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St. Islimael's ParIsh Council.i

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ILlandilo Urban District Council



Llandilo Board of Guardians.

Llandilo Parish Council.


Llandilo Parish Council. The first meeting for the current year of this Council was held at the Shire Hall on Saturday last, when those present were Messrs J. L. Thomas, L. N. Powell, Thomas Thomas, Evan Thomas, D. Morris, T. Morgan, W. Lewis, D. Daniel, D. Davies, R. Rues, Herbert Thomas, John Thomas, W. J. William', Isaac Thomas, and J. Evans. Mr Isaac Thomas was voted to the chair pru. ton. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE- CHAIRMAN. Mr Herbert Thomas thought they could not have a better chairman than Mr J. L. Thomas. He had hitherto tried to carry out the Act impartially and without party bias.—Mr Thomas Thomas, seconded. Hitherto the greater part of tho discussions had certainly been diseased in Welsh, but. as it was the unanimous wish of the Council that Mr J. L. Thomas be elected lo the chair, he saconded.—Mr Evans supported, and thought Mr J. L, Thomas understood Welsh well enough to be able to undertake the duties. It must be a case in which they should help one another.—Mr D. Davies thought they should have a Welshman, seeing they were in Wales. He proposed Mr Powell.—Mr J. L. Thomas seconded, but Mr Powell said he was not a candidate. Mr Thomas was then elected.—In assuming the chair, he said he was ffraid he must ask those who could to speak in English. He wished Mr Powell had been dcdcù. Mr Powell proposed that Mr Herbert Thomas be elected vice. chiiriijaii.-Mr Evans seconded.—Mi- Herbert Thomas thanked them (iu Welsh), and thought the Chairman would excusa him, as he was excitod just then. He hoped that if it was his lot to have to take the vice-chair, that they would give him every assistance. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERS. Ward No, 3 Air Richards, Truscoed House and Mr Morgan, Pistill. Ward Nu. 2 Mr Caleb Thomas, and Mr L. N. Powell, Ward" No 1. Mr D. W. Lewis. ELECTION OF COMMITTEES. The next business was the election of a council to act jointly with the elected by the Urban District Council for the appointment of trustees of Parochial Charities. The fellowing were proposed by Mr Richard Rees The eiitivinan, Vice-chairman, Mr Thomas Thomas, and Mr Isaac Thomas.—The Chair- man pointed cut that they were all Thomases, and might get mixed up. r L. N. Powell seconded, and the motion was carried.—Mr R. Rees wished to know whether the committee from that council were to bo delegates or J. L. Thomas thought it was a difficult epiestioh to answer.—Mr L. N. Powell thonght they ought to have carte Id incite.— The Chairman said he believed by the instructions that they could not tie the hands of the members of the Connci!. — Mr Ev.r.s did not believe in letting 'hem do .is they like,—The Coabmon said that tho Urban District Council had not their repre- sentatives any instructions. —Mr Evans did not mind that.—Air Powell did not see the good of appointing them if it was the case.—Mr Rocs said his only object in asking the question was that he thought the trustees that by an error had already been nominated should be reappointed.—Mr W. J. Williams said they did not sand them as dolls, but they should be prepared to take a sugerejtion.—Th ? Chairman said if they had no confidence in the four elected, they had better elect another four. He thought Mr Evallt3 seemed to mistrust them.-N,fr Evans said he hoped the Chairman would not misunderstood him. All he wanted was that th9 council were prepared to take suggestions.—The Chairman was appointed con- vener. THE RIGHT OF WAY OVER BRYNBACH FARM. In reply to a request to be allowed to repair a" part of the road on Brynbach farm Mr Aloy Evans wrote to know what portion of the path was refeired to. If the Council wanied a footpath on his land, lie was prepared to consider any equitable I)roposal.-The Clerk said that in reply to Mr Evans's letter, he had pointed out that he was under a misapprehension, and that the Council only wished to have his consent to repair a road over which there was a right-of-way.— On the Chairman's suggestion, it was ajrreed that the Clerk should again communicate with Mr Moy Evans, and ask for a definite reply. THE FOOTPATH FROM THE OLD TOLL GATE TO THE WORKHOUSE. Mr Isaac Thomas moved that they should call the attention of the Rural District Council to the necessity of re-curbing and channeling the footpath from the old Toll Gate to the Union Workhouse.—Mr R. Rees seconded, but he thought, at the same time, that before bringing on such subjects, they ought to have some grievance against the District Councillol s for neglect to bring the matter forward.

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