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Bankyfelin Notes.

Social Tea and Concert at…

- Ferry side Gossip.


Ferry side Gossip. It gives m3 unspeakable pain to have to revert once again to the vexed question of the improve- ments of the Ferry. But there is an opinion abroad that I am simply parleying with the question, and that the result will be the utter annihilation of the village from the map of the holiday seeker. There are a few villagers who crow over my woikly con- tributions with all the ferocity of bintam cocks and they moan with unutterable groans over the presumed slaughter of the place by the hands of a penny-a-liner. What bosh some of our bumptious bumpkins are capable of given genesis to The Press can narer destroy the Tillage but it will aid it in getting that which the critics so far have refused it-improvement. Every old institu- tion in the place, owing to the apathy of most of the people, who reap the greatest benefit, has fallen into disuetude. There is no longer a Regatta held in the place, as in the days of yore. and its death can be attributed to none else but a number of business people, who declined to give the hauntling sufficient nourishment. My object and motives are as palpably plain as the dawn of day to diagnose and remedy the diceise which paralyses the whole village. I therefore have no apology for intruding myself upon the public. The lover of the beautiful and the true cannot but look at the state of the church, at the state of the school building, at the state of the churchyard, and at the state of our public walks, and thø sands, with a pang and a blush. To expose the evil is its most sure and efficacious remedy. Such has been the world's history. Indeed we are getting popular here at the Ferry. The other day the s'ory of this place had reached to London, and, would you believe it, Reynold's Newspaper was poking fun at us ? Last week again I fird our names emblazoned on the pages of the Temperance Chronicle. The letter which I reproduce appears in last week's issue of that magazine. PROPORTION OF PUBLIC-HOUSES TO POPULATION DEAR SIR, -The Rev J W Horsley, afi 11 a man of Kent," is evidently staggered at the report of the Reigate Police District with regard to the above. One public-house, to 140 up to lû4 inhabitants. I have just returned from a very pretty fishing village in South Wales (Ferryside) the population is 600 and the public-houses G, one to every 100 We had two splendid meetings there, as anyone resident can testify. The fishermen and others are eager for the work, and yet the Vicar, who told me he wae a 13 years' abstainer, stands back from the people there. They possess two chapels and a church. The Noncon. ministers are active, and their places well attended—the Church vice-versa. Gentry and tradespeople, church folk, are ready of help, and yet, by one man's indifference, helpless in the matter. Would that the C.E.T.S. would draw out a circular on "the intense importance, for the welfare of the Church and the good of the nation of the recognising by the clergy, young and old, that the Parochial Temperance Branch is the bulwark and stronghold of the parish church, and a sure Church defence, and post a copy to every clergyman in England and Wales. Yours truly, T. R. 0 -0- A splendid place for story-telling and speechifying is the Ferry. It does one's heart good to watch the facial contortions and nible genuflections of some of the chaps as they relate their foolhardy tricks and foolhardy escapes at the Corner Theatre. I have listened during Eastertide to some hilarity-turning speeches, varying from such topics as the painting of the fowls for the sale to Un .ffirail, un egl/cs, un plwy'" Why the dramatic effect was wonderful, and would do credit even to an Irving. On the latter subject the lecturer proved to hia own infinite delight that the Church of England as at present constituted, existed in the time of Jesus Christ. A good idea, and a most poetical one as well, was that when he said that our own Ffirad was married to St. Ishmael's Parish Churchyard, but it was most wicked of an old wag to retort that it WIS a pity he did not go to live with his wifo, if he was married to the churchyard. -0- We have, at present, two splendid local football teams—the East Tigers and the Irish Rangers. On Good Friday a game was played on the Bqnare, When a few octogenarians displayed their agility to the huge delight of a large namber of hot croes bun eaters. The goal posts were quite a novelty, viz., two windows of a certain public house. It was a pity after such splendid playing that the result was nil-no broken windows. On Monday the combatants again met and tried conclusions on the Pal recreation ground The gamo was most exciting. There were hundred of spectators con- spicuous by their absence. The goal posts were a few twigs, and the handle of a lawn roller. Result: I limping limb, 1 broken thumb, 1 bad chest, and 2 slight colds. Brivo-I bays. They are so pieased with their exhibition, that they have decided never to play again. Never I no, never I The Ferryside Cricket Club has lately joined the Carmarthenshire Cricket League, ard are at present busily engaged in arranging fixtures for the season. -0-- A Temperance Society has just been formed in the place. That is the reason, so I am told, why a certain gfntleman-a publican —ha? trained his dog to fetch the daily paper from the bookseller's shop, and do other sundry messages. He is afraid he went be able to employ a servant-hence the canine pupil. It would not be a bad thing-would it now ?—to teach himto draw a pint of beer. This precocious dog is at present on board ship. -0- The latest intelligence just received by me is that the carcase of a drowned kitten has been washed ashore just below the Lifeboat house. It is reported that the Improvement Council will open this season's campaign by demanding an inquiry into this domestic tragedy. The village cannot allow the last solemn rites of a decent burial to be given the poor wretch until a verdict shall be arrived at. Until then L'ejtiiiescat in pace on the sands. CORRESPONDENT.

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