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--------__-CARMEL, TRECYNON.





SCRAPS. BY THE SCRIBE. During Xmastide we had increased fare but no decreased fares-l mean railway tares. When iS travelling by rail to become cheaper yud wiien are passengers going to iuue any- thing approaching the nornu.i uegrc-e ol cuiniortr .ot unUl L.C uO, (;In- ment take over the railways per- haps. Well, hurry up, Winston and icl's get done yuu <i about. ihings cannot ue worse then than wnat they are now. Can anyone explain the vagaries of public lighting in AbercUtrer. i'iiursday morn-ng, Dec.as a very dark cloudy inorninf ami all the lamps in tlle ma.n street were; out before sewn.«■ n going LO work had to teei their though the darkness and tue running oi the -cars in a benighted tnorougniafe was attendant with much risk to life and limb. However < n tiie fol- lowing morning, which- was a com- paratively bright one, all the lamps were burning brightly as auxiliaries to the orb of day until it was well nigh noon. We are still in the dark as to this anomaly, and fifty thous- and Aberdarians want to know the reason why. With holidays, as with the miser and'his gold, the more you get the more you want. One would have thought that the Aberdare trades- men had a fairly good holiday dur- ing Xmas week. But no, the Oliver Twist, instinct asserted itself, and on the following Thursday it was down tools—or rather up shutters-for a whole day with many of them. I have been told that many of them wanted a day to count their bless- ings during the newly-expired year. Well to me holidays are reminiscent of and conducive to curses* rather than blessings. Let us go from the shops to the schools. We find that these had been idle for about two months and resumed business on the first Mon- day after Xmas. However, on the following Wednesday—after two days active service-—^there was another stop day. Why? Those people who lovo lengthy periods of rests should be happy when they are dead, for then it is one long holiday for ever and ever. One of the new members of the new Parliament is Major Jack Ed- wards, D.S.O., who represents Aber- avon. He is a native of Llan- jbadarn, near Aberystwyth, but was brought up at Neath. Probably but few Aberdarians have recognised in the gallant Major, D.S.O: and M.P. a former master at the Aberdare County School, one of ths sunniest souls that you could meet in a day's j- march. Major Jack Edwards—unless the asperities of war have dulled his keen native wit, which is not pro- bable—is a humourist of the first water. His addresses at local de- bating societies always sparkled with flashes of wit and humour. He, was the life and soul of all enter-I tainments at the Aberdare County I School. His literary contributions bore the same bright hall-mark. His racy report of a local burleque foot- ball match which appeared in the Leader was what the music hall pos- ter would describe as a rare mirth- provoker. We trust the gallant Major's poli- tical career will be as successful as his academic and military ones. He ought to become a second Labouch- ere. The Coalition Government has had a "happv return." Unhampered by the continued opposition of n strong minority, the new Government ought to be able to do a lot for the country. But after all a powerful! Opposition Party in Parliament serves a good purpose. It stimu- lates the Government to action and saves it from the indolence which is too often the companion of a fixi- ty of Parliamentary tenure. If the tempest of opposition is nr-t nower- fii! to uproot the Parlia-i ment^rv oak it ought to strengthen! its mMs and thereby enhance its! usefulness T,t 1',<; vnne that the p^ er with whie wf have invested tic, victor-j ioes n ill not be and; thct .1", '■on^d"we of the c m it w'H be vrpl'-merited and "f!!>d, • r ion have an r mous; Let UP hone c., thev. ?■ t.hrouerh. T- ■ have' •" ni-omisos. Ma-: not tv-a Se piecmsts. < ",1 :venrs of •<~tinn, r: r^const'-i r 'r n trill •yrw>d. fn- it f f"^nWaV» t'} y\ # r < 'mi^r of and ("W'n.' i process in nP:1"p as several1 "vr fhnt should mnde 1,iR "Vnoek-eut hlow, rr ^o 'Vive them hell" {1-: ours will then be ai !1. n -rth. j j




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