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Bankyfelin Notes.

Social Tea and Concert at…

- Ferry side Gossip.

Priory Congregational Chapel,…








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THE REV H. Plan: HUGHES assured his audience at the St. James's Hall, London, the other day, u that if they did not know Welsh here they would have to learn it in heaven JUSTICE DAY put his foot in it the other day. This is what the Rev Eynon Davies has to nay in last week's Celt :—"It is not to the Gospel and schools that the praise is due in Cardiganshire for the white gloves at the recent assizes, but to the squire—the penny-half-penny justices, who dance polkas at country balls and hunt rabbits in the vales of Teivy and Aercn These are the stars which spread the light in Caidiganahire. Let no one doubt, for Justice Day, who spent 24 hours in the county, say so Justice Night would be a better name for him." THE USES OF THE FIDDLE CASE. No doubt," writes a correspondent, the most unobservant male has remarked how of late years the number of young ladies carrying violin and banjo cases in the streets has increased, and perhaps he has ascribed the custom to the very quick nitt-cli of musical education. Quite by accident it has been revealed to me that many of these cases are not used for the transport of instruments, but are employed by their owners as hand bags, in which groceries, vegetables, soiled linen, and even coals can be carried without any loss of that fetish of middle- class matrons and maids." "YIl HAUWR" for April contains an excellent portrait and biography of the Rev J. P. Williams, Landore, the editor of Sereti Gj/mru. Mr Williams was born at Llangefni 16th November, 1840, and was one of the first six students admitted into the Llangollen Baptist College. Of these three—Mr Williams, Dr Owen Davies, Cwmavon (the editor of "Christmas Evans's Works"), and the Rev Waldo Jones, Blaenclydach-still survive. Mr Williams' first charge was the church at Bedwas, Monmouthshire. He removed thence in 1867 to Brynmawr, and in 1876 to his present church. He is an ardent educationtst, and has sat for years on the Swansea School Board. DEAFNESS AND NOISKS IN THE HEAD, cured a the patient's home. This Illustrated Edition also treats on the cure of Catarrh, Bronchitis, Asthma, Extreme Stoutness, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Rheuma- tism by Medico-Electricity.—4d C. D. BRIGHI, Publisher, 8, Tavistocke Plaoe Louduu, W.C.

Water-street Chapel, Carmarthen.

The Bankyfelin Squib.

" Squib Bankyfelin" eto.

The Great Need of the Age



Joint Agricultural Society…

IDetermined Suicide at Llanelly.

Sad Death of the Rev. Jonah…