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MOUNTAIN ASH EDUCATION COMMITTEE. On Tuesday. Mr. Bruce Jones, «H\, in the chair. Also present Messrs W. Dav »ct.; w. Lamburn, G. H. Hall, Chas. Maddox, Rev. George Neigh- bour, Ncah Bowles, Griffith Evans, J.P., D. J. Lewis, D. Rogers, W. Millr:, with Mr. Alfred Morgan (Dir- ected >. iiLLEASE OF DENTISTS. A communication read from the B./iird of Education intimating that iieniirtts could be released, and inqu-rc i v. hat the position ot flift Auuiui-.ty was with regard t J the neea or dentists.—It was decided to defer consideration of same until a reply was received from Mr. Matthews, the former school dentist. TEACHERS & DEMOBILISATION. Mr..Rogers raised a discussion re release of teachers. lie said that the present standard of the staffs left a good deal to be desired, and the edu- cation of the children was bound to suffer.—A member remarked that the conduct of the children and children of older growth who had quitted school, left a good deal to be desired even before the depletion of the stalls, lie did not know where the fault lay, but that was the impression he had formed. The Director said that he ad ap- plied to the Board of Education for the release of all the teachers ho joined H.M. Forces from the Com- mittee's service. Mr. Rogers said that the resolution passed at the last meeting was that an application should be made noi only for those mentioned by the Dir- ector, but for those teachers who had been in this committee's service but who were in college when called up. Ultimately it was resolved to apply for the release of all college students who had been in the employ of the committee. LAST IN AND FIRST OUT. The Director, referring to the method which should be adopted in reinstating teachers released from the Army, remarked he had thought it would be best for the last appoint- ed temporary teacher to go out when an old teacher returned. He wished to qualify this now and suggest that it should be the last teacher appoint- ed to a certain school when a teacher who belonged to that particular school returned. The other method- to take the last appointed teacher no matter in what school—would mean a great deal of disorganisation. Mr. W. Millar thought it was a reasonable request, and he moved that it be adopted. Mr. W. Lamburn seconded. The Chairman said he hoped it would be strictly adhered to. The motion was agreed to. APPLYING FOR ARCHITECT'S RELEASE. It transpired that a great deal of work awaited the school architect, and the Director said an application had been made, but of no avail, for the release of Mr. W. H. Williams, the architect, who had written le- cehtly to the effect that he was doing nothing now in the Army. Mr. W. Millar said he had seen in the papers of a soldier who had a £ 1,500 job waiting for him. but was being detained in the Army cleaning windows. Chairman: Perhaps that was the first bit of real work he ever did (laughter). It was moved that the Director write a long letter to Whitehall. Rev. G. Neighbour: Substitute "strong" for "long." The proposal was agreed to. NO DANCING ALLOWTED. A Mr M S Davies applied on behalf of a private dancing class at Aber- cynon. for permission to hold a class at Abertaf School on two or three nights a week. It was a distinct class for young people, and fhey had been unable to have any other place. Mr. Wr. Lamburn said the applica- tion could not be entertained, inas- much as there was a resolution on the books against granting such ap- plications. Mr. B. Jones *aid it was rather un-. fortunate, because they could not possibly get another room. Rev. G. Neighbour: Cannot they get a vestrv ? Mr. B. Jones: They may as well ask for the raoon (laughter). Mr. Griffith Evans: What about the Workmen's Institute. Mr Maddox: Not a room to lef there. The Chairman thought it was much better for young people to be dancing than wasting their time ..ill., ice-cream shops. Director: It is the puritanic nature of the committee. Mr .Griffith Evans: Go on—next subject. Tnc matter then dropped.