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Ar Ban y Pentan.


JBankyfelin Notes.

Llandilo Choral Society.

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,----_---+---_.-'--I LA NDEFEILOG.

L L A N CI A I» 0 0 K .



LLANGATHEN. PARISH COUNCIL.—A meeting cf the Parish Council of the peiish of Llsngntnen was held on Friday evening (April 17th). Tie declaration of acceptance of office was signed by the fallowing Councillors Messrs David Williams, Brynlialod Rhys Rees, Broad Oak Isaac Edwards, Rhiwdarth; Da»id Davits, Ciisane Mill Even II. Richards/ Cwtny-gyfarnog Thomas Ji n s, Middle Hill John Jones, 1? wlehygwynt; John Griffiths, Three Compasses David R, chards, Rock House Edward Joi.ei, Y>-y\« ynfach "William T. Morgan, Caeaunewydd.—Mr Isaac Edwards was elected chairman pro tan.- It was propos<d by Mr Isaac Edwan.'s, and seconded by Mr Edward Jon", that a chairman from outside the Council should be -Mr lhomtti Jones psopo^cd an arleid. mcnt that one of the electeu nieyaoers he chaiiman, This recti ml no sec.aidt?r, the motion was, therefore, deelaied Ic,rlied -It was proposed by Mr W. T. Morgan, and seconded by Mr J01 n Jones, that Mr L 'enezer GdlLh, C3di.i:i, be re-elected, chairm in of ths cr»until for the er^sui.'ig yefir,-Th moiiori was carried wunimously.-Mr John Griffiths prop isid, i;r.l Mr T. Jones ma corded, that Mr Isras LJwards be \'ice-chaira:an; and the proposition was enriied uuaoirr.ouslv. — Mr W. T. Morgiin proposed th^t this meeting of the Counril be private —Mr John Griffiths seconded, ar.d the motion was COUPtil ',Il)p',)iDLed ',LlIr David llariies, I'mybank Mr John James, Llwyn- celinMr limnthv Da\i->, Glannnt and Mr David Dating, Tregyuyn, overseers for the ensuing year.— Mr David Williams p-cpo^ed, and Mr T. Jones seconded, that -jd in tl-e a, he laiscd this half-year to meet expenses. — Mi Y» T. Margin proposed an amuid-xcat th u 1 in the a be r: Led next half-year. Mr David Divies securii <i —Thrje voted for the latter Me sis W. T. Morgan, David Duties, and Evan R Hid a-ds the other emht voting for the motion which was therefore declared carried. EPIC'S COCOA.—GIUTEFUL AND COMKORTTXG.—" By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application ot the tine properties of well- selected COCOA, Mr. EI s has provided for our break* fast and supper a delicately flavoured beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bill. It is by the judicious use of such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually budt up until string enough to resist every tendency to disease. We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ourselves well fortified with pure blood aiid a p;op.-=ily nourished frame." Civil Sel-vice simply with boiling water or milk.—Sold only in packet-, and pound tin*, by Grocers labelled—" .1A:Œ Evrs & Co., Ltd. Homoeopathic Chemists, London.' A'so makers of Epps's Cocoaine or Cocoa Nib-Extract A thin beverage of full flavour, row with niary beneficially taking the place of tea. Its active principle being a gentle nerve stimulant, supplies the needed energy without unduly exciting the system.