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DECEIVING A PARSON. Mark Ernest St. Claire (24), sailor, pleaded guilty to obtaining 10s by false representa- tions from the Rev Daniel James Sproule, curate of Laugharne, on the 22nd February, and the prisoner was sentenced to a month's hard labour. Mr J. Lloyd Morgan, M.P., had been briefed for the Crown by Mr W W. T. Prosser, solicitor, Carmarthen. AN OLD BIRD CAUGHT AGAIN. John Phillips (44), labourer, who is an old gaol bird," pleaded guilty to stealing three shirts, the property of Mr Evan Jones Llanelly, on the 23rd ult., and prisoner was sentenced to six months' hard labour. Mr C. H. Glascodine was briefed for the prosecution by Mr D. G. Rees, solicitor, Llanelly. HOPSON'S CHOICE. Wm. John Hopson (53), labourer, pleaded not guilty to stealing a leather handbag and an umbrella from Mrs Mary Phillips, Llanell v on the 24th January. The jury found the prisoner guilty, and although there was no previous conviction against him he was sentenced to three months' hard labour Mr C. H. Glascodine represented the Crown bemg instructed by Mr D. G. Rees, solicitor' Llanelly. ALLEGED WOUNDING. Robert Thomas, on bail, tinplate worker Llanelly, was indicted on a charge of unit™' fully and maliciously wounding Daniel Davies, steelworker, of that town, on the 9-wi ult. Mr G. H. Glascodine (instructed by jS Ludtord, solicitor, Llanelly) was for th prosecution and Mr J. Lloyd Morgan \r P (instructed by Mr Howell, s^licitorSne jy) defended. Prisoner pleaded not guiltv ft appeared from the evidence that durintr I difference between the parties prisoner aimJl at Davies s body with a pocket knife, and but for the skilful manipulation of his arm by the assailed, the blade of the knife might have done more than rip open his left hand The defence set up was that prisoner only wanted to frighten the prosecutor, who got the blow on the hand through advancing towards him One of the prisoner's witnesses declared that it was an accident. After a long retirement the jury found the prisoner guilty, and he was sentenced to four months' hard labour. Replying to his inquiry as to who would keep his wife and children in the meantime his Lordship said the court could not deal with that question. Prisoner endeavoured to throw his watch and chain to one of his friends, but in so doing was promptly removed by the warders.

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