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Ar Ban y Pentan.


JBankyfelin Notes.

Llandilo Choral Society.

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Llandilo Petty Sessions. SATURDAY.—Before Mr G. H. Strick, Mr L. N. Powell, Major Thomas, and Mr E. Richardson. CARRYING A GUN WITHOUT A LICENCE. Ioaac Davies was charged was carrying a g'*n Without a licence. Defendant admitted the offence, Fron, the evidence it appeared that on the 2-ad of Febriiary he was seen on land belonging to Dr Southern, with a gun in his possession. When seen by yr Southern he ran off.-Defendant was mulcted m the sum of £ 1. KEEPING DOGS WITHOUT LICENSES. Robert Roberts, Nebo, was charged with the above f v.e" u j Pr«ved it. Defendant's excuse was that he had been ill for 13 weeks and intended to get a license as soon as he got work. Fined, £ 1. lor a similar offence, John Jones, Rhydydffynon, °!?e guinea Samuel Williams, £ 1; John Morgan, a farmer, was mulcted only in costs (8s) as it Wail.a .Cafe of Ueg'ect to take out a certificate of exemption, THE DRINK. Hairy Diamond admitted a charge of being drunk -Fined 18 *"d costs. j^md Levm, Pentregwenlais. failed to answer to „,oJ oJr e' ^hhough he had been in court, and the case Q ojourned pending his appearance. Subsequently oergt. JJavies got him to cuuit in .a more or less /k 1 state" He admitted the offence, and said ?ause of his drunkeness was that he had been wonting in a garden, and bad been given too much A E ri? x rev^°ws convictions were put in, and thft defendant was mulcted in the sum of vvi liam Jenkins, (Jilf.:ch, Bttlwa, was charged r Defendant did in. t appear. He vvmk costs- William Bevan, LLmdebie, Emitted a like charge. He was. mulcted in the sum .,f 10^ Gd. .R,Iwliil .1tf:¡p!" L'andebie, admitted a similar offence. Fined 9s 0J. Ldward Rogers, Llandilo, did not answer to the summons, but sont his brother to do so. The Bench declined to doal with the cast; in the defendant's absence and a warrant was ordered to issue. CROELTY TO A HORSE. D. B?van admitted a charge of cruelty to a horse by working it in an unfit state. Defendant said he was only acting as he was instructed. Elizabeth Rogers was charged with causing it to be worked. P.O. J. Jones deposed to seeing the horse being worked, and apparently in torture. Under the saddle he found a lorge wound, and all around that a lot of swelling, which, on being touched, made the mare groan. A canvass pad, crusted with matter, was placed between the saddle and sore. Mrs Rogers said the reason why the horse had been worked was because they were so busy with the corn. Mr Benford, the inspector for the R.S.P.C.A., gave similar evidence. Defendant admitted to him that she made the servant work the horse. Three out of the five horses were in an unfit state, but they had only pro- ceeded against Mrs Rogers in one case. He (the Inspector) had never known a worse case. Mrs Rogers, in defence, stated that her foreman had been ill for two months, and she had to trust the care of her horses to her servant man, whom she paid well for his services. She could not look after everything herself.—Mr Strick said that as far as the defendant Bevan was concerned the bench did not think he was much to blame, and would be fined 10s. As far as Mrs Rogers was concerned, he (Mr Stiick) had been on the bench for 14 years, and it was the worst case he had ever heard, and if he had his way he would jilleher;elo. As it was, she would have to yay £ 2 10s and costs. And if she was charged in that court again for such an offence, and he sat on the bench, a fine would not meet the case. It was most scandalous for dumb animals to be treated in that way. NON-PAYMENT OF RATES. James Bevan, collier, Cwinainuian, was charged with non-payment of rates. The wife appeared, and said her husband was unable to appear through illness. The case was adjourned for a fortnight to see if the overseers could recomilend the bench to excuse payment. David Rees was charged with non-payment of rates, which amounted to £ 1 (is Gd. Defendant pleaded inability to pay owing to ill-health for years. The case was adjourned as above.

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