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I ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL. WELSH AMATEUR CUP. On Saturday last the Aberdare Ama- teurs surmounted a formidable ob- stacle when meeting the smart Albion eleven of Cardiff in the second round of the above competition. To beat their doughty opponents by 2 goals to nil speaks well for the locals. And make- no mistake there wSs no fluke about the victory, sheer doggedness did it. The boys played as if their lives depended upon the result, but it was very late in-the game before they were rewarded. A penalty kick was the beginning of Cardiff's downfall. A youth by the nickname of "Twmmi" was entrusted with the all important kick, and he made no mistake about placing the sphere in the net. The one and only Jack Evans placed the result beyond doubt while the Albions were looking on. I The eleven from goal to centre for- ward started as if they meant serious business. They all did their level best with the knowledge from past exper- ience that they were up against hot stuff. As I wrote after their first meeting the Albions depended princi- pally upon their speedy forwards, but on this occasion they soon began to learn that long kicks and quick follow- ing up was not going to come off. Tom Tennant with his exceptional speed frustrated this favourite manouvre of the Cardiff flyers, and try as they would they could not break through his defence. He is not such a mighty kicker as his partner Nick James, but depends upon a tricky way of putting in a little punt over the heads of those opposed to him, and after rounding them, places well to his forwards. Dai James was again well in the picture as was also Gibbon at centre half. In these two positions the Darians are very powerful. The right half, Emrys Richards, is a most honest worker, but lacks the finer points of the game. He is not an adept in the art of feeding his forwards, but is rather too fond of high punts with the result that the op- posing full-backs are able to get in their kicks without difficulty. f The forwards are improving. Jack Evans at centre, however was not in his merriest mood, but he made up before the end by putting pa id to the visitors chances of pulling off a draw. George Davies at outside right has lost all his speed, and was seldom able to beat the opposition. Vater and Pinkie on the left did many smart things, and the before-mentioned ''T^mrai" was very lively and energetic. There was a distinct improvement in the gate, but the committee would like to see a larger number present. The boys are playing extremely good foot- ball and are deserving of a much big- ger following. On Saturday next the Darians jour- ney to Cardiff to meet the same oppon- ents in the replayed South Wales Sen- ior Cup-Tie. They are going all out for a win, and if determination will do it then the game is as good as won. t The following eleven has been selected to do duty for Aberdare:—Goal, Jack Phillips; full-backs, Nick James (capt.) and Tom Tennant; half-backs, Emrys Richards, Aaron Gibbon and Billing- ham forwards, Pinkie, T. J. Evans, Tom James, Dai James and Vater. -X- Harry Gosling, of Milford Haven, well known to Soccer followers in South Wales, is desirous of turning out for the Darians. His lack of speed will be made up by cleverness and his won- derful knowledge of the game. At centre-half he will be able to coach his youthful mates, and his inclusion, in the team shoud prove of material ad- vantage. A position at right half will then be found for Gibbon. An! extraordinary protest which was heard by the South Wales and Mon. Association and dismissed was laid by the Treharris eleven against Hirwain in a recent Cup Tie. Incidentally the Hirwainites won the game by 1 goal to nil. The ground for the protest was that the goal posts had warped. Didn't the All Whites have their champion linesman with them r Surely this was not good sport on the part M Haydn's favourites. -X- The Athletics of Aberaman brought off a smart performance in beating Bargoed on the latter's ground in a Welsh League encounter. Like Wool- wich Arsenal they seem to play their best football away from homel The Aman Park brigade again experiment- ed, Pointon a half-back partnered Billy Owen at back, Tom Jenkins the goalie was tried in the half-back position, Os- borne late of Mid-Kliondda at centre halt, and Jarvis was relegated to the wing in the middle line. Kendall was another new comer in the front line. Bargoed with the aid of a strong wind completely failed to pierce the defence in the first half, Elliott in goal and the backs putting in all, amount of eiuvgy to keep then; out. On cross- ing ever the Aberaman eleven soon got to work and Guy after a tricky rtin rfjiened the scoring. Kressingtcn add- ed to the score with a good shot. Os- borne was a tower of strength to his side. E- The Aberaman Reserveil overcame their near opponents, Aberaman Wan- derers. by 5 goals to 1 in a Sugg Cup Tie. The win was so convincing that comment is needless. Tom Case, of the Flying Corps, will shortly be demobilized when he intends signing form's for the Aberdare Ama- teurs.. Tommy will then demonstrate that he can fly along the right wing as well as in the air.

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