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Bankyfelin Notes.

Social Tea and Concert at…

- Ferry side Gossip.

Priory Congregational Chapel,…




LLANDEBIE. ENTERTAINMENT AT THE CONGREGATIONAL CHVRCII.—On Saturday (the 21st of March) the members of the above Sunday School gave its first entertainment on a week day (having previously given one on a Sunday afternoon), when a capiul programme was gone through, and which would bi a credit to any school of longer standing to perform. The littie place where the church meets was packed, and wo are sure that one and all were satisfied with the manner the recitations and singing was gjne through. The ch-sir was taken at 7 o'clock punctually by Mr W. Stephens, and the meeting terminated at 9 o'clock. Appended is the programme :-Hymn 0 Tyred Arglwydd Mawr," the Con»regnlion recitation, Peahn 150, May Lewis i recitation, "Ieau'r Bugail Mwyn," jBessi" Efnns recitation, "The little Black," Torn Harris Lewis; recitation, 11 fawr o'th amscr," Thomas Dalies song," Ddaethoch chwi at lesu," The Choir; recitation, "Yr afon fach," Getta Evans recitation, "Y Btchgenyn Bach," Harriet Walters; recitation, Yr Ysgol Sabbothol," David John Evans song, Edrych a'r leau," Walters and party recitation, May Mackay; recitation, "Dirwest," Margretta Walters; recitation, "Y Gobeithlu," Sarah Jane Evans ;song, Wyres fach Ned Puw," Katie Williams recitation, Os deiaf byth yn ddyn," JamCi Davies recitation, "Duw yn dad," Bessie Evans; song, "Y Fam a'i phlentyn," T. Davies song, Mair Magdalen," D. Thomas and party dialogue, Y Pin ar Nedwydd," Harnet Walters and May Lewis recitation. Cofi--i fod yn fachgen da," Llewellyn Evans song, Cofid bur orchymynicn Duw," M. A. Davies and party recitation, Yr angel gwyn," Ma.y Lewis song, When there's lov-i at homo," Arthur Davies song, Mae'rlesu'n caru," The Choir; recitation, Y ddau blentyn," Getta Evans song, Beth yw hawddfyd?" Katie Williams; recita'ion, "Y bwthyn bach y'm magwyd," Harriet Walters; recitation, Now the day is over," Getta Evans song. Hyfryd dy fy Nhad," Walters and party recitation, Gwalioddiad i'r Yrsgol Sul." M. A Davies song, "Y mae pob peth yn dda," The Choir recitation, Maggie Griffiths; song, G"lad y delyn," M. Davies; dialogue, Gwisgo adar," M. A. Davies and Lizzie Davies song, "'Rwvf vii disgwyl," D. Thomas and party: recitation, "Gwaed Iesu Grist." John Davies; song, "Y bachgen dewr," a Rhyfel gri," David Thomas son?, Codwny lluoedd," T. Jones song, Beth yw udgorn glywai'n Seino," The Choir. DYFED'S visit to Llandebie to deliver his lecture on The Land of the Pyramids was almost a popular demonstration. The natives of the famous preacher-producing village know a good man when they find him.






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Water-street Chapel, Carmarthen.

The Bankyfelin Squib.

" Squib Bankyfelin" eto.

The Great Need of the Age



Joint Agricultural Society…

IDetermined Suicide at Llanelly.

Sad Death of the Rev. Jonah…