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THE MAYOR (Mr H. B. White) and Town Clerk (Mr R. M. Thomas) of Carmarthen, have received invitations fiom Lord Windsor to be present at the opening of the Cardiff Exhibition on May 2nd. "QUACKS AXD QUACKERY." This was the title of an interesting iecure delivered at the English Baptist Church, Carmarthen, on Thursday, the 2nd inst, by Dr A. F. Blagdon Richards, Swansea (son of Alderman R. W. Richards, Castle House, Car- marthen). The chair was occupied by Dr R. G. Piiee, and the large audience was charmed from start to finish with the manner in which the lecturer dealt with his subject. The lecture has proved a great success eveiywhere it is deliveied. D& W. JONES'S DEATH AND FUNRUAL -We omitted to refer oilier than in our obituary column to the death of Dr W. Jones in our last week's issue. He was the sen of the late Mr J. Jones, woollen manufacturer, Water-street, in this town, and bed been ailing for several months after h.8 return from London. He was a young man very much beloved for his amiability and gentleness and during his illness, his many friends and acquaintances found him very resigned. His widowed mother endured very much during his illness, and his death touched her keenly. Dr Harris, St. Peter-street, was his medical attendpnt. The dle:,ù disease which takes away so many of our young people had taken a firm hold of his constitu- tion, and he passed away on la"t Sunday week to his eternal rest. His inoital remains were interred on the following Wednesday in the Cemetery, when the following minsters took part in the funeral feivice.-Iteys Edward Davits, Priory- street D. Williams, Carnarvon A. F. Miiis English Baptist; D. Cadvan Jones. Priory Chapel W. W. Lewis, Zion Chapel and 13. F. Richard-, Fiancis-terrace. The funeral was for men only. Among the relatives present we noticed Mr Thomas Thomas, Myrtie House, Wellfield-road Mr J. Richaids, Supervisor ot Inland Revenue, (brother- in-law) BuLl his brother. Our young friend was a member of Water-street CalvinUlic Methodist Church. ST PETER'S CRunCH CLVH AND INSTITUTE A negio minstrel entertainmoit was given at the Assembly-rooms, Carmarthen, on Monday, in connection with St Peter's Church Club and Institute. These Easter Monday entertainment have always proved unqualified successes, and this was no exception to the rule. The actors all per- formed their patts creditably before a tI bumping houre. The company consists of the following members :-Alasters C Jones, W A Jones, John Phillips, D E Jones, D J Arthur Messrs W Bartlett, Tudor Phillips, John Davies, Walter Davies, Henry Morgan, William Davies, John Kees, Fred Humphreys, T Bartlett, D J Lwis, T E Thomas, J J Jones, Henry Evars, W 11 Thomas, J R Evans bones, Messrs Albert liees and D C, Williams tamboes, Messrs E iwatd Edwards and Dan Bartlett interlocutor, Mr A B Woodman The follow ing was the programme one tilto-,igi) Pdrt I Overture., 11 Flick and Flock," the Band opening chorus, "Faust," the Troupe comic song, Click Clack," Mr Albert llees song, GHose the shutters, Willie's dead," Mr W Bartlett; comic song, Widdy Wink," Mr Edward Edwards song, c-Come where my lcve lies dreaming," Mr T. Bartlett; comic song, "Uucle," Mr Dan Bartlett; sorg, Gathering shells," Mr J It Evans comic song, "Ada," Mr D C Williams; war song, Marching thro' Georgia," Mr Tudor Phillips Part II: Cotaie duett, 1* Do Banquet," Messrs E. Edwatdsand Albert lteei; whiutling song, Mr D J Lewis stump speech by Aunt Eliza, Mr Tudor Phillips banjo'solo, Git Out," Mr D C Williams. Mnsical skecch-" Will you be mine?": Old More, Mr Tudor Phillips Jake Jackson, Mr Edwaid Edwards Plato Jones, Mr Dan Barilett P.C. Pete Ebenezer, Mr D C Williams; Rev Ca^ar' Squash. Mr Albert Kees Pompey, Mr Walter Davies Liza, Mr Albert liecs Pompey, Mr Walter Davies Liza, Mr W. Bartlett; Aunt Cnloe, Mr Fred Ilumpl revs Sophia, Mr E Thomas and supported by the whole troupe. Messrs Jones' stiing band contri- buted the nccompanements. The singing of Gud save the Queen by the whole company brought the proceedings to a close. BETHEL, JOHNSTOWN.—On Monday last the annual tea and literary meeting in connection with the above Sunday School was held at the above place. Bethel is a branch of Water-street Chapel, and has ft \ery nourishing Sunday School. The following ladies presided at the tables at the meeting in the afternoon —Mrs J Lewis, Mrs William Davies (Mill bank-terrace), Mrs James Davies, and the Misses Davies. Mrs J Thomas. Morley-street, was also in attendance. After ample juetice had been done to the good tiiugs provided for them, the little ones were allowed a little play, and at seven o'clock the literary meeting wtisheld. Mr John Lewis, J.P, acted as chairman, and Mr William Davies, bookseller, performed the task of adjudicator. The conductor of the singing was Mr Thomas Davies, weaver, assisted by Mr John Davies. Mr Treharne, Priory-street, sup- ported the chairman. The sctioolroom ^as neatly decorated with banners. &c. It is to be regretted that Bethel Schoolroom could not hold a larger number, as a great many failed to gain admittance. We believe it was a mistake on the part of the friends at Johnstown in not holding the meeting at Water-street Chapel Schoolroom, as they had done for the last two or three years, as the meetings were becoming very popular in the town. The pro- gramme, which consisted of 47 items, was admirably gone through, and comprised recitations, solos, duetts, reading a piece without punctuation, and an impromptu address. The meeting was brought to a close by the usual votes of thanks to the chairman, &c, and the little ones singing, Rhoi dwfr y bywyd yn rhad," which was admirably rendered to the credit of the conductcr. THE OPENING RUN OF THE AMATEUR CYCLING CLUB—of which our worthy Mayor (Mr Branel White) is preLideLt, and Sir John Jon,s Jenkins, M.P., and Messrs Charles Jones. T. Jenkins, J.P., James John, D. Griffiths, A Owen Norton, W. S. Phillips, H. Cadle, C. O. Col.ard. and II. Studt are vice-presidents—took place, as usual, on Good Friday. The meet took place at 9 o'clock at heAd. quarters, the Old Plough, and shortly afterwards a move was made to Guildhall-square, where the club was photographed by Mr Henry Howell. The run on this occasion was to Llandilo, and there was o large muster of cyclists, about 50 joining in the run. A start was made from Guildhall-square kt about 10 o'clock, in the presence of a large con- course of spectators. The morning looked threaten* ing, but it turned out a splendid day for ridings the few showers in the morning having put down the dust—and the run to Llandilo proved most enjoyable. The run was under the control of the popular Captain (Mr John Jenkins) and Sub- captains (Mr D E Thomas, Dark-gate, and Mr C Evane, Wellfield-road), and the Captain is to be congratulated upon the able manner in which he managed the affair; while the buglers Jack Thomas. Barn's-row. and Mr Bertie William8) congratulated upon the able manner in which he managed the affair while the buglers (Mr Jack Thomas. Barn's-row. and Mr Bertie William8) were most zealous in the discharge of their dutif8* Arrived at Llandilo, the club put up at the Whits Horse Hotel, wht.ro subsequently the members a few friends sat down to an excellent dinner, prepared in Mrs Evans' usual first-class style- I Speeches were dispensed with on this occasion, the company, after dinner, making use of the time at j their disposal in visiting the Park and other inter- esting places i the town and neighbourhood. A start was made for home at four o'clock, and after splendid spin Carmarthen was reached without a mishap of any kind having occurred to mar the day's enjoyment. A word of praise is due to tho Hon. Sec. (Mr A. J. Jones, Carmarthen Honse) for the complete manner in which he had made the necessary arrangements in connection with the opening run, and the way in which he—together with the Chairman (Mr Herbert W D/tvics, Unioa- strect), the Hon. Treasurer (Mr" Bradbury" Jones), the Captain, and Mr Evan Evans—looked after the intweats of the diners,. THE CABAI ARTIIENSHIRE FOXHOUNDS will meet j on Tuesday, April I4th, at Ciyngwynne Cross I' Roads; and on Friday, April 17th, at Cothi Bridge each day at 10.45 to finish the season. Mit R. R. CARVER, of Balgowan House, Chelten- ham (formerly of Wenallt)-a well-known cross- country rider and follower of the hounds-loat a valuable hunter when riding with the Cotswold Hounds on Wednesday (April 1st). So great has been the success of The Strange Adventures of Miss Brown" in London and the provincial towns already visited that a fourth company is being eent. on tour by Mr Frederick Kerr. Companies are Piso being prepared for Australia, South Africa, and America, and transla- tions made for France and Germany. No less than 12 companies will shortly be performing this successful piece at home and abroad. One of the companies will visit Carmarthen about the 21st of j May. MUSICAL.—Not many young men can produce euch a splendid record of successcs in a short time euch a splendid record of successes in a short time I in the mufisal world as that of Mr Arthur L. ) Morgan, now grocer's assistant at Ynysybwl, Glamorganshire (and son of our respected townsman, Mr John Morgan, Waterloo-terrace), who has been awarded six certificates hi a short period of nine months, namely :—E'emei.tarj in Tonia Solfa Intermediate in Tonic Solfa Intermediate in Tonic Solfa First Grade in Staff Notation Second Grade in Steff Notation Elementary, Theory, and First Harmony Analy&is. His success well deserves sincere £ cngratulation3 from his friends, and it reflects great credit cn his home and the Priordy Band cf Hope, where he le&int the elements of music and, doubtless, the fact that his two vounger brothers have obtained three certificates each will induce him to keep ahead of them and to develop further his musical thlents. MAGlC LANTERN ENTERTAINMENT AT THE TABERNACLE CHAPEL, CARMARTHEN. On the evening- of Thursday (the 2nd inst.), a magic lantern entertainment was given at the Tabernacle Baptist Chapel to the ohi'dren of the Band of Hope and fiiends. The lantern was lent by Mr D. T. Davies, of the National Provincial Bmk-a gen;le- man who is always to the front in his desire to give every assistance in matters of this kind. The scries of views took the furm of a voyage Round the World," and was manipulated by Mr Davies in an extremely pleasing manner. The accompanying lecturo wns delivered by Mr G. J. Hodges; and the whole formed an extremely interesting evening's entertainment. There were about 250 children present as well as a large number of adulis At the c'ose a vote of thanks was awarded to Mr Davies for his kindness in lending the lantern.—The chair was occupied by the Rev E U. Thomas. 1ST V.B. WELSH H.EGI:IlENT. Orders for the week ending ISth April, 1896. Officer for the week I ieut Norton. Company orderlies, Sergt D Rogers and Lance-Corpl Thomas. Orderly bugler, C L Jones. Adjutant's drill on Monday, at 7.30 p.m in drill order, viz uniform, Glengarry caps, arms and side arms, one pouch. Bayonet evercise on Tuesday at 7.30 p.m., plain clothes. Recruits' drill on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at 7 30 m Class firing on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, at 2.30 p.m. Signalling practice on \yetinesday at 7,30 p.m. As the bayonet exercise is in future to be considered as part of the regular instruction for volunteers, there will be a parade once a week until further orders for this instruction. The Officcr Commanding trusts that members will attend as often as possible, until they are thoroughly efficient in that exercise. The parade will count for effi'-dency providing the reuuircd number attend, viz "r;Ot less than 14 of all ranks, two of which must to officers or sergeants. By order, W. BUCKLEY RODERICK, Capt Commanding II Co. ZION PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, CARMARTHEN. -CHILDIŒNS' GUILD.—A ten party was held in Zion schoolroom on the evening of Thursday (the 9 d inst ) in connection with the Children's Guild. A large number of children sat down to a very enioyoble repast and the wants of one and all were supplied by the following ladies who presided at the tables: —Miss Thomas, Disgwylfa Mrs £ Evans, Miss Miller, the Misses Harries, Water- street; Mia Alice Roberts, and Miss Isabel Thomas. After the repast had been done ample justice to, the Rev W. W. Lewis took the chair. A variety programme was gone through at the ensuing meeting. At the close a bun and on orange was presented to each child as a temporary =ouvenir of the occasion. The expenses of the occasion were borne by Mr E. It. Evans, Anchor House. The guild has been conducted by Mr E R. Ecan8 and Mr James Bright, junr., during the winter months. It has proved a flourishing success and the attendance has been well maintained throughout the session. A prominent feature i.n connection with the guild has been the Children's Penny Dank which greatly enhanced the success of the meetings and the regular attendance of the children. The final meeting was a successful termination to a successful eeesion. TESTING THE NEW FlRE-ENGINE.- The testing cf the new fire-engine took place in Guildhali-square, Carmarthen, on Wednesday at 3.30 p.m. in presence ot a large assembly of the general public, members of the Town Council, and a quantity of loafers. The biigaels turned out at its full strength under the captaincy of Supeiiniendent Smith; and the Borough Police Force was piesent in all the glory of sammr uniform. Previous to the commence- ment of operations the engine—which looks like a brand new chip-potato machine—together with the fire-brigade and police force were photographed by Mr Henry IIowcll. The fire was then lit by the Mayor inflve minutes the gauge show a pressure of 40ibs to the square in and in seven roinntes the pressure was 100 lbs. The hose pipe was brought into operation when the latter pressure was reached, and a stream of water was thrown some ten or twelve feet abo'e the weather-cock on the Guild- hall. Three. jets were afterwards brought into play, r.nd the parapets of the Town Hall were washed as they have never been washed before. A good many people in Hall-street and in St. Mary's- street had shower-baths gratis After this hid continued for some time, another test was held on the jn which the wat?r was projected almost across the river, Thus has the Town Council at last taken one practical ttep for the benefit of the town. In", need of a steam fire-engine was pointed out in the Reporter for years, but the buining of Thomas Jenkins' {.tables wa3 probably the cause which silenced all opposition, as to the purchase of this very necessary implement. G.W.R, CONCERT AT THE ASSEMBLY ROOMS. On Good Faiday the local branch of the Great estern Railway Temperance Union held its annual tea meeting and concert at the Assembly ttoome. I here was a very large attendance Rt the evening concert, while in the afternoon a great many eat_ down to the splendid tea that was provided m die ante-room. The tables we;e Deautitu.ly decorated and were presided over by Miss ones. Spring Gardens; Mrs Morris Jones, Hisa Spilman-streeb; Mrs J. Williams, Richmond-terrace; Mrs D E?ans, Lammas-street and Mrs Conway; while the necessary assistance was given by Mr Morris Jones, Mrs Reeves, Mrs Griffiths, and Mrs Jones, Lammas- street. Ihe concert commenced at 8 o'clock and t e chief items on the programme were the part songs that were rendered by the Party of the local *ndeed their renderings were very creditable and reflect the greatest credit on their conductor (Mr David Davies). Mr J F Morns, solicitor, occupied the chair, and was supported on the platform by the Rev A Fuller Mills, Rev D J Thomas, Mr Bowen, Junction Mr Francis, Good s t V Geor^e Brew, Mr J 1' Fortune, secretary of the local branch Inspector Daunton, Carmar- then Junction, &c. The following was the pro- gramme gone through :-Chorus, The Soldiers Chorus," G.W.R. Male Voice Party; eolo Anchored," Mr D J Jeremy solo, I'm a merry Zingara, Mrs Thomas (encored} pianoforte solo, Miss Gwladys Lewis solo, Mr D N Jones duett, Solfa." Miss May Jones and Mr D Davies, cornet solo, '-Sweet Marie," Sergeant Dickens (encored) recitation Mr Owen Jones solo, "Fairy Tales," Miss May Jones duett, Convent Bella," Messrs E and W Williams. Mr J F Morns then delivered an address in the course of which he said he was pleased to be there that evening on account of the cause being in support of temperance. He was gratified to find that railway- men took such great interest in temperance princi- plees and that it was greatly to their own advantage that they were teetotalers. He also complimented the choir on their excellent singing, and its conductor (Mr David Davies). The second part of the programme was then proceeded with as follows Part song, "Village AYeduing, G.W.R Male Voice Party song, The Long- shoreman," Mr D J Jeremy; solo, "Tell me my heart," Mrs D J Thomas pianoforte duett, E & G Bowen violin solo, (a), Romance in G, b), Obertass, Mr Victor Jones solo, "Blue Mountains," Miss May Jones recitation, noua to Heaven," Mr Owen Jones; solo, Mrs Thomas part song. Comrades Song o At the close Mr Bowen, Junction, proposed a vote of thanks to the artistes for their services, Mr Fortune seconded. Mr W H Maunder, Lcndon, hon. secretary of the Union, proposed a VU,! \)1 thanks to Mr Morris, and said he was pleased to see Mr Morris there that evening. Mr Morris was always ready to support and assist anything connected with the temperance movement especially in connection with the railway. lie t-fiea spoke of th° progress which the Lnion hael made during the past year and said it had increased in member- ship by over 1,000 during the past year, There were many advantages to be derived from being a teetotaler and especially was it tne case with railwayraen as they were frequently trusted with the responsibility and safety of the public and not only to rail way men but to families in general. In private life there were also many advantages. la conclusion he eaid he was p!f-n.?ea to see suca a a-f\t d»a\ ot mteicst manhestcd in the local ,-ranch of the Union and that by next yesr the number of lli\2111b2rs would be greater than thisy^r. Mt fjoorce Brew seconded and it was qnanjoiQusjy carried. Tho singing of Hen Wlad fy Xhadau," brought a pleasant evening to u close.

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