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Ferryside and District Gossip.


Ferryside and District Gossip. Your "Correspondent" has retired from the field, but whether he ha descended above or below, I know not. This one tiling cii'v am I cognisant of that his mantle has descended upon me, and that I therefore am compelled to take up his unfinished work, and do my level best not to carry on the damaging duty of libe ling the Ferry its greii and inimitable public mui; its astounding public woiks its m&rvellous and rapid-like lightning d.-ve-lopmeat, as was his wont. It is really a boon to be rid of a man who was not ashamed to ridicule the best traditions of a village whieh for centuries has adopted as its mctto, the Scriptural quotation ili<? aair.e yesterday, to-day and fcr ever." I shall not foliow in his footsteps but will give a good thumping thud in?.tcad of his knock, and a good Anglo-Saxon curse, instead of his foul mouthed swearing. That any man could have the audacity to rush into print as li2 di.1 passes my comprehension. Where would you get some bacon from if you did away with tile pigstycs ? We would have all rotten eggs for breakfast if no fowls were reared, and what would become of poor Jonah the" rhewl if the roads were not kept in a bad state ? To be sure, he would have to go and sell newspapers like the rest of the unemployed, aud tlna ? Why, is not this inexorable logic? -J- Our Vicar is a gentleman who deserves well from us. His business tact and ability during the past few day3 Is the subject cf wide-parish wonder. With the wisdom of a prophet, and the foresight of a seer, he has wittingly stopped the builder to further amend the roof of the school house and room, for the simple reason, so it is said, that the proposed Education Bill of the pieient Govern- ment will soon cotne iuto force, and then thi whole of the county will be compelled to pay the piper for the tunc ha has been pleased to select. This is perfectly right, for is it not a shame, that we farmers," who have suffered so much for so many years from tho evil effect-! of Free Trade, should be compelled to pay for the education of the children of the village, and the maintenance of the school buildings. The Vicar's words in reference to" us," poor farmers, are verging on the pathetic. I cannot, I cannot," lie is reported to have said one day, evidently touched to the quick, ask the poor farmers to subscribe towards tiie re-roofing of the schoolroom. The times are too bad." Perfectly right, Mr Vicar. No one knows better than he. The farmer, poor fellow, is too poor to walk h3 is compellerl to ride en horseback, or in his trap. He is in such indigent circumstances, that he cannot afford to buy a salted herring for dinner; be must perforce be contint to dine upon a fat young chicken every day. Yes, Mr Vicar, knows that there arc hundreds in the parish quite ai poir as the poor farmer, and the rev gentleman responds to the cry of their poverty by that pretty little monosyllable," tah The magnanimous principle laid down by the Vicar of making a Noncon county pay for the repairs of a Church of England School is worth imitating, and should be applied to the narrowed sphere of parochial life. I am so pleased with the principle that I have no doubt it will catch or," and I have further no doubt that we will soon hee the Nonconformist Churches of the parish taking the hat round every Sunday for the maintenance of the clergyman, so that lie may bo relieved of the weekly 40 minutes onerous duties he performs in the village of Ferry- side As to the postponement of the repairs to the building, I may say that I am ;11 entire accord with the clergyman. There is an overplus of population in the village, and the best way to get rid of it is by allowing the 120 children who attend the school to be slaughtered neck and crop by the falling of the roof. This is, I am certain, the m >st practical way of carrying out the Mailhustan theory of over population. --0- There arc a number of doubting ihoinasos at Ferrysiae. A few of this notorious brotherhood have been deeply incensed at the publication of the letter inserted in the Reporter last week, and signed T. R. They allege it, is not, ergo, tlTat it was concocted by your Correspondent. T. R so it is stated, ha3 been written to, and a rcpiy is hourly expected. For honesty s ea-e let the raply be made as public as the charge of dis- honesty which has been preferred against your Correspondent It would be well also for these "C carpet-baggers who visit the place to ascertain the truth before rushing to print with their frothy effusions. For the eiiheation of T, R. and all others conornc I, be it known that the iuhabitauts of Ferrysido number:close upoa 800, and not 600 as reported by T R. The news as to the fishermen beiilg ea^er for temperance work came to me and others as a surprise. Hew many fishermen in the meetings held showed si;ns of being" eager for the drink-water fray "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the -truth," please, in temperance work, as well as in eveiy other branch "t- -1 _1: Tomtny Pruddyn's performances were very popu- lar at L'ansaint Eisteddfod the other day This well-known individual should be very thankful that such a gh istly accident as befel bin occurred on the return journey, otherwise it may be oil arriving at Llanaaint that many members of the Llangendeirne choir might be found missing, for rarely elo people travel m a brake without a door. Perhaps poor Pru Idya thought he had Mali's shoulders to lay hands on. -0- A clever trick was performed by a member of the aristocracy win paid a 'iit to th.3 Eisteddfod. This blue blood gentleman was desirous of patro- nising th-i gathering without paying for it. Every ticketholder bore the impress of a rubber stamp with the words I,lAzistiit Eisteddfod" on the back of his hand. The Old husoand meetir.g a pal who bore the marl., had his hind wetted and pressed it en the stamped hand, thus transferring the impress to his own, and ultimately gaining admission to the meeting free of charge. -J- The schoolroom at the place was sought for by a leader of one of the choirs for the purpose of testing the singing previous to the competition. ^Permission was granted on condition that the key be fc.ched from a ceitain house and that refresh- ments during that day be bought by the party at this particular house, which was an inn. The individual in charge declined to give up the key unless 2s 61 were paid down for it. The reason for this high-handed dealing was that a certain female member of the C. M. body, who had beea stricken by ill-health for A length of time, was granted a loan of the vestry for the sale of refresh- ments, so as to help her pecuniarily. The land- lady's levenge however rebounded, for the loss to the house is estimated at a large number of 0 sovereigns. -'1- A Market Hall is greatly needed for Ferryside. During tho past week farmers ha?e been selling tiieir butter from door to door at Is aud is Id per pound. At Carmarthen marhet on SiturJay last there was a large quantity of butter sold a' 8 J per lb. Eggs were sold hc.e this week at 10 and 11 for 6d, v\ aile at town as many as 13 and 11 were procured at the samo price. In spit2 of ail this the farmers ct this parish a_e the most strenuous opponents of all the scheme* mooted for the improvement cf th place. "lYe must see by and by what can he doin to rectify this matter, and get a remedy, whereby the fermc-r will not be able to take away all this extcrtiona'e sum without having to pay a tariff. Again, many of the farmers are so bare-faceel as to go to Carina;then and Llanelly to buy their wares after having drained the village of its money. -0- Mauy of the residents of the village arc in high glee at the rumour which has besn circulated here this week that the Carmarthen Militia will encamp at Tanlan this year instead of at Popton, where, it is said, there is an outbreak of small pox. There is no doubt that if the thing will happen, it will mean a temporary eulivenmeut of the place, as well as being good for trade, especially the publicans. -r.- Many people, outside the parish of St Ishmael's, will hear with pleasure of the return of Mr Williams, junior, Penbn, from St Bartholemew's Hospital, London, where ho underwent a serious operation a loiv weeks ago. Mr Wiliiams is at present doing well, but his ultimate recovery will take a few months longer. The last week's issue of the Merthyr Express reports the death of an old Llansaint lad. Alderman Evan Lewis, Dowlais. The deceased gentleman was born at Llansaint 46 years ago, in a litt e cottage named the Cannon. lIe rterward, removed with his parents to Dowlais, where he for a time worked underground. From the pi o taken to the counter, and in after years manag Co-operative Stores at Pembroke Doc and Dowlais. He then m conjunction with „„Pnpd a business at Merthyr, another gentleman openea « known as the firm of Lewis and Bound. On the dissolution of partnership he proceeded to America, and closely studied the character of Cousin Jonathan, many being the talcs with which he afterwards regaled his friends of his experiences in the land of stars and stripes. On returnink to England he took up the calling of auctioneer, and was credited with being an exceedingly successful wielder of the appraiser's hammer. He often visited the scenes of his childhood with his Cheap Jack" as it is commonly called, f.nd his genial manner, ready speech, witty sayings, and quick repartee will not be easily forgotten by those who and heaid him. Mr Lewis, in 1S92 and 1895, was returned sucessfully as County Councillor for the Gellifaelog seat, Merthyr. J In the latter year he was elected an alderman also made an Urban District Councillor, and a member of the Merthyr Board of Guardians. lIe devoted himself to his public duties, so the Express states, with a considerable degree of energy was a very success- ful public speaker, and his sentences bristled with humour. The poor have in him a good friend, lvs hand always being resdy to succour the needy. He has no children, but his widow survives him, and the ntnust sympathy is feh with lirr in the scver-j bis-, which she bas sastiined. The funeral, which was a e: large r; d rep e-entntive one. took place on Saturday r.t the t Cemetery. DIDYMUS DaDS,

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