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EDITORIAL. I THE Whitland Rural District Council has come to a very wise decision in agreeing to have the report of a practical engineer as to the best methods of securing a proper water supply and an efficient system of sanitation for the rising little town on the Tar. No man in his senses would rush into a compli- cated action at law without the advice of an experienced lawyer; and no man would be foolish enough to start the building of an expensive mansion without having the plans drawn by a competent architect. In the same way, although Town Councillors and District Councillors are animated by the best intentions and are generally men of ability iu their own particular spheres, it must be conceded that they have no special qualifications as sanitary* engineers. Civil engineering is a business of a highly technical character; and the best thing that any public body can do is to employ a practical man to point out the various methods available, and then to discuss the alternative proposals. An engineer, in a dealing with any place, will first of all calculate how much water is required for the locality. He will then estimate the amount which may be obtained from the different sources available; and will calculate the approximate cost of utilising each. The local body haviug this advice will bo enabled to come to a pretty safe conclusion as to which is the most economical source. It is useless to go to all this trouble, if nothing is seriously intended. People should not stand aghast at the expenditure of a reasonable sum of money, if they arc certain of getting reasonable value for it. A good article always costs money and a good supply of water is no exception to the rule. Meanwhile, until thorough going schemes of sanitation are carried out, the best way out of the difficulty seems to be that suggested by the Chairman of the Whitland Council. A good deal can be done with a broom and a shovel. If every householder takes proper care, he can prevent the well on his own premises from being contaminated. If every man swept before his own door we should have a clean street and if every householder in Whit- land becomes a sanitary inspector unto himself, the town will speedily become famed as a health resort-whether costly engineer- ing schemes are carried through or not. In this direction as in others, a good deal can be done by individual effort.

Carmarthen County Court.


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