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JBC A «3-€3-JC R ABERPARE. This Day (Thursday), Friday & Satrday- The Great Mystery Drama in 7 parts- S E )t J)& THE ABGYLE CASE B S S !t S tBM BaBB THE MOON CHILD. No. -10 THE AMERICAN GIRL. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday- By Special Request-THE GREAT HEAVY-WEIGHT BOXING CONTEST- SMITH-GOPPARD Comedies, including FATTY and the First Nijmber of the New Serial- THE ROMANCE OF OLIVE 1i EYES 4.. AA ø:2J u SUFFB'fcl mm ft* STBAUt MKIfi santY or SHOiU$tClH ? are ooruiaHy mvhed to can and Consult Ie E. THOMAS, Chemist & Spfttfeaimlc dptleaan, ABERAMAN. ^RIVATS? ROOM for Testing. Advice & Sight Testing fP38 Wedding t. as B 8r'% M at Rings THOMAS & Co., -tHE JEWELLERS and RING DEALERS, "Ph$ne 24. Commercial St, Aberdave. John Howard Morgan & co. eta.n of the late JOHN MORGAN, Builder and Undertaker), "Undef takers aid Complete NUMERAL FURNISHERS, 84 Clifton Street, ABfcROARE. LADJESI WOOD'S CHALLENGE REMEDY is guaranteed trade' sum of £ 100 to curs when t?tb*r !*u- Fm superior to Pills, Continent*! treatment loi J' cases of irregularities, howey^J fb»tinate, CHALLENGE REMEJJi I" supremo. Prioe, 8s-> 6b* Stemp for advice. K«tabhsheO 1 Jfcars.—~Mr. & Mrs. G. ft OU»J Modical Specialists, MH'iy 81-jtjgEx. LEEDS. TY8SUL DAVKS, 5u,!fl«r, Contractor and undertake'1 p'»tittistes given for linefeed Graces "^rponal attention +0 Iftroerais, ^«li!s MOUNT PLEASANT fRECYNON, ABEBPARE PRINTING ^ftly and promptly executed at the Weader" Office. Cardiff Street, *M*dare. EVAN W. JAMES, M.P.8., LONDON, DISPENSING CHEMIST and PHARMACIST, HAS opened A NEW « PHARMACY «. roB. nra DISPENSING OF MEDICINES FOR THE NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCES AT 68 OXFORD STREET, MOUNTAIN ASM, Physialanil Prescriptions Receive personal Attention. First-class Stack of Household and Toilet Requisites. CARTER'S TESTEO CAROEN SEEDS. All Fresh Seeds, and just arrived, to be .b-taiaei at the Ant- E. W. JAMES, M.P.S., Dispensing Chemist, G6 oxferd St., Mountain Ash. 1 D. J DAVIE s, j Plumber, sanitary Engineer and! casfitter. j Estimates Free. Personal Attention, jj A good Selectien of Gas Fitting! and Sanitary Appliances and Aoces |j sories id way a kept in Stock at i 61 CARDIFF ST. ABERDARE. .1 livo -I MY VIEW as an Eye Special- let is:-That you ought not to delay having glasses if your sight is defective. YOUR VIEW (through the glasses) will be just what it should be. EMRYS EVANS, M.P.S., CHEMIST and OCULIST, VICTORIA SQUARE, ABERDARE I The Old Firm. Establlshsd 18 yeeft r% DAVID COLLIER, By the Efficient Management of PAN Workmen (Many years is my service). (General Work. Glass Roofing. Carpentry, Joiners. Modern Shop and Office Fitters Cablnetmakmg and Upholstering a Speciality. UNDERTAKER and COMPLETH FUNERAL FURNISHER. Work and Prises Guaranteed Satisfactory. 22 LEWIS STREET, ABERAMAN Phone No. 11, or coll on-Mr Frank Lambert. 30 Gladstone tit. Aheraman; Mr. John Nelson, 81 Hill Street, Abera-man. Workshop: Cardiff Raw, Aberaman. ALFRED GRITTOH, (LATE WITH Mr. D. COLLIER) Carpenter, Joiner, Wheelwright, Shop and Office Fitter. All kinds of General Work, Glass Roofs, etc. Undertaker and Complete Funera! Furnisher. 85 BROOK ST., ABERAMAN. WORKSHOP— PICTON YARD. ABERAMAN 'Phone t6t Aberdare Tie Typewriting Bureau FOR ARTISTIC TYPEWRITING AND COPYING OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Miss M. GILBERT 15 Seymour Street, Aberdare. LESSONS CIVEN. TERMS MODERATE. EMIGRATION Passengers booked to the UNITED STATES, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA and all parts of the World by T D WILLIAMS, Public Auditor and Acoountant, Valuer and House Agent. Tradesmen's Books Posted sad Audited. All kinds of Insurances arranged, Rente Collected. Office—fO CANON ST., ABERDARi D. PHILLIPS. fAILOR AND DRAPER, 40 CANON ST., ABERDAi? £ All Orders Promptly Attended T; MOURNINGS A SPECIALITY f I F R A N K MILLS, Undertaker & Funeral Furnisher, jXFORO ST., MOUNTAIN -viderii also talon at EVAN EVANS', 33 Seymour Street, and J. M. HARRIES', WeodiJine Villa, Llanwonno Road. TBL. ADDRESS J "FRANK MILLS, SCHOOL OF MUSIC, Monk Street, Aberdare j j Mr. TOM JONES, LR.A.NL, A.R.C.O., M.I.S.M., j snves Lessons in PIANOFORTE AN D ORGAN PLAYING, SINGING, HARMONY COUNTERPOINT COMPOSITION, FORM and FUGUE. Complete preparatse* for all Musical Examinations. Over 800 Diplomas and Certificates wen b? p«mk, i»slu4iog A.R.C.M., L.L.C.M. (9), A.L.C.M. (25), Associated Board R.A.II., R.C.M. Medals and Book Prizes. Btsteddfei Successes. SnoiAixrs: A system of Oonptete Musical Education to young children [ based o« tike saedern method. f fngagemente accepted for Organ Recitals, Adjudicator, Acoompaniit | MOUNTAIN ASH VISITED ,¡¿, ■< L V. |1919| TO < Make This a Successful Yeap fop Yourself Commence by Pupchasing Your Home FOR CASH OR EASY TERMS FROM THE IfiOATH FURNISHINC COMPANY, I I Taff Stiseetg -Pontypisidd. I- J MARK MY WORD I IT'S HEARTREHOING to Hear ths cries of »abie» »n«ariss ] from Wind, Gripes, j parents regard this with uneoi»cer* and seem to oonsidei thai all Bsb j must gate? from iifuiUle ww | plaints. JONES & SON'S j flED DROPS j 1 will stop th« littlf mits's p&iiui fl ( sootiiab, relieTS* a»d cores, witkoat any danger. No woman, wko (» a I "good" mother, will neglect I child's sufferings. De not wait onttl f the necessity ariaes. Be prep*? with the unfailing rexa«iy. | Sold fo bottles, i/3, 7Y Mr Humphwy/s, [ chemist Trecynon; Mr Emrys Evans, cheoil'.t, Aberdare; Mr I, B. Thomas, chemist, Aher- attMn Mr J. H. Jonen, chemist. Mountain Ash; Mr Williams, chatnist, Mounrais Ash Mr A, M. Jones, chemist, Pen.'htwcefbcr Mr Wil. liams, chemist, Abercynoa >*» U6. post tree, 1 from the Manufacturers í JONES & SONS, i etissnists, Llaai^ieee, HonL ■ — ? ¡ E. Lewis Jones & Co., AUCTIONEERS and VALUERS, House, Land A tetate Agents. Acoeuntants A Audttere. Life ■■ A General Insurance Agents, Dealers In Stocks and Sharecu Local Agents for tM* Gunard Ste* rap ship Co., Ltd. Fastest t*> [ Canada. | i Note Address— 22JCARDIFF STREET. AB!ERflAB?J (Above Sinser'e.) No oonnection with No. 81. m I GEORGE'S PILE and GfUVEL PILLS A Marvellous Remedy. °f Fift* v#a|,» World » eid th^ flrtt Pu«» the GHAVFf8 a ufor PlLE8 *B5t the common dl»- and^K-v/n BowfIs, Stomach, Ur»r y J 'dneys; and there is BO oivi" ;o+ "NatK>n. under the Sun that ha« r.ottil experienc-ad their Healiq 1HE THREE FORMS OF THIS v REMfiDY. No fr-S^Ke's Pile & Grarel Pill#, v«' r^eorge's Gravel Pills. 3—George's Pills for the Pilas. eve1?where in Boxes, la. M. a J oS' 0d* eaotl* Poet, Is. H. -is. 2d. Proprietor 1 E. George. Boccessor to i. E. CEORGE, M.R.P.S., Hlrwaln, Abertfere. LOANS. £ 10 to £ lnn ™ on not. m of hand to Tradesmen. farmers, Busimew-meii. and others worthy of credit, with or sureties or securities. (BUSi- opss eonipleted immediately without any delaj). Repayments arraagsd HI SuIt applicant's oolavenience. £ 100^to £ 1000 danc ed to ?erSons te liuy the hoos« tbey aocnrv or other pyopertj. Loans also maor upon property already in possesion ,f iipWwants, existing mortgage« paid off more money advanced if required j ratereet 5 peT eent. per annum on a ssortgages. Apply J. L. Cunningham, Manager, 19 Ciebeland St., Merthyr Tydfil.