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Llandilo Board of Guardians.


Llandilo Board of Guardians. The fortnighUy meeting of this body was held on Saturday last, when those present were Mr Henry Herbert (chairman), Miss May Gwyiine-Hughes, Col. Gwynne-Hughes, Major Thomas, Messrs Joseph Harries, John Jones, J. Griffiths, T. Uees, John Hanis, J. Eees, W. Jones, Ca!eb Thomas, J. L. Williams, W. Jones (Ammauford), D. Jones (Brikin), T. Davie-i (Llanegwad), T. Davies (Pentre- davis), D. Morris, W. Lewis (Grongar), J. Thomas (Myddfai), and D. Jones (Llansawel). THE MASTER' REPORT stated that the number of vagrants visiting the house in the fortnight was 99, against: 94 in the corresponding period of last year. A service had been held by the Rev. J. Davies, C.M. THE TREASURER'S REPORT showed that the calls unpaid amounted to JE86 5s, of I which amount £ 85 was due from Bettws. The balance in hand was £ 010.—Referring to the state of the accounts of Bettws, the Cletk hoped they would HOW be able to put an end to such a state of things. He had had consent from the Local Government Board for the appointment of a collector at Bettws, which appointment could be made that day fortnight. He had had a letter from the Clerk of the Bettws Parish Council, stating that at the annual meeting of that council a resolution had been passed asking the Rural District Council to withdraw the resolution previously passed, fixing the salary of a collector at £ 30 a year, and requesting applicants for the post, who should be residents in the parish, to state the saLity. CONTRACTS. It was decided to fix the rate of payments for coffins for paupers at the sum of 253. TENDERS FOR PRINTING. For printing 500 copies of tho parochial list of paupers, the tender of Mr Oswald Jones, Llandilo, was accepted. RELIEVING OFFICER'S REPORT. Mr Davies, North District, reported that the number of outdoor paupers in his district was 30G, compared with 315 in the corresponding week of last year. and that the expense of maintaining them was £.12 118 lid compared with £42 15s 6d in the corres- ponding week of last year. THE NEW ORDER OF THINGS. lkfr W. Lewis, Grorigar, brought forward a motion of which he had given notice, and that was to rescind a resolution which had been passed on the 25th of January, 1895. The motion dealt with the control of the highways.—Mr Thomas Davies, Pentre-Davies, seconded the motion, lie thought it was very unfair for them from Liaugathen to have to meet at Llandilo, and it was vety unfair to take from them the power of controlling their roads. There was a lot of talk about Home Rule, but that was not Home Rule at all. -Mr D. Jones, Briskin, said that at the Council meetings they had so much to do that they did not do justice to their work. At the last meeting they sat three hours, and at the close there were only seven men present.—Col. G wyiiiie-Ilug lies supported the motion.—The C^erk said that the resolution it was proposed to rescind was passed to do away with highway committees, and the Council was appointed as a whole to act as such a committee. The reason why it was done was that the Council as a whole had no control over the expenditure of any district high- way committee, but the Council would have to meet that expenditure, as the Union fund was a common one. The Council did not consider that fair.—Mr J. 11 Rees said the best way out of the difficulty would be for the Council to have an extra day for the considera- tion of highway matters.—Mr T. Rees, in supporting the suggestion of Mr J. Res, said that even if they met locally they were bound to take an extra day.— Mr W. Griffiths moved the p.cvieus question. The change had actad with much advantage to the whole union. The union, as a whole, c i.itributed towards the cost of any improvements in a district and should have a voice. Mr Caleb Thomas seconded.—In answer to Mr Thomas Rees, the Clerk said they could divide the union into wards or committees, bub the expenses would still have to be met by the Council. —Mr W. Jones, Glancennen, said tie was very sorry to have to oppose his friends from Llangathen. As the Clerk had said, were the committees distinct from the Council he should certainly vote on the other side, but since they were one, lie did not see it was at all advisable to divide the union into com- mittees. That was the only reason why he supported the previous question. Howeve,. recklessly any district might spend money, tho Council could not check it, but would have to pay for it. He agreed there was a lot of work, but why not, as suggested, get an extra day in which to do it, and that day not a Saturday.—M>ijor Thomas said that if the appoint- ment of committees (lid not entail extra expense he would willingly support if'e motion, but as it would involve extra expenss ha ;ould not do so.—Mr D. Jones, Briskin, did not th;.(.ik the expenditure of a district corumittee would be such as the Council could not approve of.—The Clerk said that there was nothing to prevent them re-appointing the committees to see how they would work f^r a time.—The Chairman said it would mean extra work for the Clerk, and then, of course, there would be extra pay. -On a division, only six voted for the motion, and 11 for the previous question. Matters, therefore, remain as they were. WERN BRIDGE. Two tenders were received for the erection of this bridge; that from J. Walter Davies being £ 184, and that from David J. Jones, Golden Grove, j2195. Both tenders were considered too high, and Mr' Evan Jones, surveyor, was Instructed to carry out the work.- Mr Griffiths wished to have a committee appointed to assist the Sarvevor, but the Council declined to appoint one. DAMAGE TO THE ROADS. This subject was discussed, and Mr l'rosser, roads surveyor, was instructed to attend the next meeting of the board for the purpose of considering the matter.