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MOUNTAIN ASH. u fi]Tr>i<r.re l" worth placinv DfVv- rnnvrtt ''on *or Teeth, painless extrae- sr>er.j ..Repairs and Remodelling rC A{a lallty. Dental Surgery (above, vi(U s) 40 Oxford Street (entrance, WhI*F'EC:TLY NATURAL — no; fit 's«tion but just O.K. Tetl Mae's 'rtriV!o an(1 finish in gents' toggery. nQr^^ SHOPPING event of primary is the Victory Bargain the Bee Ilive, Victoria (1,, Aberdare, to-morrow (Fi- (:Kr; ^cure some of the Bargains in Prv 00 Furs, Winter CoatR Milliti — (iv" Blouses offered at Half-Priro rUnvf,'ss- Visit the Bee Hive early 'o- j r()v,\ '!9J." HVANS, Canon Street, Abet ls having a Clearance Sale Next, v. qn,rc»ay. Come and get what you ATttot rpr^nced prices. .-At the examination for ''ol,iVloli" (lower grade), vee?a"iy *lt: Cardiff, of the International 'hr, ,r' of Musicians, Mi,-s. Gladys tiDTf,nas- -1 Bailey Street, pas>e<l with Master* Cyril llennings, 1 l(>>. T^wyn Street, honotirs; and Mas- JlL>k P. Keynish. 10 Knight St.. •Toh>?VlrTH- They are pupils of Mr. Qn H. Reardon, L.I.G.T. PAHlSH CHURCH.—Holy Com-1 munion was feielirat^ed at 8 and 11 on Sunday morning in St. Margar- et's Church. Tours Office was Hung at the latter .service, and Rev. T. J. Morgan preached. Capt. Reed, Chaplain to H.M. Forces iu Malta, delivered n most interesting address at the evening service. PRESENTATION. — On Wednes- day evening L'tst week at the Bro- therhood Church a. presentation was made to Mrs. Jenner (nee Miss Wil- kina), who has been tho organist of iho church foi- many years. The Rev. George Neighbour, who pre- sided, handed to Mrs. Jenner a handsome canteen of cutlery, sub- scribed for bv members of the con- gregation. The recipient briefly re- sponded. WEDDING.—The nuptials of Mr. Wm. E. Gough (Gough's Garage Co.), eldest son of Mr and Mrs Jabex Gough, Woodland Street, and Mias Ethel Davies, Bryngolwg, Ynys- ybwl, were solemnized at Llanwonno Parish Church on the last day of the old year. The briae was accompan- ied by her mother and Miss F. M. Davies, and waa given away by her father. The offieiating clergyman was Rev. T. Griffiths. RHOS COMPETITIVE—Rev. T. J. Hughes presided over the meeting held on Monday e vening in the ves- try. Mr. W. Badham adjudicated the music, and Mr Thus. Williams the recitations. The winners were: Boys' solo, Meurig Williams; girls t solo, Evelyn Fi-yei- recitation, Meur- ig W illiams; piano solo, Ben Powell; men's solo, Mr Ben Davies: reading first-sight: 1, Gueimie M. Williams; 2f W. Hubert Edmunds; music, first pight, Tom Edmunds; open solo, .1, Florence McGregor; 2, Glyn I VVTirJo. Mr. D. P. Tucker was the I secretary. NEWTOWN WELCOME FI ND. I —Two concerts were given at the I Colliers Arms last week. At the former on Wednesday evening Mr. T. Horsnum presided. The enter- tainment was provided by Messrs. T. Power, Sergt. J. Pople, W. Blacker, W. Owou, W. Mellish, T. Evans, J. Harris, T. HorsniHn and Sid Thomas.—On Saturday evening Sergt. W. Oweu presided, supported by Messrs. Recs Taylor, Tom James I and J. Evans and J. Pople. Mr. Bert Notley and party gave the evening's entertainment in splendid style. CAE AND CWM FUND. The weekly presentation concert at the Jeffreys Arma on Monday evening ¡ was presided over by Mr. D. Jeffi-ev Morgan, supportcid by Messrs. John Williams, D. J. Jones and John A.shford. Mr. I). P. Jones made Williams, D. J. Jones and John Ashford. Mr. D. P. Jones made presentations to Pte. John Jones, A.S.C., and Pte. Mog Ashford. The concert artiste* were Messrs John I Webber, Dd. Holly, Mog Williams, W. Lloyd. D. Davies, Parker, Rich- IInl Griffiths, John Jones and George I Anthony. ARMY NEWS.—A large number of Mount men have been demobilised during the last week and aro gradu- t ally finding their way into their old ? employment. — Pto. Wilfred Meal- [ ing, son of Mr and Mrs Geo. Meal- ing, Ffrwd Crescent, writes from | Mesopotamia. All's well and hopes to be home (shortly. He had been } recommended for a commission, but } recommended for a commission, but Rowing to the trend of events has abandoned the idea. He sends New I Year wishes to all his friends. — I Gunner S. A. and Pte. E. P. H. • Biddle have been home on sad duty —the- burial of their father. The | former returns to Oxford this week, j —lit. T. W. Millar returned to duty on Tuesday. on Tuesday. I NAZARETH. -The pastor, Rev. ) J. Francis Jones, Chaplain, home on i leave, delivered powerful sermons on | Sunday to crowded congregations, j On Monday a welcome home social j was held, the arrangements being j ciwied out by Mrs. John Charles, i Addresses were given by Aid. Wm. Jones, J.P., Rer. D. P. David and | Rev. A. Watson. Musical items were given by Misses C. and G. Mur- rel!> Mr. J. Christopher and party, Mr. Wm. Thomas, Mrs. Gregory, i Mr. Ashford, Rev. D. P. David, S. MurreU, Mr. T. Richards, imr J. MurreU, Alius N. Davies and Miss A. Morris. A tremendous ova- I tion was given to the guest of the evening whew he rose to address the friends. BUFF DANCE.—The grand New j Victory Dance held at tIw i Orili Hall by the brethren of the R.A.O.B., Sirdar Lodge, was a com- plete success, about 300 attending. The King's Waltz competition was won bv Mr David Evans and Miss Graeie Moore, who also won the open computation. Thc-se graceful dancers kindly handed the latter prize back to the committee, and Mr. Percy Morgan and Miss Vi Lewis were declared the winners. Mrs. Dan England was awarded a consolation prize. Mrs. David Davies, 19 Lon- don Street, presented the winners, and Mr Robert Way acted as M.C. The proceeds were for the Benevo- lent Fund of the Order. INTERMENT.—The funeral of Mr. Philip Biddle, general dealer, 1 Aberdare Road, took place at Maes- vrarian Cemetery on Tuesday, Rev. E. Burges officiating. Deceased, an old inhabitant, was in his 72nd year. A groat number of residents attend- ed the obsequies. The chief mourn- ers were Gunner S. A. Biddle and Pte. E. P. H. Biddle, sons; Dr. C. Biddle, Mertiiyr, brother, and Messrs. E. Biddle, Merthyr, and B. James, nephews; T. Morgans and Marsh Mortimer, brothers-in-law; T. Cannings and B. Mortimer, uncles. Floral tributes were re- ceived from: Ifrs. Itiddle, widow; Miss Violetta Biddle, daughter; .vi- and Mrs. E. P. H. Biddle, son and daughter-in-law. Pontypridd; Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Biddle, son and daughter-in-law, Merthyr; Dr. and Mrs. C. Biddle, brother and sister- in-law, Merthyr; Mrs. and Claude Biddle, sisteriu-law and ncpliew, London; Lt. Frank Biddle and Captaill Eric Biddle, nephews, in France. The funeral arrangements were carried out bv Mr Frank Mills. MISSION" MEETINGS.—Under e auspices (,f the Baptist Women's Mis- sionary Association (Mountain Ash and Pen Hi iwcoiber Auxiliary), a chil- dren's missionary festival was held at Rlios Sunday, when the following churches .were represented:—Ffrwd, Nazareth, Hhos. Mount Pisgali. Jer- usalem, and Bethesda. Mrs. T. Rich- ards, Northlands, presided. Miss Thomas, from China, and Miss M. Trevor .) oihk Li a nelly, gave ad- dressee The children gave musical and other items, conducted by Miss Amelia Davies, and accompanied oy Mi:" K. Bishop. On Monday after- noon the annual conference took place followed by a tea, when tho fol- lowing ladies assisted: —Mrs Price Morris. Mrs. Davies, Miss Bradford, the Misses Davies. Darren Road, and Mr-. Aid. Jones (Nazareth), Mrs. Bees, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Griffiths (Ffrwd). Mrs. D. Morgan. Mrs. Wll- liams, Beckett, Street. Mrs W. Davies, Miss Tucker and Miss Pughe (Rhos), Mrs (Rev.) David, Mrs Williams, and Mrs. Price (Mount Pisgah), Mrs. Wiggle, Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. John. In the evening a young peo- ple's meeting held when both ladv missionaries, with Mrs. Jones, llirwain, and the Rev Mr. David Mount Pisgah, spoke. Councillor X\ Dnvies occupied the chair. Miss Col- man was secretary, and Mrs. D. W. John treasurer.