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IT 0 -1-i 1"4 y "DTJGHBSS" PILLS, å r J r" = t .4-. 1-r- Jr :J F o R PALE FACES, A POSITI\ K CURE FOR OR POYBETT OF BLOOD, And ail tho foliowiny; Ailments: PALENESS. LAIN GOUB. D1 BILITY. NAUSEA. HEADACHE. BACKACHE. IRREGULARITIES. SALLOWNESS. SKIM ERUPTIONS. ,1- 1 INDIGESTION. LOSS OF APPETITE. OFFENSIVE BBEATF. PALPITATION. NERVOUSNESS. DEPRESSED SPIRITS. FEMALE AILMENTS. INSOMNIA. PAINS IN THE SIDE. As all the Ailments mentioned above arise from ONE CAUSE, they can be cured by ONE REMEDY, viz. JOLLY'S DUCHESS PILLS. These Pills are not an Aperient, but a Tonic which enriches the gloofi. Miss HAKDY viites from Thorpe, Norwich Please forward a box of "DUCHESS PILLS," as It cannot poasi; ly ,3 without their. I can highly recommend them. I have been under the doctor's J reatment fot the last ten years for Aiueu.ia, ivitlic-ut receiving any benefit, but your "Duchess Pills" have quite restored me." Mrs. OUOAX writes from 19, Tlioroas-street, Robertstawn, &b.,rflare There is a great improve- ment in my daughter since taking your Duchess Pills. Sho is stronger, her skin is much clearer, her lips have their natuia! colour, her checks are rosy, ami her eyes brighter. Please send ne another box, for which I enclose 2s. 6d." Revcrt of Dr. A. FARK, the AWII-known Physician, kle Medical Officer of Health, Lambeth, Londo 1 1 his í, to certify that JOLL\'S DUGHKSS J'ILLS do not contain any deleterious properties, and miy ne taken with per feet safely, as a remedial agent and corrective for the various ailitents for which they are specially designed and recommended." Certificate of the Analysis to the Health Corporation, London, We have mi d-: a minute r'.d critical Analysis of a sample, selected indiscriminately, of JOLLY'S 14 DUCHESS Pi'if. «t:d find they are compos -d of most valuable Tonic, Stomachic, and Purifying Properties, and quile- f.ce from injurious Vegetable and Mineral substances." NICKELS, F.C.S., F.I (\, 1 TT T WALLACE C NICKF.LL, F C.S J •A-nalysts t0 the Health Corporation of London. V. JOLLY'S 44 DUCIIhbS" PILLS will udorr- colour, health, strength, and beauty, and make the pa.st face ckfir and rosy, thun pioducirg a lovely complexion. ILLUSTRATED nOOK ON ANAEMIA, OR POVERTY OF BLOOD, SENT POST FREE. A box of JOLLY'S -< DUCHESS" PILLS, containing GO doses, easy to take, and sufficient to cure any ordinary case, will be forwarded to any part of the United Kingdom, securely packed in special boxes, with plain wrapper, post free, on receipt of 2s. 6d. Send for a box to-day. WHY BE PALE AND LANGUID ANY LONGER? ADDRESS: BRITISH DRUGGISTS, LIMITED, 219, OXFORD STREET, LONDON, W. BE S.S EaAGEMENT RINGS N IN HALF-HOOP, MARQUISE, GIPSY, AND ALL OTHER DESIGNS, SET WITH BRILLIANTS, RUBIES, EMERALDS, PEARLS, SAPPHIRES, OPALS, 1URQUOISE, ETC., ETC., ETC. 5,000 IN STOCK TO CHOOSE FROM. PARCELS OF UNSET GEMS TO SELECT FROM. -r- WEDDING RINGS AND KEEPERS. MERCHANTS NETT CASH CITY PRICES, SAVING ALL PROFITS. SELECTIONS SENT TO THE COUNTRY ON APPROVAL. The FINEST, CHEAPEST, and LARGEST STOCK of nmas in LONDON. Illustrated Book of Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Watches. Clocks, Plate, &c.5 at Reduced Prices, Post Free. SIZE CARDS SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. OLD JEWELLERY AND WATCHES TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. .=-=.=.=-=:====:====- j. w, BEMSON, H.M. the Queen's Jeweller, Steam Factory: 62 CZ 64, LUDG-ATE HILL, J, xu AT 82, ROYAL EXCHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. GUARANTEED AiV^C/i R^^G Full Catalogue and Testimonials from users in any District, Post free, from the DISTRICT AGENTS Agent for Carmarthen and District: AV. THOMAS, Ironmonger and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. Agent for Llandilo and District: D. P. DA VIES, General Irone-ioii-er, 3 and 5, King-street, Llandilo. Ii;?c<>> T.FniiE. READ iwrv CONFESSION. ii 1:d II a I have resolved, after much consideration, to yive to sijffwrew wlio will send me :i stamped envelope, 11n li'u)ii which cured me after 17 years of soil: rirg 1'I .>» 11 >;>:rv!m.s Debility, caused by tlie Errors of oiifcb. Tl is l'u;-CTi]>t.ion is from inv own experience nil infallibl,) XUltra cure for Lost M'-tnhood, Spermatorrhoea, Exhausted Vite.Utv, tare, Decay, Youthful )mprndfciice. Weakuees. J>e*pondency, Varicooolo, > K^d'Ty At Live:* CoijU'laiiitP, and all Diseases of th. Oriyary Organs. aii-! I confidently recommend it to all who so suitor. (Nam* this papei). V? -•>) V A FTEi:. Write to W. H. BHOWM, Esq., 14 Ghesiiam Road, Brighton, Sussex. I SPRING AND SUMMER FASHIONS. D. LLTREES, THE XjEJL3DIJSTC3- OUTFITTER, Hits jusfc received a large consignment of MEiX \OfJIiIS' and S10\ A' CLOTHING, and is prepared to sell at the following Low Prices: IS LACK CURL & VICliiU J-I(KETS & VESTS, 8/11 to 22/G. 5HYS COLOURED SUITS, 3 2/11 to 42/ :tI t: N 8 TROUSERS, 2/11 to 12/G. I. YOUTHS' COLOURED SUlrS, '1' t 21/ ti 8/1: to 21/ BOYS' NORFOLK SLITS, 4/11 to 13/11. BOYS' SAILOR SUITS, 1/11 to 10/11. WE STILL LEAD, AND OTHERS TRY TO FOLLOW, WITH OUR CELEBRATED 3/9 HATS' I GENTS' MERCERY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION IN THE LATEST STYLES. ,I-o.TP-THE ONLY ADDRESS, 14 & 15, GUILDHALL SQUARE, CARMARTHEN. THOMAS BLAND DAVIES, COAL & LIIMlIi] MEBOHANT, 3, SPRING GARDENS, CARMARTHEN. LARGE SOFT HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Car- marthen Station from Us. per Ton. LARGE HARD HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Cannaithen Station from lis. 9J. per Ton. NUT HARD HOUSE COAL, in Truck Loads, Colliery Screened, at Car- marthen Station from ••• ••• 13a. Gd.;per Ton. PAMAPC FOR CRICKET AND UAIVIAIIE TENNIS OUTFITS. LEADING THE WAY AS USUAl. CHEAPEST AND BEST HOUSE. Write or Call for Comprehensive Catalogue for the Season, Post rree to any Address. ™Ss t CRICKET BATS. Ltb bUflWD5' II Yonths' AVillow, Cane Handle, Size 4, 2/6; Stoic! kin Y out hi' 3/3 kjn 8, 2/11; Size 6, 3 '8, I ,i; n,T n«JwS. IS Yonths' Willow, nil Cine Handle, Size 4, 3/6, =1 W/C i r 'Sw n T11 rl y 6iz« 5,4/3; Kizo 6, ill.. J f/f\ I 'P I Men' 4/11 LJ Men's, all C*nc IlaiulleB, 411, 7/6, 9'6. I Ik.. A: X: i!:i: 'D I White Buck: Youths' 5/0 IS The Yorkshire Driver, Patent Spring Handle, S lr'\ Men's 6/3 v*rrantcd, price 14/6. WICXET-KEEPING A STUMPS WITH BAILS. || | i j Tj GLOVES. V POLISHED ASH. Men's iiize, 2/6. | | | | | Ttt ll: 1R1 jls In ? Wliite Buck: Youths <| ^oR?v £ Rk ^Brass TojisAfen's Size, 5/3; Best Quality, Solid ■ H I I |; Meus 4,6 Brass Tops, 6.9, 9 \l .SIS; crickeThets. •P V 'If S': ii: ,r Rubber) 3,9,4/- With lines Top and Bottom, Poles, complete, wt Jt- t Extra Qualities— 711, 9/ 910. m !t iffi J1; 4/9,5/9, 6'8 With Lines Top and Bottom. Poles, with I J J, 1) Two Side WTings, complete, 17/9 19/10, 2B' I 'I f I CRiGXET TROUSERS. — — liii'lil 300^»^in-: an FLAMHEL SKIRTS. U 14 v If: J f t if- Srcn'siV-fouths' 4/11 All Wool Flannel 311,411,5 11 \| \f W J| <1= J; j; "H 11 Extra Qualities— Heavy Mat Shiris 2/6 3;6 tli f } 5/11,7.11, 9 11, 12'6 (White, Pink, or Blue). '70: CRICKET SHOES. CRICKET BALLS. CRICKET BAGS. A Brown Canvas, Sewn Leather gark 8 3.6eam Match 5'- T1)p A1| England," with Br.iwn Calf Shoei 4 6 Ta.^trv'wltli 2 «tr*i's ^511 E^tra Quality, I'ine Calf ..e|l l)o. (mat^si/^ « nj ^off' Kx'lrti Qlt'y., Leather Bottoms 611 TiSMZ.. M White Buck a6 Do. lOMj The Marjlebone" 8' 9 6 Spikes, 6.1. extra. Postage, Gd. Pcatape M All Leather Ulandsome Bag.) '26/6 FAT. ARfSERiSAH £ 5 SKATES. The rl!n KxtfUKiVn. to fit mi j i-izc- u\f. j ('in* 2'5 Th« I nivn TS'oinl, wi'U l{ubbcr tipri'iZ*. nil 4/5 IlaTjmuui'.i cx- ;en1 0 fi ny 'ii'J' 5'3 Extra ° 9/6 flaym- >ml» 15.'iU }Ur.nn^, rolisliod NickclJod 05/. PvstHge on U.-iew lùí-, tid. puir. LAWH TENNSS BALLS. B&PKfK At all pric#« fr°m 4/- per Dos. I RJtWnC I »! I POSTS AND METS. Ccmplete ftom 7/6 i)\ RACKET CMO. i o, 111, ?9 RACKET P^ESSESa ÎP nr Hand.le, .C!ùb ,.¡; 2if 8 6 !J t'i.1t Tail Handle v 9 2¡- The •• K.illvrn Champion" •• C9 TENNIS MARKERS, ^rKSr.* Si 8 6 6 'i ho "(iain^'c" (Cur*rr.utocd) 17 3 All Orders ovei- 10s. Carriage Free. I A. W. GAMAGB, 138,137,138, & 1S9, Kolborn, London. E,G -n:¡o,¥.;or. i GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. THE OREATEST SUCCESS OF MODERN TIIIES I Were Lill the Tostimtlrialq published that have been received in "vour this Reraody, they wOllld fill a yer Volume of near y PacreS 0 the oromary SIZO. -izo. "THEY AIlE IOHE THAN GOLD TO ME,—THEY SAVED MY LIFE." If von niilfot TAIN in the BAOK and LOINS, or between the SHOULDlnS, this Remedy wil W0^cW«to » HIGH gOtOLKED,! HlOh much SEDIMENT, l,Mc no tm,0> v,om„ » b"f/i^K10NOTs Md toVBB SpfRDPASS vol i1" Re,acJ>' S1TMOT,ATB •mportant organ?, open up their CLOGGi^L i'AboACxLb, and promote the secretion of HEALTHY yon are^roartyrto^ESTION, BILIOUSNESS, and CONSTIPATION you Lave a SURE EcroXfdyo?su £ ^rom any^owel ^is°r^6rre'1SU°p0tf.PILES' CONSTlPATION, FLATULENCE, COLIC, y°u j^ge/frMB^ALPITATWN/an^ are afraid that your IIEA11T is affected, you will find these Pills an ^er\i'oni HEA DAOKE and G ^sorgo's Pillawiil remove these PAINS 3ooner than any EATING, and feel DROWSY and LISTLESS, one Dose of George's Pills •will act like a ckarin. and ri'6 int° mcuth, a ow dosoa 0 this Eemedy will make your If your L1 UU U LVJ J. troubles a ^^RYOUS, EXCITABLE, and LOW SPIRITED, a perfect ANTIDOTE will be found in George's Pills. ntoipvrv VBLE TASTE in moith, a SINGLE DOSE of George's Pile and Gravel If you have a l)I»A.u.Knfore the dawn of another dsv FilllfsLEEPUfail8 to^ive you REST try George's Pills. They will make your bed easy, sleep refreshing, and REVIVE yonv WEAK, and LIMP, this Remedy wi RESTORE your ENERGY If you feel unfit for ^xCrcise tho ENJOYMENT of your life. aild STRENGTH, and VOMITING at the thought of eating, a bo of George's Pills If you are troubled with IS,AU^JRY and PLEASANT. will make ytwr me^ an iu p 0pen all the important outlets of the body, and thu3 give free «•» tho^Sds^o/e^o?id fz-om the BJ?«J root branch, RHEUMATIG, SCORBUTIC, an^ H^ou h^y^j^P^GP^[CAl,esWELLiNC^S^thi3Sremedy, by its action upon the KIDNEYS If^ou hive1 DIFrFc&LTY1?of BREATHING, this Remedy will prove a frieud to you in the hour of It will change y°ur,C £ NS^YN^Al^ HEALTH. £ IS °LA.NG0UR to ACTIVITY and your wiirreiaoye CONSTIPATION. It is ANTIBILIOUS, and will, therefore, correct all megulant"8 of the^LIVER. tl • orirl will thprpfore keep open ins WALciK J_ AS^AGE^. It is TONIC, and'will, therefore, give 'VPTVT^VTW9 ^IGESTIVK ORGANS It is BLOOD-PURIFYING and NERVE SiIvbNG 1HJilS IIN G. It is, therefore, ALL YOU WANT. THESE WORLD-RENOWNED PILLS ARE EVERYWHERE In Boxes, Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. oaùb. By Post, Is. 3d. aud s. 2 PROPRIETOR—J• r. GEORGE, M.R.P.8., UlttHAIX. ] Age AP i E. e )COSTS EPA Lt55 THQN A (foW Eats CES. EVERY COMPETITION~ IN The4( Bird," 16 Gals, per hour, £ 0 •«,,RIL >8 £ &TIILRI S.'S LAST 4 YEARS. GUARATEED AXD CAHRlAGE PAID, WORK EASIER and PRODUCE MORE BUTTER than OTHER MACHINES. 88,000 users say so. DISTRICT AGENTS Agent for Carmarthen and District: W. THOMAS, Ironmonger and Implement Agent, Carmarthen. Agent tor Llandilo »„d D,st,.et: P. 1>. DAV1BS, General Ironmonger, 3 and o, King-street, Llandilo. CURRANT CliiE SEEn CAKE! 8ULTAXA C1\f\E! AND E\'ERY OTHRH KIND OF CAKE. We supply the above BETTER. and CHEAPER than any other House in the Trade. "Te aho MAKE RREAI) "'D DELIVER TO AXY PART OS* THE TOWS, An AIm AGENTS BY APPOINTMENT Fon ..r.V A D "HOV IS" :B IE;Z., -]E J-D (SMITH'S PATENT). T. SMITJI & CO., KING-STREET BAKERY, CARMARTHEN, j liiooolesfi E .(.iO- i U f,5I S its e' Ii. M !aSOl I ';79 ,;H; III II R iJ£ m I I'II- k5\K"d I Ths Ki^'t ppHtablP, thitst^Qnanchln^, PQ" P. tonic drink produce&bla — Kl Vc*T GV 'TV VSi _,v*°'v «3 eraployed hi Shepi, JlilU, Manufactories & Mines. 9 S MNIM BUT NOT E^JALLEO. AgsntsWantea. 9 g Oue C'L bottlen^es 8 pillions. Of all Chemists and stores, — E SAMPLE COTTLE FHEE 9 3TAWPS, 2 FCR ISI STAMPS.. G » & !«&SOK, HOTTIHGH&M.. « Post AML UMM dSM MM ww K-0 -win ta la top Coto .4 gA ^Voe' P' BILS1S NIIBI Fc,r ASTtiMA, BROtiC-FilTISP I li F L U e! Fe, t'- Z. BwmcKms, HicnT UJUQ TRO LE- SAFE AND RELIABLE. ° Established 70 YCUB- Beware of Imitatlona. Trade Mark 0«™fSTg EVERYWHERE. •°LD b B„tu«.f Vis, W «. »a W- BREAKFAST-SUPPER. EPPS'S GRATEFUL-GOMFORTING. COCOA POILINQ WATER OR MILKi FREE TO MEN. *"tT 1JEN vou are tired of talcing nauseous and mysterious \V prescriptions aud compounds, which do you no good but milv ruin your digestive organs, rite to me and I will send a book which describes a QUICK and CERTAIN CUllE for lost strength, wasting weaknos3, &c., from what- ver cause arising. No Stomach Madicme, 110 El-ctricity. 1 cent in envelope 011 receipt of two stamps fur postage.—A. Leigh, !I;! and 93, Great Russell-street, London, Vv .0. DR. HACKAY'S-" MAEVEELOUS— 5/0 FEMALE REMEDY. 5/6 LADIES will SAY I', much EXPENSE. DELAY, and BITTER DISAPPOINTMENT by sending at Ur»t fcr this WONDERFULLY SUCCESSFUL MEDICINE. POST FREE ">s (id. POSITIVELY the OXLY TRUSTWORTHY and RELIABLE PREPARATION in THE WORLD for ALL IRREGULARITIES. NEVER FAILING in bringing about all that is desired SPEEDILY and SAFELY. Does not cause PROSTRATION & TAIN like most of the SO-CALLED REMEDIES, but by its invigorating and effective action promotes a healthv condition of the system hitherto unattainable BY ANY OTHER PREPARATION, Thousands of flattering and Unsolicited Testimonials been received EXTOLLING the VIRTUES of this REMARK- ABLE MEDICINE Space, however, will not adniit of them all being published. The following extracts are, therefore, specimens of some of the NUMEROUS GRATEFUL LETTERS that arrive daily:—"Your remedy is worth its weight in gold.—Mrs W. The first two dosaa put me right.—Mrs N." Your medicine relieved mct almost instant'y.—M. II." Everything I tried bad failed. Your remedy acted like magic.—L. W.' "Yours, indeed, is a marvellous J'c;uo(1v.-lI, B." "Not only am I all right, but much improved in health—A. S." I sincerely wish I had wrote to you before.—Mrs K. Every female ought to know of your medicine.—Mrs Y7." Shall always send to you in future.—Miss 11. "Many, many thanks for your truly effective medicine.—Mrs. V:' "All other remedies were useless. Three doses of vours benefitted me.—Mrs S. LADIES, DON'T DELAY, SEND AT ON':li and test tne Value of this Famous Medicine. 101, HIGH I-IOLBORN, LONDON. DR. MACKAY'S MABYELLOUS 5/G FEMALE REMEDY. 5/C THE CABMARTHEN BILLPOSTING COMPANY, 15, BRIDGE-STREET, CARMARTHEN. BILLPOSTING and ADVERTISING, in all its -1-F Branches, throughout the Counties of Carmar then, Pembroke, and Cardigan. R. M. J AMI S, Manager. LIFE r LI iriz Z:: SAVEYOUR 'Sr->; CiflLoqEU &/ Eal,ir fa' DEATH Thousands BY TH Di TERRIBLE UIE DISEASE W CROUP AnEuaily- 0 ALL MAY IT, SAVED BY GIVING T II Dl It u u \L.Iå! CEOOP & G 00 til MIXTURE TIIVIE. Also a y.ilunble reiiiody for Coughs, CJOITCVH, Colds, Bronchitis, Asthma, Influenza, Sere Throats, Hoarseness, Diphtheria, Fr.vcr, and ail Affections of the Gfea.t and Lungs, ir-th in Adnlt-s and Children. Patronised by the Public for over 00 year«. The following are a few from among j THOUSANDS Of CUNUS!ii £ TESTIMONIALS. The originals may bo seen at the Proprietor's; anyone doubt- iag their genuineness may writs to addrcsses given. From the Right Rev. tho LORD BISHOP OF SWANSEA. DEAR SIR,—Our children frequently suffer from attacks of Croup, and we have always found Mortimer's Mixture a sure and safe remedy. My wife says she would not. fur anything be without it in the house. Having had experience of its beneficial effects upon our children, we gladly take every opportunity of recommending it to our friends. Yours very truly, J. SWANSEA. Penrhos, Newham Road, Bedford. Sin,—I received the three bottles of Mortimer's Croup and Whooping Cough Mixture. Please send me twelve more bottles, as my children have all got the Whooping Cough. I find it does them so much more good than anything else; in fact, I have never known it fail in Croup or Whooping Cough. Kindly send by return, and oblige, Yours truly, A. REf..3. In Bottles, Is lid and 2s 9d each sent by post to any address. Prepared only by MORTIMER, LIMITED, CARMARTHEN, SOUTH WALES. So'd by all Chemists and Patent Mcdioine Vendors. Wholesale Agents W. SUTTON & Co.. London. v HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. JUL The most certain and speedy remedy. STOPS COLD CUltES COUGH! HAYMAN'S BALSAM OF HOREHOUND. _5jL Sold Everywhere. Price Is lid 2s 9d. JOHN LYSAGHT, Ltd., Bristol, Sole Mannfac d' turers of the REDCLIFFE GALVANISED RICK COVER, Pib Troughs, Sheep Troughs and Racks, Cattle Cribs and Troughs, Corii Bins, Hay Racks, Mangers, Water Tanks and Barrows', Hay and Corn Sheds, Shepherd's Hu ts, Wire Netting. Catalogues and Articles supplied by any Ironmonger. Y I MPOliT «V Just Published, a Book for Young Men A By Dr J. A. BARNES, M.D. (U.S.), entitled "HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH" On the LAW S GO\ERNING LIFE and the CATTSF"? SYMPTOMS and TREATMENT of all diseases dopendiwron Exhaustion of Nervous Vitality, such as Nervous Debility Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sightand Memoxv, Indigent on, Piostration, Lassiuule, Depresssion of Spirits, Loss of Energy and Appetite, Pains in tho Baek &c or by letter post 3 stamps 1HE lEMALLb I hIj-.AD AND ADVISER' Will bo sent to any address on receipt of two stamps Addrem, Dr. BARNES, 48. Lonsdale Square. Barnsburv Loudon, N. -> HOPE ,4hi .1,11.11 n- Ir ON. NERVOUS DEBILITY,&c. A gentleman having tried in vain every known remedy, has discovered a simple self cure for Nervous Debility, Spermatorrhoea, Exhausted Vitality, Premature Decay, Lost Manhood, The Errors of Youth, Kidney and Liver Complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs; which he will be pleased to forward on reccipt ofstaniped- addressed envelope. Address IIEXRY DAVIS, ESQ., COI'FOBD LODGE, CincuAILI: PI.ACE, UEIGUTOX, SUSSEX. Cfc'atr'l Mas paper). TOST FREE, 2D. MEN WHO ARE WEAK should read the best and most valuable work on ATROPHY and VARICOCELE, by M.D., Ch.M., with special chapters on the explanation of vital secrets and the certain Cure of Prostration, Debility and Decay. The purest guide in essential matters. Address burgeon, Copford Lodge, Brighton, Sussex. WHY DO MEN SUFFER from Weakness Despondency, Nervousness, Nervous Debilify, Loss of Strength, Youthful Imprudence, Lost Man hood &c., when they can write to a friend (who has given the matter a life-long study) and be cured ? Simple self-treatitic-iit.-Eiiclcse stamped envelope to W. H. nHOW, Esq., 14, Chesham Road, Brighton, who will send sufferers proscription free. (Name ihis Paper). ONE BOX OF CLARKE'S B 41 PILLS is war 0 ranted to cure all discharges from the Urinary Organs in either sex (acquired or constitutional), Gravel 'and Pains in the back. Guaranteed free from Mercury. Sold in boxes, 4s Cd each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors; or sent for sixty STAMPS by the Makers, THE LINCOLN AND MIDLAND COL'NTIKS DRUG CO., LINCOLN. Wholesale, Barclay and Sons, Farringdon-street, and all the Wholesale Houses.