sergt Hurries gave evideaco as to hisboiuj cnllcd to the ecenc, and complaints being made to him. Mmy Evans then went into the box aud gat-e evidence. She said that the complainant ;.Lad thrown a jug of wafer over ner child. Defendant then toll her that she would uot, allow her to carry on like that, bat that aha would put a ston to it. The e'e*o,n-year old daughter of the previous witness then went into the box, and corroborated her mother's cvidcnce. The Bench lined Mary Rvans Is and 7s 6d costs and Rachel Phillip? Is and Gs Gd costs. The cross summons was dism'ssed. eaGEr, iT TO A HORSE. Inspector Baaford, KS P CA., charged Charles Frost, cattle dealer, Llandovery, with cruelty to a horse. The police also preferred a charge of drunkenness against the same person. John Lewis Thomas, Waunllaue-ucliaf, New- church, said I remember the 7th April. About p.m. I wrs coming from the Rose and Crown, Lammas-street, riding a cart mare. As I was passing the Plough I ea-v the defendunt. lie struck the mare I was riding with a stick across the hind quarters the stroke raised a swelling on the nnirnsl. P C. Thomaa Jucob Thomas gave corroborative evidence, lie also proved the defendant to have been drnnk. Mr W. Morgan Griffiths said it was a very common habit of people in fairs to strike and beat animals whom they were examining. The Bench however, were determined to put it down. Inspector Booford said he did not press for a penally in this particular case but he merely asked the Boneh to show that they were determined to put a stop to the prnctioo. Defendant was fined 2s 61 and coats for cruelty and Is and costs for the drunkenness. SUNDAY DRINKING-WHERE TilE SHOE I PINCHED ? Thomas Thomas, bntchor's labourer, Gl, St. Catherine-street, was charged with drunkenness. P.C. William Davies said that on the 19th of April (a Sunday) he saw the defendant drunk in Water-street, at 5.20 p.m. Defendant was also seen drunk in Catherine street at 0 50. Doienlant said he had not been -'so very drunk." He had beoa up all night fetching a hor(' from X J\vC'ü3tle- E:.n1 yo and hid boot had been squeezing him (laughter) The Mayor said that the Bmch were determined to put but as the defen- dant had never been up before, they would be lenisnt with him. He would be fined Is and costs, TUESDAY,—Before the Mayor CUr II Brunei WhÎLe. The Grange), and Mr Howell Howelh. Pontcarreg. TWO BOLD PIRATES ON THE TOWY. BOARDING THE "DOROTHEA." John Hughes, c, a native of Rjsolven, Glamorganshire, and Thorn",s Morris, a native of Newbridge, Monmouthshire, wv-re charged with l&iccuy. Morris -,vi-.s also charged with assault. Both defendants are "old hands" of tho Car- marthen Miiit;a Artillery. Robert Roberts, Carnarvon, master of the schooner •• Dorothea," ihcu at tho Carmarthen Quay, id he recognised the two men in the dock. He PRW them on deck with a militiaman in uniform just about hslf-au-hour after midnight on Sunday night. Witness was below at tho time, but went up when he heard them. Hughes asked for a shirt; witntss said he had no shirt to give him, and that all he had ou board was locked up. He asked the two defendants to go ashore quietly They refused to do so. lie was half-an-hour arguing with the three; and got rather afraid of them. He thought it best to allow them to go and lie down iu the forecastle they promised to be quiet if he allowed them. He awoke the two lads who were fileep in the forecastle to let them know that. lie hzAJ the meu to com,) on board. He wa-s, however, called np in haif-au-hour by the mute, who complained of the manner in which the men ivece carrying 0::1. Witna-s, therefore, went ashore, and fetched P S Jones and P.C. Phillips. He then found that the men had gone. He next saw the two men in the Square and Compass in Water-street.. He did not tr>ink Morris was very soher at the time. Witness had been coming t,) Carmarthen for the 1 15 years for Mr Charles Jones and he hal always been treated we!l by the Carmarthen people heforo. E/an E/ans (iti), C irns.rvo'1, one of t"io craw of the Dorothea," s!A;,] he had been sleeping in the forecastle when the captain woke him up he then th < two dofanlants an 1 a militiaman. Morris struck John Party wuh his fist. Morris had been going through Parry's pockets locking for tobacco for a I- ei,e,v and Parry said he had not go", one Parry then jtimoad £C,Hn his bed a:i i die c ip'aiu. Toe mate cam) back to the foroeiitle wo o P,-trry-, th 1 mats vent out again an 1 it was then that Morris hit, Parry. T e men then went up on deck and ivent away. Witness found in iho morning that the cap and mnfiler which ho had left in the forcer,stla were gone. John Parry, a -or nr\;r on board th" Dorothea," spoke to the captain waking him up, and telling him that he had allowed tiu three in n to come into the forecastle The next thins he saw was Morris going through the p. ckots of his coat Morris asked for a chew of tobacco witness said that he had no: got any. \Yi;ne:-8 then went and told the captain, v> bo went ashore for the police. He then went forward with the mate, who told the men to keep quiet. After the mate went away. Morris struck witness a clous on the face." Morris struck witness three or four times until he was bleeding at tli,3 nose. Witness identified the two reels of otto:i proluccd. They were on the shelf above his bunk when he turned in he misled them in the morning. P C. Burnhill paid About lOA,) a m. on Monday, from information received, I went in company P.S. and John Parry, and saw the defendants in Water-s'root. They were identified by the boy Parry. I arrested them, and charged them with stealing a cap, a handkerchief, and two reels. I also cba-ged Morris with assaulting Parry. They made uo reply. They were searched at the police-station. I found the cap and the two reels ou IIu<:hes. Bo:h were s* weil in beer." Ilnghes hsd changed the cap on to hi- he n] by the time he had got to the poli.;e station, lIe hud it in his pocket before he had three caps altogether, Both priconers elected to be dealt with summarily. For the defence, they called, I Taul Tinnuci, a collier, who said he had given the two reels and the etip oat of his pack to the defen- dants at Llanedy. He had given them to the defendant Hughes to sew ou buttons. lie was afraid Hughes would lose n button on the road. lie had been on tramp with the defendant. Cross-examined by Supt Smith I have known the defendants off and on for three cr four years we have been at the militia training together. Hughes said he bad told the police at the time he was I that the articles belonged to Paul Tin. ilei. P.C. litiri-ilill said that :.he defendant had Eot made any statement of the kind.—P Harries corroborated. The Mayor said the Bjnrh considered the case clearly proved. Defendant would hnvo fourteen days imprisonment each for the larceny; and Morris would have an extra 11 dnys fcr the n ul t. A CORRECTION. We much regret thit, through an easily-explainc-d error we shcuid have represented in our account of the Borough Police Court last week that Mr John Lewis, of the Faleoll I P. n, had been summoned for keeping pigs within a certain distance of his d welling house, and had been otdered to pay the costs of the case. Mr John Lewis was Dot one of those who were so dealt with. He was amongst those whe were charged with a technical breach of the bye-Jaw requiring p:oper receptacles to be provided for manure. That case was proved by the Inspector of Nuisances, Mr John Morgan and tho rcntter was adjourned for a fortnight, in order to givo Mr Lewis time to carry out the necessary -itie arrangements. Th3 error was of a purely c'crical character—Mr John Los-is, of the Falcon inn, I being confused with Mr David Lewis, the New lUll-who was the gentleman thus charged, and jocularly recommended by Mr Morgan Griffiths to pay 6s 8d for a solicitor's advice.

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