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Carmarthen County Police Court.

--. The Question of the Hour.


Carmarthenshire Infirmary.



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St. Peters's Church, Carmarthen.

St. David's Easter Vestry.

M yd rim School.


M yd rim School. To the Editor of the Carmarthen Weekly Reporter SIR,—You have now issued two numbers of your reliable paper since the one containing my letter concerning the Rev A. Britten's denial of my assertions. I have been expecting the rev gentleman to explain his conduct in ynur columns, he ha* however pursued the policy of silence. He has our sympathy for adopting the more honourable position under the circumstances. The cotuueicn which possessed him in the parish meeting on this point would only grow wotse end worse the mure he would meddle with it. It is a great pity that the vicar overreached himself at first. This bit of experience has taught him an important and humiliating lesson. Silence can rpeak volumes, and we take the vicar's silence as expressing soirow for his denial also a withdrawal of his words. Had the rev. gentleman tried to confirm his remarks, he would thereby only make the reytster unttu-a also the tcaehcr false, who is responsible for the entries. Then it would be a case of a house dividing against itself for as matters now stand the teachers raid vicar are one. I accept the vicar'a silence as a withdrawal, and thank him for so courteously scaling his lips. I)i;iesyd(I makes a gravel and bold stand for his tights, and his courage and knowledge puts me under an obligation to him. lie fully vindicates himsiIf against the false charges brought forward. So tar "l igo" is silent I hope and trust that he also will face the denial without fear. Thanking you for your generosity, I am, See., OBSEHYEU.

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---St. Clears Eisteddfod.j

Bankyfelin. ¡