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Live Fish in a Woman's Stomach.


Live Fish in a Woman's Stomach. A POXTARi'sULAIS W,)2-!AN S SUFFERINGS. Mid John l)a< is, a yoous wo-.nsn living at J74G Brick Avenue, in tha Pro-.eec'.icR of the city, on Thursday evcri-ijr vj--c!d from b^retoroauh li.injf fi h It was i-fo"U.r Jorrocd, «r-.u v.cis ^i';t-r-w iiivh i u '•iro Di-rirf, « ho iv 20 -5 a't i-.m in hr ihrc.-s n"n Iwr h;: (I and fi .-1;i:«r> tr< i». p.Mr id a et-iac ra."4SO--i in employ ur the Delaware nnd Hudson Company Th<; faiher of Mrs Dwici has lived hero for the pav.t eight, xcarj, and it was ia c -nipliaacc with his wishes timl iho d;tugh;er and her fairi^y i;!joUli! he:e. S; had long been a suif-rer from sicknefrs at, IL-mú in Wales and the cause not beiriK fathomed by the physicians at her homo there it. was fut that r. ohatige of climate would prove bcnefi-:ial. ifet siukness covers a period of ten ye-us Uron coming here, the family went to live on Bric't ATcnke, in the house belonging to Mrs Mary L-ingan. For several weeks Iirs Ditvi3 went ai;y appearin. using simple remedies iu trying to alleviate hersniferings. Ihen Dr Fulton of the central part of the ei'y, was called iu, aud for the past three w-eks he has attended i^e suffering woman. Dining those few weeks, however, Mrs Davis had been utterly unable to eaL any solid fooo, and her only nourishment has been milk and Thursday ,Ll-out 6 o'clock an unusually severe and painful eiukuess suddculy caire upon her, and it being impossible to s, ctiro the prompt attendance of Dr Fuiton fr.lill his office tlci% n town a hurried call was sent to Dr W. G. Don no at his office on West reel,, about two Mocks awav. The physician made haste to answer, but before he cou'd reach the house Mrs Davis was taken with violent vomiting-, almost to strangula- tion. There were several violent ejections of liquids, and then followed the live fish. Those of her family who were present at the timo were tilled with amazement. Tho explanation of the woman's troubles was appaient, and all felt thankful that her sufMings -A (lt;i-i now cense. The fish was perfectly formed, and was complete to tai: ami tins. It was very weak, however, and mo-ed feebly when p'ac,.d in water. It has been placed in achohol by the famih. How the fish came into the system of Mrs Davie is unknown, and can be explained in r.o other way than that she drank it with water some years ago. As soon as tlio fish had been ejected, and tho weakness caused by the violent effort ia relieving her of it, had passed away, Mrs Davis began to feel better, and rejoiced widi her-friend:, that at last she was rid of the 1 rouble that had trade life so miseiable to her. This morning she was greatly iinpsoved in spirits and health, uj with the ability to take and retain substantial foods her complete recovery is early ( xnc-.cted. The fish has shrunk somewhat since Thursday night It is white, though more 0: a crcam colour now than when it first cllme to vie A. The tail was unusually long, and was happed wi:h much energy. Mrs Davis has the fish placed en a large plate. IL will be put ii1 alehchol auJ preserved.


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