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MARKETS.—At Carmaithen on Saturday the supply of butter was beJoiv expectations; conse- quently the prices were firm, We quote lOd to lid per lb. The supply of cheese was scarce. Demand good. We quote 27s to 30s per cwt. ENGLISH WE^LEYAN CitAPEL, CARMARTHEN.— The Rev W. Hunter, of Llaneliy, preached two excellent sermons at the English Wesleyan Chapel on Sunday. The sermons were much appreciated on each occasion, the rev gentleman being a great favourite with the Wesleyan friends at Car- marthen. ENGLISH CexoREGATioxAL CHURCH. The operetta 11 Red Hiding Hood," and the farce Advice Gratis," given in connection with the bazaar of the above church, will be repeated on Thursday next, Apiil 30th. The postponed washing competition will also take place. and there will te a sale of the perishable articles left over from the bazaar. THE LEADER" TN SOUTH AFRICA.—At a recent meeting held in King Williams-town, South Africa in connection with the Agricultural Show Mr T. W. Francis, a St. Peter's Boy (cousin of Mr Harry Davies) succeeded in carrying off second prizes in both the one mile and the two mile bicycle handicaps. Tom" ridss a Leader." MINISTERIAL.—Mr W EmrysLloyd, Presbyterian College, has accepted the call given him from the churches of Pcnygraig and Rama to become their pastor. He intends commencing his ministry in the beginning of next June. Mr Lloyd is a native of Capfcl Mawr, Anglesey. It is believed that the churches will benefitted much under the care of Mr Lloyd, as he is a popukr preacher, and an energetic worker in every good cause. May success follow the union I PENUEL BAPTIST CHURCH.—We learn on good authority that the Penuel Church has called the Rev Daniel Jones, Whitland, to the pastorate. It is confidently expected that tLo rev. gtjitleman will accept the invitation extended to him. The church has been unauimous and enthusiastic in its choice, and we trust that we may soon see the Penuel pulpit supplied and the church led by the R«v Daniel Jones, who, we arc assured, is a capable and earnest man and entirely worthy to become successor to the late faithful pastor, the Rev G. H. Roberts. A GOOD CATCH.—-A Carmarthen correspondent states that Mr John Ltwis, Dyers'-buileiings, of this town, whilst out fishing imt Friday in the upper portion of the county caught a fine specimen ot a trout weighing Gitba. Mr Lewis a short while ago caught a trout very near the same place which weighed 4;lJbs and both trout were caught with ordinary rod and line tackle, the fly used last Friday being one locally called Yellow Sally". Mr. Lewis a short while ago whilst out fishing landed a splendid fish, which h3 deposited in his basket. To his great surprise, a short time afterwards he found two fish in the basket, one small, which the big fellow must have disgoiged. DEATH OF MRS WILLIAMS, PENTIIEPOTH.—We regret to have to announce the death of Mrs Ann Williams, which took place at her house, Orchard- street, early on Sunday morning The deceased who was in her 69th year had been about as usual on Saturday and appeared in her ordinary health. About 10 o'clock, however, sne had a fit and her illmss continued until about five o'clock on tho Sunday morning when she expired. Deceased was a constant attendant at St. Peter's Church and was highly respected by one all who were acquainted with her. She leaves a family of two sons and three daughters. One of her' sons—Mr Stephen Thomas—is a printer at Darling's establishment in London the other—Mr Alfred Williams—is the caretaker of St. Peter's Club and Institute in I'riory-street.—The funeral tcok place at the cemetery on Thursday. Besides the sons and daughters, the mourners included Mr W. Beynon Jones, the clerk of St, Peter's Church. KENTUCKY MINSTRELS THE ATTRACTION AT THE ASSEMBLY-ROOMS.—The well-known Kentucky Minstrels, under the direction of Mr Andrew Roberton, are appearing at the Assembly-rooms to-night (Friday) and Saturday, and may be depended upon to give their usual high-class entertainment of refined minstrelsy. Few companies of minstrels have attain d such celebrity I as the Kentucky's, and it cannot be gainsaid that in their case it has been fully deserved. The entertainment they give is varied and full of interest, and altogether off the line of the old burnt cork conventionality. That the pinging is of a superior order it ia only necessary to mention that Mr Henry Lloyd (brother of Mr Edward Lloyd, Ensland's greatest tenor) is among the vocalists. Another renowned member of the troupe is Dock Watson, the genial and witty comedian, and Kool Kennedy, the Veto Bill orator. That the residents of Carmarthen will have a great treat in store for them we have no reason to doubt. The troupe will give a sacred concert on Sunday evening of vocal and instrumental music, ENGLISH WESLEYAN MUTUAL IMPROVEMENT, SOCIETY, CARMARTHEN.—The closing meeting of this society was held on Thursday (the 16th inet) The Rev J R Bennet presided. The proceedings took the form of a miscellaneous entertainment. The following was the programme gone through —Overture, "Poet and Peasant," Messrs Victor, Gustave, CharHe, and Bertie Jones, and Mr G T Smith sang, River of Years," Miss M S James pianoforte s; lo, "Battle of Delhi," Miss Pratt; sang. Writh horse and hound," Mr Bertie williams recitation (by special request), The Adamantine Stone," Mr,, PorEnell song, "Who'll say good bye," Miss Tristram reading, A modern sermon," Mr J F Morris song, Angus Macdonald," Mrs Pratt (accompanied by Miss Pratt) roadiiig, Artemus Ward's lecture on the Morfcons," Mr Sidney Davies soil"f, The Bridge," Mrs J F Morris pianoforte solo, "Jack ashore," Master Sigebert Thompson recitation, ''Laugh and j grow fat," Mr Harold Chappel recitation, "The Return (on Irish sketch), Mr Gomer Davies reading, The Bachelor's choice," Mr R J Jones. The entertainmont was followed by a coffee supper. The ladies who presided at the tables were :—Mrs J F Morris Mrs E. James, Newlyn House Mrs W. James, Francis-terrace the Misses Annie, Pollie, and Edith Smith Mrs R J Jones and Miss Lama Chappel. Mrs Arnaud J Jones add Mrs J F Morris acted as caterers. The tables were nicely decorated with a number of plants lent by Mr W Winter. After the supper Mr Victor Jones gave a violin solo -Beethoven's" Romance in G "-which was much appreciated. Mr Bertie Williams sang the Fortune of War." The usnal vote of thanks terminated the proceedings. The ses-ion which thus concluded was one of most successful ever held iu connection with the chapel. THE TIitiNcE OF WALES' VldIT TO ABEUYSTWITH THE DATE FIXED.—The Prince of W-tles, Chancellor of the Welsh University, has fixed Friday, the 2G'.h of June, for the d tie of the inaul'-ation, which will take place, as arranged, at Aberystwyth. THE REV J. KERRY WILLIAMS.—The many friends of the Rev J. Kerry Williams, Vicar of Newtown Linford, Leicestershire, will be pleased to hear of the rev. gentleman's preferment to the Rectory of Ansley. The living is of the value of £ 210 with honse. The rev gentleman is a "Sc. Peter's Boy." PHOFESSOII D. M. LEWIS, of Abtrystwitli, holds heterodox views on dialectic Welsh, in the opinion of Welsh puricis. The professor maintains that spoken Welsh m<iy bo better AVelsh than that of literature, not withstanding its being im-),c Cd ',N itli Enrich wcrds. Its auperiur merits eonbist in its being more racy and idiomatic. I.O.G.T. THE MYHDDIN LODGE OF GOOD TEMPLAKS held their weekly meeting at the Lower Assembly Rooms last Friday cveuing under the presidency of the chief templar. Mr Emrys Lloyd, Presbyterian College. The following programme was gone through :—Address, chief templar recitation, Mr Tom Richards, Old College School address, Mr Walter Thomas, Presbyterian College solo, Mr D. Jeremy Roes (accompanied by Miss Owen, Richmond-terrace) address, Mr D. Curwen Davies. Presbyterian College. THE SUCCESS OF A NATIVE AND FORMHR RESIDENT OF CAIIMARTHBN.—The ability of Mr W. T. Samuel, ,[ART I.S.M Swansea, and Vice-president of the London Tonic Salfa Association, as a teacher of the Ionic Solfa SYSTEM is wrl'I known in this neighbourhood. He has just been engaged by Mr Curwtn as ene of the professors at the College in London during a part of the summer term. This is the first time that the services of anv Welshman have been thus requi- sitioned. We'believe that he defcrtes this honour, as he has conducted musical festivals, adjudicatod at eisteddfodau, and lectured on the system in every county in WALES besides Monmouthshire, London, Liverpool and Glasgow. Although not old, he has done much pioneering work. 1ST V.B. WELSH REGIAI ENT. -Orders for the week ending Saturday, 2nd May, 185)0. Ollicer for the week Lieutenant Norton. Company orderlies, Lance-Sergeant Williams and Lance-Corporal Thomas. Orderly bugler, C L Jones. Church parade on Sunday, in review order, viz,, uniform, helmets, and side-arms (no pouches to be worn). Fall in sharp at 10.15 a.m. Band and cyclist3 to attend. Company drill on Monday at 7 30 p_ID, plain clothes. Bayonet exercise on Friday at 7.30 P-M,, plain clothes. Recruits' drill on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7.30 p.M. Signalling practice on Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. Class firing ou Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 2 30 p.m. for 3rd class and recruits only.—By order. W. BUCKLEY RODERICK, Captain command- ing II Company. r, A PROFITABLE INVENTION.—The R&nceU s Patent Safety Caudle Grip has prospered by leaps and bounds, und during the two years it has been in the market the sales have reported most remarkable progress. It is not generally known that the inventor is Mr R F. Randell, Llanelly (brother of Mr David Randell, M.P.), and we are glad to find that the patent has developed into a gigantic concern. TC-day, however, A limited liability cocpany is being floated to further develop the business, and the shere capital is set down at £ 15,000 in Li shares, and stimulated by tho bright prospects of the undertaking, numerous applications for shares are being received. An interesting feature connected with the new company is the fact that Mr Randell has given to his employees a few hundred phases according to the period each work- man has been in his employ. Mr David Randell, M.P.. ia solicitor, and the Metropolitan Bank the bankers to the Patent Safety Candle Grip Company. THE A meeting last Tuesday evening, ai 8 p-na., at Penuel schoolroom, when the chair was occupied by Mr Lewis Daniel, Picton- terrace, who, as an honorary member, is an energetic worker with the association. He gave an excellent addres i touching on all the points of the temperance cause, especially EN the best mode of carrying on the meeting. Mrs Nathaniel Thomas, Catherine- street, introduceel the meeting with a pra er. Communications from head-quarters were read by the SE^RTTIRY, concerning for the most part the English Sunday Closing Bill. Many of those present c-pol-e on the Bill with much courage, hoping that something would be done before long to stop the liquor traffic, especially on Sunday. it is to be feared that drink and drunkenness is much too prevalent in Wales, notwithstanding the tact that Wales enjoys the Sunday Closing Act. An excellent temperance recitation was given by Miss Samuel, Lammas-street. Mrs Thomas, Picton-court brought A very interesting meeting to a close. Much I? praise is due to Mr Daniel for his kind service t3 the association. New members were enrollsel. The next meeting will be held at Lammas-atrcet School- room May 5th. TABERNACLE BAPTIST CHAPEL—On Thursday, Aprii loth, a tea party was given to the children attending the Band of Hope at the above place of worship. About 250 children sat down to the tables—which were beautifully decorated with Ilowerii-to partake of the good things provided. Th tables were presided over by the following ladies, all of which deserve the greatest praise for the excellent manner in which they looked after the wants of the little ones:—Miss Jane Anne Harries and Miss Maude Harries, King-street Mrs Davics, Jubilee-place, and Mrd llowells, Chapel- street; Miss Mary Elizabeth Jones, Francis-terrace, and Miss Mary Jones, W»x>d's-row Miss Polly Jones, Francis-terrace, and Miss Lily Skyrme, Cloth Ran; Miss Lizzie Anne Hodges and Miss Mary Maude Thomas, Francis terrace Miss Sarah Morgan, Baru's row, and Miss Lily Thomas, Thorn Hill Miss Catherine Jones, Priory-strctt, and Miss Harriet Davies, Wharf Cottage, Quay; Miss May Davies, Cloth Hall, and Miss Emma Harries, King- street; llss Sarah Anne Evaias, Waterloo-terrace, and Miss Alice Williams, Wood's-row. Great praise is due to the energetic secretary (Mr Diniel Ilowclls, Chapel-street), the superintendent (Mr David Davies, Jubilee-place), and Mr D T Davies, of the National Provincial Bank, who have through- out the winter months and up to the present time been most indefatigable in their attention to the children at the several meetings —The cantata, "Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego," was rendered^ in the evening. The Rev B U Thomas presided. The cantata was well rendered by the children of the Band of Hope, each of whom held the pledge card in his (or her) hand. The choir of 100 voices reflected great credit on the conductor, Mr Daniel llo wells, Chapel-street, who trained them. Master D J Do Lloyd performed the duties of accompanist in an admirable manner. It is a great pIty that the audience was not much larger, as those who came enjoyed a rare musical treat.

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