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m S N S *m* NM WWBB 68 ?NN9 B NNNMar&N FMPIRE THEATRP MOUNTAIN ASH. Proprietor Vlotor W. Rowe. Week commencing Monday, January 6th. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday- HARRY FOXWELL presents the entirely new Play. entitled. Keep the Home Fires Burning! Mr. Roy Selfridge as "Tom Cilroy., Miss Lilian Maitland as "Mary Morrison." Tom Gilroy, of H.M.S. 'Victory' Mr. Roy Selfridge. Paul Morrison, A Black Sheep Mr Milton Carter. Father Anthony, The Idol of his Flock and Friend of the Poor— Mr. Frank Her tie. < aptain Darvelle, Leader of the Gang Mr. Will Ashbrook. William Spud, "Strewth," Mr. Ernest Lester. Granfor Nobbs Mr. Claude Mervin. Jim Hogan, the Tool of a hard-hearted Landlord Mr. Pat Quinn. Inspector John, of the Police, Force Mr. Fred Owen. tyranny Green Miss Veri Viue. Ann Elizabeth Perkins Miss Lizzie Hall. Mrs. Derwood, a good Samaritan Miss Daphne Mangan. Mary Morrison, Paul's Wife Miss Lilian Maitland. Scene 1: Mary Morrison's Cottage. Scene 2: Exterior of Mary's Home. Scene 3: Interior of same. Scene 4 Lover's Lane. Scene 5: Olbury Hall. Scene 6: Street in OIhury. Scene 7: Interior of St. Thomas' Church, Olbury. Sceco 8: (I. 10 Trafalgar Street. Scene f): Exterior of Mary'tt Home. Scene 10: Mary's Home—Interior. Tbursday, Friday & Saturday The enormous successful up-to-the-moment Play— When Our lads come Marching Home BY SHELLS WELSH. NEXT WEEK, JANUARY 13th- The Sensational Problem Propa- ganda Drama- Igln ovance. BY CLIFFORD REAN. PHoea of Admission OMhestra Stalls. Stalls. Pit Stalls. Pit. I 0d. 7-d.- 5d. 4d. Government Tax 3d. 2d. 2d. id. Prepaid Smalt Advertisements. j Inserted at the following specially low r-,itef; One week. 3 wks. 6 w ko. 12 words 0 9 1 9 3 0 ] 20 1 0 2 6 4 0 28 „ IS 3 3 5 0 3t> 1 6 4 0 G 0 44 1 9 i 9 7 0 These charges apply only to the f'ol- Apartment*, Situations (Vacant or Wanted), To Let, Lost or Found, '1d Miscellaneous Sales and Wants. Irade Advertisements will be < harfeod an additional 50 per cent. Properties for Sale or Wanted at; double abovo rate. if not prepaid extra will be charged. Advertisement & Publishing Offices, 19 Caidiff Street, Aberdare. All replies to be called for at the i tiiice. Advertisers who desire to bave replies sent to them should for- ward stamps. Wedding presents and lists of ueata, 8d. a tine. Musical and other Buocesses 2/6 minimum up to 6 lines, and 8d. a line afterwards. Lists of wreaths m.funeral reports I t'j per inch. SUBSCRIPTION LISTS, &a Lists of Subscriptions; Appeals for and Acknowledgments of Sub-j script-ions, 2B. per inch ) WANTED. G-OOD Respectable Girl as Waitress, j Kxperience unnaeiss try.—Apply Man- ;eress, J'lack Li jn Hotel. Aberdare. A GOOD General Servant. Mrs Edwards, Brynheulog. Hirwain. AN EXPERIENCED (general im- j mediately.—Apply after 5 o'clock at 1i Tanybryn Street, Aberdare. FOR IIATCH END. LONDON. Ex- nerienced General. Plain cooking; comfortable home and good wages to ) suitable person.—Apply Phillips, c/o j Hoot Hotel, Aberdare. LAD to drive out.—Apply L. Ii- fi arris, Grocer, Mill Street. VOTING LADY at! Book Keeper re- quired. Must be competent.—Apply, K.. Leader" Office. Aberdare. RELIABLE Day Girl for house vork- no washing. Reference re- quired.—Apply C., "Leader" Office, TWO Furnished rooms with at- J t -ndancc. Apply by letter, W.P.. leader" Office. TWO or more Unfurnished rooms, j or part of house.—Apply, by letter, P.T., Leador" Office. ) GENERAL Servant- Apply Car- penter's Arms. Canou Street., Aber- dare. GOOD General, about Is,-Apply, "Leader" Office. > EXPERIENCED Maid for small iv. mil v.—Applv 24 CoUege Street. j TWO BEDROOMS Rnd sitting room i tarnished or unfurnished, for two persons, with superior people in Abei- dare or Aberaman.—'Apply by letter. ( ,f Leader" Office- ONGE. General or Cook-Gen- Mrs. Thomas. Bute Hospitui, Alternant Road. EXPERIENCED General Servant. j Apply. Mrs. Ruck. Broniestyr. j Aberdare. i IMMEDIATELY, Good Girl a- General.— Apply. Mrs. Carmodj Mount. Pleasant Hotel, Trecynon. GENERAL. plain cooking. several evenings fmc. -29 Wynd- ham Crescent, Aberaman. j FOR SALE. -1 MAIL-CART; capital condition; i hood and canopy complete, 3Os.-Ap- i ply, BN., "Leader" Office FULL SIZE Billiard Table (Thura- j ton) and Accessories. Apply, Three! Generals, Aberdare. GOOD Second-hand Piano for Sale.-Al,-tec,ydro Villa, Aberdare Road, Mountain Ash. GOOD Second-hand. Chesterfield Suite for Sale. — Maesydre Villa, Aberdare Road. Mountain Ash. M 18G .I.H EOUS. THE INFLUENZA SCOURGE gives additional importance to Nasal Hy- gieno. Keep your nostrils and throat germ proof with Nostroline" Nasal Specific and you cannot catch Influ- enza, Nasal Catarrh and Head Colds. Of leading1 Chemists everywhere, 1/3 (by post (1/5). Sold by E. E. Evans, 9 Victoria Square; W. H. Jones, 3 Victoria Square; C. A. Harris 12 Cardiff Street; G. T. Williams, Whit- combe Street, Aberdare; E. L. Hum- phrevs, 7 Mill Street, Trecynon; T. W. Reynolds, High Street, Hirwain; A. M. Jones 36 Penrhiwceibcr Road, W. H Jones, 9 Oxford Street, J. Reynolds, 78 Commercial Street, Mountain Ash; and most Chemists elsewhere. MOLESKINS, highest prices paid for best quality. Other grades ac- cepted. — Gerrard, Furriers, Edin- burgh. J. FINE and Co., 18b Whitcombe Street, Aberdare, are buying and selling Second-hand Furniture. CHIROPODY.—Corns, Bunions, I ingrowing Toe-Nails are dealt witoj on scientific mothods by a certificat- ed chiropodist. Residences visited anywhere in district. Moderate fees, —Lewis, 1 Canon Street (Opposite Post Office), Aberdare. j ONE beginner made £ 2 10s. egg- profit from 8 birds in first four months he used Karswood Poultry Spice. Everybody delighted with Kars- wood. 2 £ d., 7sd.. Is. 3d. From Wm. Davies and Son, Tafif Stores, Duke Street, Aberdare. MONUMENTAL. — Headstones, Tombs, Crosses. Practical Letter Cut- ters. All Stones. Old Memorials re- stored equal to new designs. Prices submitted application .-Lloyd, Sculpt- ors, 39 Duffryn Street, Mountain Ash. Mr. Gwilym Griffiths, 16 High Street, Aberdare. Wood Carvers, Engravers. ADVICE FREE.—Mr., Mrs. Stew. art. Herbalists, Guinea Street, Bris- tol. MOLE TRAPPERS! You are not I getting the beat price for your skins unless you are sending them to us. We pay the highest prices for Hare, Rabbit, Fox Skins, etc., also Feath- ers and Horsehair.—H. Stuart A Co.. The Moleskin Specialists, Stuart House, Albion Buildings, Aldersgate Street, London, E.C. 1. ) LOST. j ON XMAS EVE, Half sovereign j brooch between Trecynon and Aber-1 dare. Reward given if returned.— I Erans, Gadlye House, Aberdare. j WANTED. j MOLE. FOX^ OTTER SKINS Wanted. Must be stretched and air-i dried. Any quantity taken. Top prices. Cash by return. Send a' [ once to Dept. 33, W. M. Cohen, 6 and 8 Emerald.Street, London, W.C. 1. Savon, Aberaman, JANUARY 27, 1919. A RARE JREAT! Rev. G. Campbell Morgan, D.D., London, Will Preach at 4 30 and Lecture at 7.30. Subject of Lecture: What the Bible Claims for Itself." Seats (reserved) may be booked at 21- Srcond Seats, if. See posters. Secretary-T. EDWARDS, 62 Jubilee Road. ABERDARE URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE OF AUDIT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the District Auditor oi the Glamorganshire Audit District has appointed the Audit of the Ac. counts oi the Aberdare Urban Dis- trict Council, and of any Committee appointed by them, and of their officers, for the year ending 31st March, 1018, to commence on Mon- day, the 27th day of January, 1919, at 12 o'clock noon, at the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Aberdare. AND NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that a Copy of the Ac- counts, duly made up and balanced, together with all the Rate Bookis, Account Books, Deeds, Contracts, Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts mentioned or refovred to in such ae- counts will be deposited at the Offices of the said Council, in the Town Hall, Aberdare, and be open during Office hours thereat to the inspection of all persons interested for Seven Clear Days before the day appointed for the Audit, and all such persons shall be at liberty to take copies of, or extracts from the same. without fee or reward. Dated this 31st dav of Decem- ¡ ber, 1918. i W. H. MORGAN, Cierk to the Council. Town Hall, Aberdare. ABERDARE LITERARY SOCIETY Higher Standard Schoolr (Boys'), Tuesday next, Jan. 7th, at 7 p.m. Speaker: T., waUer Williams, Esq., B.Sc. Subject, 'The Nature of the Comic.' All are welcome. JOURNEYMEN BUTCHERS' FEDERATION OF CREAT BRITAIN •. ABERDARE BRANCH.. I AN IMPORTANT SPECIAL MEETING I of the above wilf be held at the LIBERAL CLUB ASSEMBLY ¡ ROOMS, ABERDARE, ON THURSDAY EVENINC, I January 2nd, 1919, at 7.30 p.m. Business: 1. Elwcion ol Committee for forth- coming year. 2; Payment of subscriptions in order to clear books. All Memhens are urgently fo- quested to make a special effort to. be present. WM. HARRIS, Secretary. ABERDARE COUNTY SCHOOL PAST STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION. A S 0 C I A L Will be held at the COUNTY SCHOOL On Friday Evening, January 3rd, at 6.30 p.m. ALL PAST STUDENTS ARE CORDIALLY INVITED. Admission 2s. PROPERTIES FOR SALE. HOUSE in Trevor Street. Aberdare and in Railway Terrace. Aborttiiian.- Apply, by letter, T2. Leader" Office. SIX-ROOMED House and four- roomed house in Dumfries Street, Aberdare.—Apply. 64 H Leader" Omie. HOUSE in centre of town, 8 rooms. -Apply 24, "Leader" Office. PROPERTIES WANTED. WANTED to purchase, 6 or 7 roomed house in loundry Town, pre- ferablv Tanybryn or Herbert Street. Apply M.J. "Leader" Office.

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