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- Ar Ben y Pentan,

The Question of the Hour-


.A Carmarthenshire County…

Carmarthen Board of Guardians.


Carmarthen Borough Police…

1 he Cannurthcn Quay Committees.


1 he Cannurthcn Quay Committees. [BY AX OLD "JACK TAK."] I am extremely surprised that my Welsh I account of the above connnittees has been misconstrued by the Sunday committee. This proves again that the Welsh languago must have a prominent place in our Board and Voluntary Schools, and also the necessity of appointing good Welshmen for our public institutions — such as our asylums, gaols, shire-halls, etc. It was far from my mind to humiliate these jolly fellows I could not do it. I said plain enough that" they would go through water and fire to save life and pro- perty," and instanced the fire at Mr T. Jenkins's stables. What 1 meant by their thirstiness was that they were not abstainers. I don't see the object of some persons in incorrectly translating the Welsh account to the members of the committees, and presenting it in an offensive light—which was far from my mind. I am also extremely sorry to understand that the name of a certain person is mentioned as being the writer of tne report. Don't accuse the innocent. [The person accused is not the writer of the letter in question. EDITOR.]

Carmarthen Couiity Police…

Llandilo Board of Guardians.