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JCarmarthen Bankruptcy Court.

Carmarthen Borough Police…

IHall-keeper, Caerfyrddin.

Carmarthen Fishery Board.

Mysterious Affair at Ammanford.


Mysterious Affair at Ammanford. STRANGE DEATH OF A GIKL. On Wednesday (the 1st inst) a farm servant named Esther Evans died suddenly at Ammanford, and the doctor who was called in to see the deceased refused to giant a certificate without communicating with the coroner, being of opinion that deceased died from poisoning. Mr W B Roderick (coroner) conducted an enquiry on Saturday at the Post Office, Carmel, near Ammsn- foicl. The father of the deceased, whi was the first witness called, deposed that the deceased was sent home from Pantglas Farm on the previous Monday, and died on Wednesday. He did not know until then that the deceasfd was encicnte. She was only 18 years of sg\ lIe did not know that the deceased had taken Pois;)ri. -Nlrs Lizzie Jones, of PantglaS; deposed that the deceased went to Llandilo on the 21th March. She could not say what the deceased went to Llandilo for, She had been ill at the fa-in. On Monday she was sent home in a trap. Witness did not see her flive afterwards. She never told witness tlat she was pregnant,—Mr D Jones, farm labourer, at Fant- howel, deposed that he knew deceased very well, and had been in the habit of walkiDg out with her. She told him of her condition about a fortnight ago. She appeared to be in good spirits. He had never quarrelled with deceased. P.S Evan Davies deposed that he found two bottles of poison and a cup in the the deceased's box at the farm amoi gst her clothe.. Dr Henderson deposed that deceased was enciente. Recently he had made a post- mortem examination. Death was due t, poisoning. He would not give an opinion os to the poison, neither could he say how or bv whom it was administered.—Dr Hughes also gave evidence.— The Coroner said he would adjourn the inquiiy until Wednesday afternoon. The adjourned inquest was resumed r, n Wednesday before the coronee, Dr \V. Buckley Roderick. The evidence at the opening of the inquiry pointed to (ledt-I by poisonirg, and the evidence on Tuesday pointed in the same direction. Dr n. Hughes, recalled, said he was of the same opinion as on the previous occasion. The o;gans showed all the ,,ic,il signs of phosphorus poisoning. He had no doubt thit death was due to phosphorus taken in a soluble form. The following verdict was returned-" That the cause of was phosphorous prisoning, but how, by whom, and under what circumstances the poison was administered there is no evidence to show."

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