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YNYSYBWL. DON'T delay, but oall at JAY. BENEFIT.—On Thursday evening at the Workmen's Hall a wellatterid- ed benefit concert was held in aid oi Air. Thomas Knott. Thompson Villas, who has bepti ill for many months. MILITARY. After having spent some months in Germany as a prisoner of war, Pte Leo Owen, of the Welsh Regiment, returned home on Mondav evening. Pte Owen, who has been with the colours for nearly three years, is a son of Mr. Ed. Owen, 8 Thompson Villas. CONCERT. On Monday evening GJyn StreeF English C.M. Church held their 28th annual concert at the Workmen's Hall, and from the point of attendance and excellence of sing- ing it proved a huge success. The artistes were: Soprano, Madame Bes- sie Morris, Ammanford; contralto, Miss AL L. Williams, Swansea; tenor, Air. Dd. Harry. R.A.M., Swan- sea; baritone, Mr. David Hughes, R.A.AL, Swansea. The accompan- ist was Madame Richards-Evans, A.R.C.AL. L.R.A.M., Pontypridd. A pianoforte 'duett was given by Mad- 1 anie Richards-Evans and Miss Lilian Thomas, L.L.C.M. The chairman was Air. AL J. John. TABERNACLE. On New Year's night at Tabernacle a social was held. The arrangements were made by Alis = Annie May James, and superintended by the Rev Arthur Jones B.A. (pas- tor), and Mr. George Jones. The following aSF;isted: -MrB. Evans, Misses A. Evans, M. Evans, Blodwen Jones, Dinah J. Breeze. A. J. Lewis. ATarv Jones. Annie Thomas, Mes-, damps II. J. Evans, M. J. Price, AL Thomas. M. Rogers, Alessrs iD. Blackwell, and Jno. Jenkins. An ex- cellent sketch was given by Aliss Aeronia Evans and Mr. Gwyn Evans. Solos were given by Aliss Olwen Thomas, Aliss AI. Evans, and Air. Brynmor Jones. The games were un- der the supervision of Messrs. W. D. Rogers and D. Jno Jones. NODDFA.—On New Year's Eve the young people of Noddfa (B.) held a social. Miss L. M. Lewis acted at secretary. Assistance was given by Mrs. Roberts, Misses Olwen Lewis, Dorothy George, and L. M. Thomas, AI rs. Rev. R. Edwards, Mesdames H. .Tames. D. Lewis, and H. Lewis, Alessrs Simon Evans and D. Lewis. The concert was presided over by Mr. T. J. Davies. Solos were given by Air. D. R. Aladdy and Master Teddy Cynllif Jones. The winner of the children's competition was Tegwedd Thomas. The following soldiers were accorded a lieartv welcome nd presented with a fountain pen:—Pte D. Morris. Gunner E. Lloyd, Pte D. Jno. Evans. The presentation was made by Mr. D. James. Sketches were given by Aliss Alaggie Price and friend-, and Alaster Merlin Evans and friends. The Welsh National Anthem was sung bv Ali- Evan Lewis. SOCIAL OF WrELCtiME.—On New Year's Eve at Glyn Street Chapel a social tea was given to welcomc home the following -,oldie rs: -Rifleinan A. B. Thomas, Pte W. Peart and Fie Arthur Jones (released prisoner of war from Germany), and also Cadet W. Williams, Arthur Burnell, Cvril Gates, W. Roberts, and A. Ford. the tray holders were Miss Edith Evans, Airs. Owens, Alisses M. Meredith, B. Williams, A. Waite V. Burnell K. Hughes, Airs. AL J. John, Miss S. Thomas, Me-sdames C. John, W. Wat- kins, Thomas, Misses Dawe and Wal- ters, lrs. James. Air. M. J. John, M.E., presided at the concert, and gave a. hearty welcome to the guests. on behalf of whwia Cadet W. Wil- liams suitably responded. The fol- lowing contributed items:—Messrs C. Dearson, Irving Walters, Alasters C Hellier, Aubrey Thomas, Messrs. Hector Williams and W. Rees. The arrangements were under the super- vision of fe.sers. D. J ohm and Irving Walters.