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EMPIRE THEATRE* MOUNTAIN ASH. Proprietor Viator W. Rows. Week commencing Monday, January 13th. o THE EVENT OF THE SEASON! JOHN WORTH'S COMPANY in a Now Play on the Great Social Evil IGNORANCE The Story of a Submerged Family. BY CLIFFORD REAN. Author of "Tainted Goods," "Hia Last Leave," etc. FOR ADULT8 ONLY. C. Raymond Waftace as "The Doctor"; Miss Clara Stanley as "The Mother"; Miss Gertrude Gilbert as "The Girl." LLOYD GEORGE: Slums are not fit homes for the men who have won this War or for their children. They are not fit nurseries for the children who are to make an Imperial Race. Therefore the Housing of the People must be a National Concern."—November 23rd, 1918. The Doctor C. Raymond Wallace. The Parson John Worth. The Landlord. jos. A. Hybert. The W. T. Radmore. The Mother v Clara Santlev. The School Teacher Maude Steeple. The Child Nancy Lawrence. The Girl Gertrude Gilbert. The action of the Play takes place In the living room of a Two-Roomed Tenement In the Slums of Alltown. Act 1: Jane Martin's Home. Act 2: Seven Months Later. Act 3 Three Months Later. Every Father and Mother, every Young, Man and Girl ought to see this Play and mark well the Lesson it contains. IGNORANCE—may be the reason for wrong doing; it is never an excuse Prices of Admissions- Orohestra Stalls. StiLits. Pit Stalls. Pit. 10d. 7d. 5d. 4d. Government Tax 3d. 2d. 2d. id. Prepaid SmaH Advertisements. Inserted at the following specially low rates:— One week. 3 wks. 6 wks. 12 words 0 9 1 9 3 0] 20 „ 1 0 2 8 4 0l 28 „ 1 3 8 3 5 0 36 1 6 4 0 6 0 44 1 9. 4 9 7 0 These charges apply only to the fol- A p.-rtiiicuie, Situations (Vacant or Wanted) To Let, Lost or Found, •id Miscellaneous Sales and Wanta. Vj-Hd* Advertisements will be harK,i an additional 130 per oent. i>operu*>« for Sale or Wanted at double above rate. If not preputd extra will be charged. Advertisement & Publishing Office# 19 Cardiff Street, Aberdare. All replies to be called for at the 'jaice Advertisers who deaire to fa.v.e replies sent to them should for- ward fUmps Wedding presents- and lists of guests. 3d. a line. Musical and other suoceesea 2/6 j minimum up to 6 lines, and 3d. line afterwards. Lists of wreaths in funeral reports 1 8 per inch SUBSCRIPTION LIM, Ao. Lists of Subscriptions; Appeals f-r and Acknowledgments of Sub-; -ritit,u,n, per inch WANTED. -=- RESPECTABLE Boy (hairdresser). j -Klondyke. Market Street, Aberdare. LADY CANyASSiatS wanted to i solicit orders for Artificial Teeth. Vberdaro and V-etlhyy, Viilleye.- Doyle's Dental Surgery, Abereynon. YOUNG Married Couple (no chil- require two furnished room.), Mountain Ash district.—Apply Y.M., Leader" Office. TO RENT, 7 M S roomed House, Tioar centre of town. —Kin?, 36 Com- mercial Street, Aberdare. LADY would like to have two gen- ii omen lodgers. Colliers Dot objected to.-Apply M.G., "Leader" Office. TO RENT, H-oo.se in At-rdaze.- pply 12. Leader" Office, Aberdare. GOOD General Servant. Apply, Ivy Bush Hotel. Ctvmauum. POSITION as Shorthand Typist by Young Lady of I' 5K.. reader" Office, Aberdare. TWO Unfurnished Itooms; three in fa mily.-Apply 21 "Leader" Office. RESPECTABLI-I (liT) as Genera! good wages. Apply Parry, Grocer. Aberuwmboi. LADY CANVASSERS waatei tu luiok orders for high el&f-'«> Dental work in Aberdare districts. Insur. a nee collectors, drapery travellers, or similarly experienced pptieOM pie- tevred; good wages illti < ommission. Permanency.—Apply The Dentjut! In- <1 State, Ltd., 5 Pcmtaiorlaii, Merthyr. <iROCERY.—Wanted a SUn&g Pc- "1 for Wavrhoursa work. nia-le or to-i in do.— Apply John Lewi*. Mill gfc. < iEOCERY. Wanted Experienced A-;istant, male or female. A} smart Lady for office work.—Apply < let-tor only), 1.1" Ltiaftev" Office. AT ONCE. Geucial or €ook-Gcn- eral.—Mrs. Thomas. Bute Hospital, Abernant Road. 1 MMEDIATEL V, Good Crirl as General. — Apply. Mrs. Carm»dy, Mount Pleasant Hotel. Treey* I FOR SALE. MAIL-CART; capital condition; hood and canopy complete, 30s.—Ap- ply, BN., "Leader" Office GOOD Second-hand Piano for Sale.—Maesydre Villa, Aberdaro Road, Mountain Ash. GOOD Second-hand Chesterfield Suite for Sale. Maesydre Villa, Aberdare Road, Mountain Ash. MISCE-LI NEOUS. THE INFLUENZA SCOURGE gives additional importance to Nasal Hy- giene. Keep your nostrils and throat §erm i>roof with Nostroline" Nasal pecifio and you cannot catch Influ- ei^a, Nasal Catarrh and Head Colds. *Of leading: Chemists everywhere, 1/3 (bv post (1/5). Sold by E. E. Evans, 9 Victoria Square; W. H. Jones, 3 Victoria Square; C. A. Harris 12 Cardiff Street; G. T. Williams, \Vhit- eombe Street, Aberdare; E. L. Hum- phreys, 7 Mill Street, Trocynon; T. W. Reynolds, High Street, Hirwain; A. M. Jones. 36 Penrhiwceiber Road, W. II Jones, 9 Oxford Street, J. Reynolds, 78 Commercial Street, Mountain Ash; and most Chenaists elsewhere. MOLESKINS, highest prices paid for best, quality. Other grades ac- cepted. Gerrard, Furriers, Edin- burgh. J. FINE and Co., 18b Whitcombe Street, Aberdare, are buying and selling Second-hand Furniture. CHIROPODY.—Corns, Bunions^ Ingrowing Toe-Nails are dealt with on scientific methods by a oortificat- I d chiropodist. Residences visited j anywhere in district. Moderate fees. tewit 1 Canon Street (Opposite Post Office), Aberdare. MONUMENTAL. Headstones, Tombs, Crosses. Practical Letter Cut- i ters. All Stones. Old Memorials re- stored equal to new designs. Prices submitted application.—Lloyd, Sculpt- ors, 39- Duffryn Street, Mountain Ash. Mr. Gwilym Griffiths, 16 High Street, Abordare. Wood Carvers, Engravers. ADVICE FREE.—Mr., Mrs. Stew- art Herbalists, Guinea Street, Bris- tol. J., WANTED. MOLE, FOX, OTTER SKINS Wanted. Must he stretched and jiir- c!fi. Any quantity taken. Top pTwes. Cash by return. Send a* QMe to Dept. 33, W. M. Coben, 6 and q Emerald Street, London, W.C. 1. PROPERTIES FOR SALE. 44 LOCK STREET, Aborcynon.- Apply by letter. X., H I.(.ad..r" Office. B-'ftEKHOLD House and Premises, Brown RoatT Hirwain; no reiervo.- ppJJ 20, Ixeader J Office, Aberdare. 18 HOT FORD TfiRBACB; Cwm- dure. -For particulars, apply UrtiTiofl, 53 Primrose Terrace, Porth. iS ALBERT STREET, Mi,kin.— Apply, Jones, Pant Villa, Cwmbach. HOUSE for Sale, Park Street, Pen- rhiirceiber.—Apply P.S., "Leader" < )reoe. HOUSE in Trevor Street, Aberdare -Hid in Railway Terracr, Aberaman — Apply, by letter, T2, Leader" Office. ■SIX-ROOMED House and four- roomed house in Dumfries Street, Aberdare.—Apply (>1 "Leader" Office. Saron, Aberaman, JANUARY 27, 1919. A RARE TREAT! Rev. G. Campbell Morgan, D.D., London, Will Preach at 430 and Lecture at 7.30. Subject of Lecture "What the Bible Claims for Itself." Seats (reserved) may be booked at 2/ Second Seats, 11. Ste posters. Secretary—T EDWARDS, 62 Jubilee Road. ABERDARE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE OF AUDIT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the. District Auditor of the Glamorganshire Audit District has appointed the Addit of the Ac* counts of thq Aberdare Urban Dis- trict Council, and of any Committee appointed by thorn, and of their officers, for the year ending 31st March. 1918, to commence on Mon- day, the 27th day of January, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Council Chamber, Town Hall Aberdare. AND NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a Copy of the Ac- counts, duly made up and balanced, together with all the Rate Books, Account Books, Deeds, Contracts, Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or referred to in such ac- counts will be deposited at the Offices of the Raid Council, in the Town tinil. Aberdare, and be open during Office hours thereat to the inspection of all persons interested for Seven Clear Days before the day appointed for the Audit, and all such persons shall be at liberty to take copies of, or extracts from the same, without fee or reward. Dated this 31st day of Decem- ber, 1918. W. R. MORGAN, Clerk to the Council. Town Hall, Aberdare. SHORTHAND, TYPEWRITING, COMM ERCIAL CORRESPON D- ENCE, etc. Day and Evening Classes; also Private Lessons. For Terms and Particulars apply to- Mrs. STANLEY GREGORY, Hamilton House, Mountain Ash. MERTHYR TYDFIL UNION. Probationer Nurses Wanted. THE Guardians of the Poor of the above Union invite applications from suitable Candidates residing in South Wales or Monmouthshire for appointment as Probationer xsurses at their Infirmary, Merthyr Tydfil. Candidates must not be under 21 years of age (birth certificate to be produced), and must be prepared to serve the full course of Training, viz., 3 years. Particulars ao to Salary, Duties, Qualifications, etc, can bo obtained together with a form of Application, either from the undersigned or the Master of the Workhouw, Merthyr Tydfil. The appointments will be made after ex- aminations conducted (1) By the Medical Officer; (2) By the Examin- ation Committee, of which due notice will be given. Applications should be in my hands not later than the first post on Friday, the 24th day of January, 1919.—By Order, FRANK T. JAMES, Clerk to the Guardians. Union Offices, 134 High Street, Merthyr Tydfil. STRAYED. TO Yntumgwrych Farm, Glvn Neath, a lurcher, with "W. H. Owen" on collar. Unless claimed within four days will be sold to de- fray. expenses. LOST. SILVER WATCH in leather strap, size shilling. "Exact" on face. Enamel partly worn off. Reward priven on returning to "Leader" Office. FOR SALE. A GOOD ORGAN, nearly new; a bargain.—A9. Leader" Office. A SECOND-HAND PIANO by Col- lard and (bollard. Cheap.—B13, Leader" Office. A GOOD SECOND-HAND PIANO. —Apply Arkite Phillips, 5 Canon St., Aberdare.

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