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St. Islimael's ParIsh Council.i

' Ferryside and District Gossip.



Publications. THE WIXDSOR MAGAZINE (6d)—Ward, Lock, and Bowden, Warwick House, Salisbury-square, London —for April will be found of exceptional interest. II. Snowden Ward contributes a most interest.ing article cn The M&rvels of the New Light Notes on the Rjntgon Rays," illustrated I by elettogrnphs specially taken for this magazine, one of them being that of Professor Rontgen at work 'l'ighe Hopkins furnishes the first instal- ment of •' Kilmainham Memories," in which is related the story of the greatest political crime of the century (illustrated with photographs specially taken), which will be found of absorbing interest Doctor Nikola," Guy Boothby's sensational and startling tale is continued and Arthur Morrison contributes another of the marvellous adventures of Martin Hewitt —" The Case of the Flitterbat Lancers." The contents also include a splendid frontispiece by Arthur Cooke, On the Warpath Just One (apoem) Scientists' Autographs" a complete story, "At the Pyramid of the Sacred Bulls"; "Rising Stars"—politics, Lord Wark- worth literary, Percy Andnc; Round about our Goif G roens St Petersburgh and its People "Tho Sce-?a v of Time" the oldest Royal Academician, Mr T. Sidney Cooper. R A. (aared (12), and the youngest Royal Academician, Mr Alfred Gilbert, R A. (aged II) The Queen's Chancellors of the Exchequers"; "Budget Night in the House of Commons The Superior Servant" (a complete story) "An April Night" (a poem); At the End of the Telescope Moments with Modern Iluici.,Ds Grand-children of the Great j Musicians ''By Right of Conquest" (a com- plct3 stovy) "The Editor's bcrap-book"; and "Tiain Tales," the 11.45 p.m. The number is splendidly illustrated, and all the articles and stories are of a most interesting description. ILLUSTRATED BRITISH BALLADS (3d) — Cassell and Co, London—No. 7, is np to the standard of the preceeding numbers. TUB CENTUKY MAGAZINE (Is 4J) — Macmillan and Co., Limited, Bedford-street, Strand, London- for April is up to its usual standard of excellence, the illustrations being splendid and the contcn's most interesting reading. It contaim: -Fronth- pieet', "Mother and Child," from a painting by Geo ge de Forest Brush The Old Olympic (iart-es Arboricade Sir Gtorge Tres-s'ady (continuation) '• The Ballad of the Laughing Sally Life of Napoleon Bonapaite (continua- tion); "To-day for me, to-morrow death for you The little Bell cf Honor (a t-lo of Pontiae) Four Lincoln Conspiracies The Mutiny on the Jimmy Aiken Rainy fwilight"; The Chu.ches of Perigneux and Arg)uleme "Who are our brethren"; ''Jipanese War Posters"; (i The One Dc-ire"; The Delight of Art Coquelin as Mascaiille The Sick Doctor A Wound (verse) "Topics of the Time" óI Open Letters and In Lighter Vein." ST. NICHOLAS (ls)-MncmilInn and Co—the popular magazine for young folks, will be found as interesting as ever. The contents include:- Frontispiece, As Ulvig ncarell the train he was hailed by tho Conduc'or"; "About Flying Machines"; "Two Maidens" (*erse) "Little Bob Kimball (verse) -'The Scissors" (verse); Teddy and Carrots (conclusion) Cloudland (verse); "A Wonderful Trick" (verse); "Lieut. Harry"; "Mardie's Expedience"; "The Prize Cup" (continued); "A Puzzling Example"; "Sindbad, Smith, and Co." (continued); "The April Fcoi" (jingle); "How the Whale Looked Pleasant" A Dare Stalled at Bear Run 11 Little Tommy's Monday Morning (verse) The Olympian Games"; "The Arabio Numerals" (verse); "The Swordmaker's Son" (continued); Picture—"The Moon must love me very much"; In Top 1 ime fiinele) "• (- 5 » rapcr Doll JfoeWo • Rhymes of the State the Letter Box and the Riddle Box. The number is nice'y illustrated. MACMILLAN'S MAGAZINE" (Is) for April contains the following Stephanie de Lioncourt; The Father of the British Navy "A Day on the Yellow Clay" "The Story of a Tin Mine Uofin'shed Books The Forty Dayli "The Wings of a Dovo "British Guiana." THE SIRAXD MAGAZINE (6-1)-.Nie-.ers George TTevsnes, Ltd., Southampton-street, London—for April is an exceptionally good number. Sir George Nellie*, Burt., contrifcutis an interesting article on the "Great Gambling P&Lice," Monte Carlo. A. C >r&n Doyle cuutinues his entertaining story, Itcdnsy Stone"; Iltnry Lucy contributes his ep'endiJ artiein from Behind the Speaker's Chair"; a racy and interesting article c-ii I- Iler Majesty's Judg-s" (accompanied by portraits) i3 contributed by •• E (who, we understand, is Mr Ernest Bowen Rowlands, of Ih South Wales CiTItUitj; "The Romance of the Museums is continued and includtel in the number are the following highly- interesting stories and articles:—" Jacques Brulefert's Death" How we outwitted Na! toid in 1843; "Flotsam," an ccean incident "Trc er en account of the Qoieen's Foreign Messenger Service Fables a Countryman and his Asses Hugh's Home Corning"; I'ortreita of Celebrities at different times of their Ii VfS"; "Through a Telescope"—I. The Scenery of the Moon; Sarre Pecuiiar Enter- tainments and a tuny for children, "IIow Smpo saw the Mountain King." The number is pro/aJ.e!y illustrated. THE STRAND MLSICAL MAG^XINK (FM) — George Newnes L-d-uontains as frontiepieco Mozart and hia Sifter a short biography of Beethoven by Cecil Hatzfeld a brief lJiJgmphhalsketch of Miss Grace Pa'otta, tketch of Mr Benno Schonberger, the eminent pianist, by J. E NYool-icott sketch of Mr Norman Salmond, the famous bass siuger a very interesting story, entitled. il Tht; Forbidden Melody," by G. edibriLl notes, with referenoo to a concert nnd prize, cocipe ítion in cornection with the Strand Music; Magazine," on Saturday next r.t the Queen's Hali, and a prizo competition six songs (words and music) a puce for violin and pianoforte pbnofortc cuott and three pianoforte solos (including prize competition piece) and a polka for the pianoforte. A reaUy good number. "ROCXD LONDON (Gd) — Gecrge Newnes, LimitEd-No 11 of this grand album of excellent pictures of the chief places of interest in and around London has also com^ to hand, and is quite up to the excellent character of the preceding issues. PART X or THE "ART UWLE (GJ)-George Newnes, Limited—is a splendid iseue. and the illustrations are grand. THE NAVY AND AIOfY ILLUSTRATED (6d)— George Newnes, Limited- is a remarkable eixpenny- worth. To those who take en interest in our first line of defence," this publicntion will be found of exceptional in tc-rcet, The Foreign and Reserve Squadrons are treated in the number before us. ENGLAND'S HISTORY, as pictured by famous painters, by A. G. Temple. F S.A. This is a new publication issued by George Newnes, Limited. Psrt 1. is now before us, ar.d if we are to judge of the character of the work by the initinl number, it requires no words of ours to commend it to the notice of the public. The album contains 20 pictures of great historic interest by the most I eminent painters, and each part only coats 6.1. "THI GOLDKN PKNNY the illustrated home weekly irxiued by the proprietors of the The Graphic" and the 11 Daily Graphic" is offering a large amount of prizes for competition. The letter- press contained therein is splendid rending.



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