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Carmarthen County Police Court.

--. The Question of the Hour.


Carmarthenshire Infirmary.



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St. Peters's Church, Carmarthen.

St. David's Easter Vestry.


St. David's Easter Vestry. The ristry meeting of the parishioners of St. David's C*rm £ Hhen, wras held at Christ Church on Friday morning, the vicar (the Rev T, R Walters) prei-iiSmj. —Mr Daniel Jones, churohwardai, pros nted the St. David's Church accounts, which showed the total sum collected duiing the year in that church to have been £5i) 6s ld, of which £ 18 16s was subscribed to the Infirmary, the Church Missionary Society, TLiere was an adverse balance ofit 0,3 lid.—Mr James John, thy ieli:iig waiden, presented the Christ Church accounts, which showed the subscriptions to have be, ii C64 12.; offertories for church expenses, L46 14s 7 1 the total receipts being fl79 12s 5d. There was a balance of X5 Os 3d due to the churchwardens, but there were sufficient subscriptions outstanding to cover this. There were £ 1-51 14s lld in liand upoil the Spanish fete account, but this could only be expended in specific directions—Mr Dmiei Jones, ptinter, Sawo.iil-^errace, and Mr C. J. Davie- Sheaf Inn, were re-elected parish and vicar's ward-ns respectively for St. David's Church, and the vicar appointed Mr J. D. Evans and Mr B. A. L'wi3 as the Christ Church wardens.—Mr Colby E-laus incidentally temarked that he should like to sou the church free," end the Vicar replied that if anybody guaranteed to find a sum of money equal to that received in pew rents, he would be mightily pleased to declare it open at that momi'rr.t. It was announced that tt.e archdeacon s visitation, would take place on Thursday, 23rd inst. The vicar suggested that Christ Church organ-chamber should be converted into a vestry, and that the crgsn be removed to the existing veatry, in order that more room should be provided for the choir. A general meeting of the cougregalion is to U illed to .V -MATTPR. Y

M yd rim School.

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---St. Clears Eisteddfod.j

Bankyfelin. ¡