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St. Islimael's ParIsh Council.i

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ILlandilo Urban District Council



Llandilo Board of Guardians.


Llandilo Board of Guardians. The annual meeting of the Llandilo Rural District Council was hell on Saturday last, when there were present Col. Gwynne-Hughes, Major Thomas, Miss May Gwynne-Hughes, Messrs Henry Herbert. W. Griffiths, D. Davies, J. Jones, Joseph Harris, D. W. Lewis, T. Rees, John Harris, James Rees, J. L. Williams, W. Williams, W. Jones (Ammanford), W. Jones (Glanceunen), W. Lewis (Llandilo), JI. Morris, Caleb Th inns, D. Watkins, T. Davies, D. Jones (Briskin), John Thomas, W. Lewis (Grongai), Henry Evans, T. Davies (Llangathen), J. Griffiths, D. Jones (Talley), Roderick James, and T. Davies (Tynycwm). ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN AND VICE- CHAIRMAN. Mr Homy Herbert and Mr W. Griffiths were boll unanimously ie-el<joted chtirina..i and vice-chairman respectively. Both returned thanks for their re- election. CONGRATULATIONS TO MAJOR THOMAS, J, P. Col. Gwynne-Hughes said he was sure it was a matter of congratulation to see their chairman re- elected to the chair iu which he always acted with so much courtesy. He was also pleaded to see Mr W. Griffiths re-eleoted to the vice-chair. Whilst con- gratulating those two gentlemen, he thought thaf, as a board, they might also pass a vote of congratulation to Major Thomas on his elevation to the the magis- terial bench (hear, hear). He (Col. Hughes) had had the pleasure of serving on that board for several years, and had had ample opportunity of recognising Major Thomas's great business capacity, his fair conduct, andood management when he occupied the chair. He was glad these business hi>b!ts ;inel capacities had been recognised. He thought that most of them would agree with him in passing a vote of congratula- tion to Major Thomas.—Mr D. Davies seconded, and thought the Major's promotion to the bench would save a good deal of trouble. lie was quite sure it was the unanimous wish of the Council that Major Thomas's services should be recognised.— Mr Henry Herbert said he was very pleased to suppoit the motion. He thought Major Thomas's services ought to have been acknowledged long ago, and that, he thought, was the wish of the county that he should have been made a magistrate many years ago, He had been a very faithful servant of the public, not only on that board, but on many other boards —The motion was carried with acclamation.- Major Thomas, in replying, said he greatly appreciated the compliment paid him by the passing of that vote. of congratulation. He might be allowed to say that there was hardly any public man who for so long a period had been more assiduous in his attendance to the duties than ho had. Sometimes, perhaps, he might be wilful, but he always thought he was right (laughter), though of course he might perhaps be wrong, but ho did not say he was. In the long run, he had found others come round to his way of thinking. He had endeavoured to do his duty, and thought that by the way that vote had been passed the board thought he had succeeded. He would try on the bench to exercise as much common-sense as most people. He would be excused for saying he had been kept out of that office, and was grateful to the Lord-Lieutenant for showing his appreciation of his services.—Chairman I think 1\hjor Thomas is always right except in polities (laughter).—The Major was understood to say that it had nothing to do with the board. THE HOUSE. The Master reported that there were 33 inmates in the house as against 32 in the corresponding period of last year. The vagrants who hid visited the house in the fortnight amounted to 97, against 111 in the corresponding fortnight last year. Services had been held by the Revs D. James (B.) and John Davies (O.M.). FINANCE. The Treasurer reported that the balance in hand was k.51 0 10s. He had made out precepts which averaged 7jd. Bettws was the highest, as he had to add arrears. The total amaunt required was £ 3.23-1 for the half-year. He had added £ 18 for the salary of tho collector for the half-year for Bettws, supposing one was appointed that day. Tho amounts requireel from the various parishes were as follows: Bettws, i;332 Brechfa, Elo Llandebie, £ 520 Llandyfeisant, £ •") LlaudHofawr Rnral, £8-W; Llandilofawr Urban, £ 100; Llanegwad, £ 320 Llanfihangel-Aberbytliych, £ 150; Llanfihangel-Citfargen, £ 12; Llanfynydd, t200 Lhngathen, £ 200; Llansawel, £130; Talley, £ 170; (2uarterbacti, £ 81.—Mr Thomas Rees asked how Talley was so highly rated ?-The Clork sud the rates were up all round, and he could not put the amount lower, as last half-year they had had £1,100 from the County Council, and that they would not have this half-year. NOTICE OF MOTION. Mr W. Jones, Glancennen, pointed out that in one case they were paying a non-resident pauper Gs a week, and gave notice of motion on the subject for next meeting. THE VAGRANCY PROBLEM. The Clerk said that acting under the instructions of the Council, he had written to the Local Government Board to know if the task work of the vagrants might be increased from 4 cwts. of stone-breaking to Ii cwtiõC. In their reply the Local Government Board pointed out that the Council had not been carrying out the provisions of the Board's regulations, which enabled them to detain vagrants for two nights. If they did this, then the Local Government Board would be willing to consent to increase the task to 5 cwt. or (; cvvt., but if they only accommodated the vagrants for one night, then they must keep the task tc its present limit of 4 cwt.—Col. Gwynne Hughes moved that the master be instructed to report on the matter at the n/ivf vj-» r-t -1 — 1 of which he gave notice. APPOINTMENT OF COLLECTOR OF RATES FOR THE PARISH OF BETTWS. This is a subject that has repeatedly been before the Council, but in which it does not seem to get any "forrader." Thero were in response to circulars issued in tho district three applications for the post, one being from Mr Job Phillips, Gawenig Shop.; one from Mr Rees Da vies, the present collector of a poition of the parish and one from Mr Albert Smith. —Several of the members now felt that a mistake had been made in affixing a salary to the post, and Mr W. Williams was the first to contend that each applicant should state his salary. --After a long discussion, it was agreed to defer the matter for a month, notice being given meanwhile to rescind the resolution of the Council wherein the salary was stated. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. After a long discussion the following were appointed On the Assessment Committee The Chairman, Vice-chairman, Col. Gwynne-Hughes, Major Thomas, and Messrs D. Morris, Joseph Harris, John Harris, D. Davies, J. ttces, John Griffiths, T. Rees, D. Jones (Talley). As!llui)z rintinittee Messrs John Jones, D. W. Lewis, W. Jones (Ammanford), D. Watkins, and the Chairman. The whole board was appointed visiting committee to the workhouse. TENDERS. Tenders for drapery were accepted from Mr J. Young Davies anel Mr Evans, Bradford House. SANITARY AUTHORITY. Oti the proposition of Mr Joseph Harris, seconded by Mr 1). Jones, Mr Henry Herbert was re-elected to the chair, and Mr W. Griffiths to the vice-chair. Both returned thanks, and in eloiug so Mr Griffiths drew attention to the desertion of the members. Mr Prosser, in respect to the claim a surveyor he made against a Mr Jones, timber merchant, Nant- garedig, attended to explain the claim he made of £10. —Col. Gwyntie-I lu,, ties proposed that Mr Prosser's estimate of the damage be accepted.—In request for payment, a letter from Mr D. Jones was read dis- puting his liability, as others had canied timber the same way. He only wanted what was fair.—Mr Prosser said he was prepared to substantiate tho estimate.-NIrD. Jones (Briskin) said he had seen the road, and knew damage had been done.—It was agreed to ask Mr Jones and Mr SutcliiFe to attend the next Council to discuss the matter still further.

Llandilo Parish Council.

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