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Bankyfelin Notes.

Social Tea and Concert at…


Social Tea and Concert at Bankyfelin. Through the laudable munificence of Mr and Mrs Davies, Waunbricks, a most enjoyable repast was given on Friday afternoon, at the Bankyfelin ( hapel vestry, to the members of the congregation, the villagers, and their children. The tables were sumptuously and luxuriously adorned with exotica and variouj flowers. The striking feature of the taMes were the various artistic lorms into which the butter had been made by the skilful hands of Mi<s Thomas, Pontcowin. Amongst several forms of flo wers and uther articles made of butter was a beautiful Arum li'y, whitch for its striking reEembUnce to the original lily could not be surpassed; indeed, these beautiful and exquisite imit&tkns were naartellously and cleverly executed and reflected the highest credit upon Mies Thomas's skill and ingenuity. The richneis and sumptuousity of the repas recherche could not, but have satisfied e»en the most epicurean tastes A large supply of different kinds of cake, preserves' confectionery, fruits, and other delicacies, were spread in a tasty fashion. Tea commenced at three o'clock, and when the tables were chared it was half-past six over two hundred people having been regaled. After tea was over a qu&ntity of sweet- meats and other bonbons was distributed amongst the children by Mr Davies. Waunbricks. Here's another instance of Mr Davies's praiseworthy philanthropic qualities he presented eath widow resident in the village with a pound of tea! Amongst those lulias who rendered invaluable assistance in the working and serving of tea and the preparations of the tables we noticed Miss Evans, Clogyfral; Miss Jones, Warwenallt Missis Thomas, l'ontcowin Miss Harries, Plas Miss Thomas, Golden Lion Miss Phillips, Sheaf Inn Mrs Walters, Mill Miss Jones, Pwllygravel Miss Davies, Waunbricks Miss Walters, Plasnewydd and Mrs Morris. Amongst those who partook ol the tea we noticed Mr and MIS Davies Rev J. B. Thomas, pastor Mr Davies, Plas; Mr Jones, Pwllygravel Mr Jones, Warwenallt Mr T. Davies and Mr C. James, Smith Arms Mr Thomas, Penline; Mr Rowlands, Bankyfelin; Mr and Mrs Davies, Pembroke Dock Mr Edward", Fox and Hounds Mr Phillips, Sheaf Inn Mrs Davies, Factory; Mr Davies, Wern, &c. (Lack of space will not permit of our enumerating more names ) The concert cornruenred fit 7 p.m and there assembled a large and appreciative audience. The Rev J. B. Thomas presided, and distributed prizes to those whom he considered deserving of a priza in the theological examination held last week. The prizes were gtuerously given by Mr Thomas and Mr Charles James, Smiths' Arms. The fol'owing competitors were successful First Class -Miss Gwladys Thomas, Plas and Miss Bessie Davies, Bankyfelin (equal). Junior Class1st, Miss Mary Richards, Ty. newydd; 2nd, Miss Bessie Davies, Plas. The Rev J. B. Thomas, in the couroe of his remarks, eulogised with wdrm enconium Mr and Mrs Davies' munificence in providing such an excellent and sumptuous tea, and referred in laudatory term. to the generous mar.ner in wnich the widows had been treated he had much pleasure in proposirg a very hearty vote of thsnks to Mr and Mrs Davies, which was humorously seconded by Mr Davies, Plas, who also referred in glowing terms to Mr and Mrs Davies's bountifulness. The vote was carried unanimously. The Rev J. B. Thomas feeing compelled to leave, Mr Jones, Warwenallt, was unanimously voted to the chair, and the following excellent programme was then proceeded with, the accompanists for the evening being Miss Jones, Pwllygravel; Miis Bessie Davies, Smiths' Arms; and Miss M T homae, Golden Lion:—Recitation Mr W Davies, Factory; solo, Mr D Phillips; recitation, Miss Maggie Walteris solo, Mr Dan Davies recitation, Miss Annie Davies, Factory chorus, Children's Choir recitation, Miss Martha Davies, Factory solo, Miss Nanno Walters, Mill dialogue, "Profi cyfeillion," Plas Friends; solo, Mr Albert Davies; recitation, Miss Elizabeth Walters, Mill; duet, Muses Bess and Bessie Davies recitation, Mr D. Phillips; solo, Mr J. Davies; Factory recitation; Miss E. Davies, Factory quartette, Mr Albert Davies and friends piano solo, Miss Thomas, Golden Lion, Carmarthen recita- tion, Miss Bssoie Davies solo, Mr B. Phillips; solo, Mr Alcwyn Jones; reaitation, Mr J. Davies, Factory chorus, Children's Choir recitation, Miss Maggie Phillips quartette, Mr J. Walters and friends recitation, Miss M. J. Davie#, Waun- bricks recitition, Mr H. Lewis, Plaspant quartette, Mr T. Davies and friends recitatirn, Miss Mary Walters, Plasnewydd; solo, Mr Albert Davies recitation, M;ss A Thomas, Plas quartette, Mr Howell Jones and party dialogue, Metsrs W. Phillips and David Jones chorus, "Softly roam gentle night," Ladies' choir, con- ducted by Miss Jones, Warwenallt; chorus, Plas friends chorus, Dewrion feibion Gwalia," Male Yuice Party solo, Miss M. A. Jonea, Pwllygravel. Eveiy item was well appreciated, and the conceit was a perfect euccees. At the conclusion, Mr Rowland* moved a vote of thanks to Mr Jones, Warwenallt, for presiding, which was duly seconded, and carried unanimously. Good Friday will le memorable for the unprecedented bounleoua treat given to the inhabitants and members of the chipel by Mr and Mrs Davies, Waunbricks —a benefartor and benefactress whose names have been and will be held in the highest esteem and veneration.

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